A Frideborg Tarot Reading on the Breaking Down of the New Age

The Breaking Down of the New Age

A Frideborg Tarot Reading on the Breaking Down of the New Age

Is it a chance that I’m directed to a video titled ‘The Breaking Down of the New Age‘ the day after Louise Hay dies and in the wake of a prominent spiritual teacher ditching the New Age? Of course not. People can’t help but notice the signs and some also know how to read them. Do watch the linked video. I believe Daniella Breen talks a lot of sense in this video. 

I felt the subject at hand was begging for a reading after watching this video so I did a simple three-card spread to cover the key points with my Frideborg Tarot. It’s pretty clear and could almost be said to be self-explanatory to anyone with a smattering of Tarot knowledge but I want to take some time with it and break it down so we make sure we don’t miss anything.


The Judgement card is a card of awakening to our soul’s calling. In this reading, because of the nature of the question, it signifies a collective awakening. XX Judgement is the Elemental Trump of Fire as well as corresponding with the planet Pluto and Archangel Azrael, Angel of Death and Transformation.

We needed the New Age phase to burn down old structures. With Judgement, you inevitably get the feeling that a choice must be made and also that nothing will ever be the same after this choice has been made. In the traditional Rider Wait imagery, we have a child in the middle lower half of the card image. Much of what was meant to happen during this phase was to make us aware of our inner child.

Ace of Wands

The next card, the Ace of Wands, is interesting by virtue of also being a pure Element card of Fire, this time without any other correspondences. This puts the focus very much on the Solar Plexus chakra which develops in our teenage years. The inner child is ready to grow up spiritually speaking… and in the process, some more burning down of old structures is being down.

Many of us are awaiting new energy to come in but what we don’t realise is that with the Ace, it is already here… so it follows that what comes next is for us to dig down and start doing the work of becoming more autonomous, responsible and inner-directed. This will demand that we each do the inner work and stop blaming others. We can no longer remain in a state of feeling victimised – especially since the most important lesson we learned in the New Age phase is the fact that we create our (energetic/emotional) reality with our own thoughts.

Knight of Pentacles

The other aspect that is immediately apparent with the Knight of Pentacles (Air of Earth/Taurus) is that we must take a more practical approach and if you look carefully at the card imagery you will see that this includes a spirituality that connects us more to Mother Earth as conscious stewards in harmony with Nature.

These three cards add up to 33 in Tarot Numerology – the number of Christ Consciousness… WOW! The quint* derived from this is The Lovers, Arcanum number 6, which is all about aligning the heart with the mind. There is no room for spiritual bypass here. We start looking around in greater awareness of our choices affect the world around us and not just ourselves. 6 is the number of society/community and harmony in relationships. It brings to mind the words from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene:

This is why I tell you, ‘Be in harmony…’ if you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.

Are you ready for the next phase?


Lisa Frideborg

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*the QUINT is derived by adding the numbers of the cards in the reading together and reducing them to a number between 1-22, giving us the Major Arcana card signifying the theme/spiritual lesson for the reading. The court cards are numbered 11-14 from the Page to the King.

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  1. I love the synchronicity of the Fire element in the first two cards you drew. And that the final card moves us into the realm of the Earth and Air – thinking more about the environment, and about how to use our minds to get more grounded, how to integrate body and mind for the elevation of both. Matches what you say about the Lovers, too! 🙂

  2. Very nice interpretation of the cards. It looks like on the Knight of Pentacles there is also a separation of the wheat from the chaff.Seems apropos to your points.

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