The Inner Planes

The Inner Planes

This is not a channeled message but it was prompted by my spirit guides. The teachers and guides I work with in higher dimensions want me to share a list of all the beings and entities that I have personally had the pleasure of meeting on the inner planes so far. 

In 3D we all have what some refer to as an ‘agnostic reflex’ which tends us to doubt the reality of the inner planes, much to our detriment as much wisdom and potential for healing is lost this way.

If you are reading this, it is because you have been called to re-member more of who you are so that you can be activated and begin fulfilling your mission on earth.

Before I share my list, I wish to share a few other things. First I want to share a link to a wonderful article that explains the planes and how we ascend through them in-depth. The linked article is quite long and requires a clear mind to absorb the information so please take your time.

Second, I also wish to share my own experience of being taken up to the 5th dimension (the thought plane which lies beyond the astral/4D). This happened when I was about six years old, and even before this happened, I have several memories of flying around outside my body.

Visiting 5D straight from 3D, without lingering on the astral plane first is a mind-blowing experience. I had to have my mind blown this way in order to cope with my existence here on Earth. Knowing that this is a very limited place compared to a much greater reality elsewhere is what in many ways helped me stay sane(-ish hehe) and eventually to align with my purpose in this lifetime. I know I’m not the only Lightworker who had this experience as a young child and would love to hear from others with a similar experience.

There are many pitfalls for Lightworkers. Let’s not pretend there aren’t. 3D is the testing ground for the heart chakra and it is often matters of the heart that derail us. Many of us don’t even feel worthy to serve with our light fully switched on because of the many perceived ‘failures’ (i.e. lessons) along the way. If that is you, please understand this: It’s your ego pride holding you back from fully shining your light in the world, not your Higher Self. You must let go of your attachment to success in the eyes of the world to let go of the pride and fear of failure that is holding you back. If you can do that, you are free to return to a state of innocence and full alignment with Source right NOW.

Here are (in no particular order) some of the very real beings I have encountered on the inner planes in varying states of consciousness, some while dreaming, some while awake:

Archangel Jeremiel
Archangel Michael
Goddess Hel
Goddess Nephthys
Jesus Christ
Shadow People
Melek Taus
Faery Queen Aine
Faery Queen Oberon
My daughter
My grandmother
My grandfather
My friend’s dad
The mother of another friend
Souls of people who have died a traumatic death
The spirits of two young girls
My father
The Crone
Aspects of self

I cherish all of these connections and what I learn from them. They are real, my friends, and so are yours. Feel free to share some of your inner plane contacts in the comments below to help strengthen your faith and make it easier to ascend/stay aligned with your life purpose.

Always trust your own inner knowing and use your spiritual discernment when others share their wisdom with you. You carry the light of truth within you.

Angel Blessings


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