How to Connect with your Dragon Guide

connect with your dragon guide

The Tarot Draconis is a wonderful deck for anyone with Dragon Medicine. My own dragon guide asked me to pull a card from this deck for a message for all of you from the Dragons who also belong to the Fae.

Many of you have a dragon guide but aren’t aware of them yet. They love you dearly and are keen to work with you so here is a channelled message from my guardian to you, dear fairy friend:

The veil is thinner at Beltane (Northern Hemisphere)/Samhain (Southern Hemisphere, so now is the perfect time to make the connection with us. Please do not delay, as we can help you in the following ways:

  • offer protection
  • teach you magick
  • help you be more assertive

You must make the connection from a pure desire to work with us, a desire that springs from the heart as opposed to the gut. We instantly recognise those who seek to connect with us based on a desire for power rather than divine service and we do not take kindly to it.

Make the request to see your dragon before you go to sleep on Beltane/Samhain Eve. Do not try to force a vision. If your request is granted, you may find yourself awakened by the intense gaze of your guardian the very same night. Or you may have to wait a while longer. Do not worry if this is the case and do not worry if you feel a bit frightened at first. We can be quite imposing.

When you have calmed yourself, feel free to ask the name of your dragon guide. The name must not revealed to anybody else. We are bound to you and you alone by the name we give you… and we may have more than one name but the one you are given is sacred between you and your dragon.

We create very clear channels and will be able to start teaching you about true magick through claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience as soon as the connection has been made. True magick is powerful stuff and also child’s play.

Those who dabble in ceremonial magick (or worse, consider themselves masters of it) have completely missed the point… Because the point is to, in the words of Christ, ‘become as a child.’

Together with mankind, we seek to restore all of creation to its natural state which is one of magick and wonder. This natural order has been gradually lost since women gave or were made to give their power away in favour of the ‘protection’ of patriarchy. To make sure that power stayed in the hands of a few, we were vilified… But I am going off on a tangent here…

Let me make this very clear: we offer protection that is far more powerful, to both women and men, and we look forward to connecting with you. May you remember your distant past and may the love we shared awaken once more.