your magickal name

Taking a Witch’s Name – How to Choose Your Magickal Name

your magickal name

Why Witches Take a Magickal Name

Witches and other practitioners of magic(k) may choose to take a magickal name for various reasons, including personal empowerment, spiritual transformation, and the need for anonymity. Here are some examples:

1. Connection to the Craft

When individuals embark on a journey of learning the Craft, they often seek to connect with their true selves and tap into their magical abilities. Choosing a new name can be a way to affirm this connection and signify their commitment to the Craft.

2. Symbolic Representation

A witch’s name is often chosen to reflect their beliefs, values, or magical focus. It may incorporate elements from nature, mythologies, or personal experiences. By selecting a name with deep symbolic meaning, witches can align themselves with the aspects of magic they resonate with most.

There is tremendous symbolic power in a name. It is literally the power symbol we are given at the start of our lives. Every time someone calls you by your name, they cast a spell. This is why giving a name to a baby is shrouded in ritual even among muggles. Our Spirits still know this ancestral wisdom though most have forgotten the true meaning and the depth of connection a name has the power to create.

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3. Empowerment and Reinvention

Adopting a new name empowers witches and other non-muggles to craft their own identities and separate their magickal persona from their everyday selves. This allows them to step into a new realm of possibilities, free from societal expectations and limitations. It can also facilitate personal growth and transformation. It’s one of the most powerful ways to cast a spell to transform your destiny in terms of empowerment.

4. Privacy and Anonymity

As witchcraft and the practice of magick don’t always receive universal acceptance, some practitioners may choose a new name for privacy reasons. By adopting an alias, witches can safeguard their identity and maintain a level of anonymity in both their magic(k)al and mundane lives.

5. As Part of an Initiation Process

In certain traditions, changing one’s witch name can be a part of a ritual or initiation process. The name may be bestowed upon them by a mentor or received through a divination practice. This ritualistic aspect adds a sacred significance to the new name, further reinforcing the connection to the Craft.

It’s important to note that not all witches choose to take on new names, and there are no strict rules around this practice. Each Witch is unique, and their decision to adopt a new name is a personal choice that varies from individual to individual.

How to Choose a Magickal Name

The process of choosing a Magickal name as a solitary practitioner is a personal and introspective journey. While there are no set rules or guidelines, here is an outline of steps that can help you in this process:

1. Self-Reflection

Start by reflecting on your personal beliefs, values, and magical aspirations. Consider the qualities, elements, or deities that resonate with you. This self-reflection will provide a foundation for selecting a name that aligns with your spiritual path.

2. Research and Inspiration

Explore different mythologies, folklore, or magical traditions that interest you. Dive into books, websites, and other resources to gather inspiration for your Magickal name. Pay attention to names that evoke a sense of power, connection, and symbolism.

3. Symbolic Representation

Think about the aspects of magic that you feel strongly connected to. Consider elements from nature, celestial bodies, animals, plants, or magical tools. Reflect on any experiences or personal meanings that hold significance to you. Use these symbols and associations as inspiration for your Magickal name.

4. Intuition and Inner Guidance

Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Allow yourself to be open to sudden insights or feelings that guide you towards a specific name. Consider meditation or other spiritual practices to deepen your connection with your inner self and receive clarity regarding your Magickal name.

5. Trial and Error

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different names. Try them on in your mind or in your magical practice. See how they feel, resonate, and empower you. It’s okay to explore different options until you find the name that truly reflects your essence and purpose as a witch.

6. Validation and Feedback

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential names, seek validation and feedback from trusted friends or fellow practitioners. Discuss your choices with them, explaining the symbolism and significance behind the names. Their perspective can provide valuable insights and help confirm your decision.

Depending on what your relationship with the ancestors and your spirit guides is, you can ask for feedback from them too.

Those of you working with astrology and numerology may wish to check if your name idea is compatible that way too.

7. Integration and Empowerment

Once you have chosen your magickal name, integrate it into your practice. Use it when casting spells, performing rituals, or engaging in other magickal activities. Embrace your new name as a powerful tool for personal transformation, empowerment, and connection to the Craft.

How I Chose My Magickal Name

My magickal name is not going to be a secret so I will share the process of choosing this name here in case some of you find it useful. I would like to start by saying that some of us take more than one magickal name in a lifetime. As our path continues to spiral upward and we evolve, the need for a new name that brings better alignment may arise. This is certainly true in my case.

The process of choosing my new magickal name was triggered by the recent New Moon Eclipse in Libra. This eclipse formed a T-square with Pluto that has been transiting my Sun sign, Capricorn, for many years. As Pluto is now in the final degrees of Capricorn, most of my old self has been transformed. I had started feeling like I wore my name and the personality that came with it like filthy rags.

Turning 50

But this process started before my 50th birthday (on the day of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn) and coincided with my Chiron return. I had a consultation with an astrologer on my 50th birthday. Sadly, I do not think they are practising any longer because I can’t find them online or I would drop a link here. The astrologer strongly suggested I change my name to Ora (Hebrew for Light).

At the time, I felt something click inside me but I didn’t act on it. The next day, the pandemic was announced here in the UK. A few months later, my mental health had deteriorated to the point where I relapsed into fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t realise that I suffered from Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS). Because of this, my 2020 journey of recovery was incomplete and led to another relapse toward the end of 2022.

Trauma Recovery and the Need for a New Name

After recovering from religious trauma, I gradually allowed myself to follow my true path and calling in life–A path of magic, divination and enchantment. As a natural consequence, the feeling that I needed a new name that better aligned me with that path arose.

The process of finding the right name was largely subconscious to the point of waking up yesterday morning just knowing that I needed to do this. When things happen this way, you know they have been percolating in your subconscious mind for a while.

Then I remembered the astrologer’s name recommendation. And though I realised that Ora was not quite right, I knew the name’s meaning was important. That is how I arrived at Liora (Hebr. God’s Gift of Light to Me).

Even so, my magickal name didn’t feel complete. The Liora part of the name signified my connection with my Divine Father. But I pray to Mother-Father God so I needed a name that signified my connection with my Divine Mother as well. And as soon as I had that thought, the name Raven popped into my mind.

Raven Liora

Raven had been with me through many magickal incarnations in this lifetime and in past lives. I connect Raven with both Odin and Hel. But let me share a story about how Raven manifested when I found myself at a crossroads. I was living in Sweden at the time but I was deeply unhappy and wanted to return to the UK. So I asked Spirit to confirm if this was the right decision.

This happened as I was out walking on a snowy winter’s day. As soon as I had asked Spirit for a sign, I looked up. I found myself at an actual literal crossroads and on the patch of snow that divided the roads, the longest black raven feather I had ever seen was standing erect in the snow. That was the sign I needed. There was no magick for me in Sweden. I had to get back to where I had planted my magickal roots.

You might wonder if I took that feather with me. No, I left it behind in the snow. You don’t always need physical evidence when something makes that strong an impression on your mind. And who knows, maybe the person after me would need a sign too.

Raven is the Yin to the Yang of Liora. It completes me. When you find the right name, that’s how you feel: complete.


Raven Liora

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  1. My God I’ve missed your blog posts.
    I’ve been through a dark night of the soul since my birthday ( unfortunately ) October 7 .
    Everything has been so challenging.

    Anyway, I read your pick a pile (2) and your Scorpio season scopes and this article.
    I feel a wave of relief and confirmation from them .

    Thank you . I understand now . I’m ready to do the work to get out of this fog .

    Oh, and I love your magickal name .‍⬛⚡️️ and your raven story .

    1. Post

      Thank you, Tara. So sorry to hear you’ve bee having a challenging time but glad that you are feeling optimistic about doing the work. I’m sending big hugs for that!

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