The Magick of Your Name Tarot Spread

magick of your name random letters

Your name is no accident. There is magick (aka magic) in your name that you can harness with this Tarot spread. If you are thinking about taking a magickal name for yourself, make sure to check out this post. In today’s post, I’m looking at one of the names I was given at birth.

Start by adding up the letters of your first name:


J=1….K=11…. L=3….M=4….N=5….O=6….P=7….Q=8….R=9


EXAMPLE: Lisa = 3+9+1+1 = 14 = Temperance

Reduce any number greater than 22 to a number between 1-22 to correspond to one of the Major Arcana cards. Place the corresponding Major Arcana card at the top of the table.

This Major Arcana card corresponds to your life purpose.

The next step is to choose a quality that you wish to embody for each of the letters or your name.


L – love
I – inspiration
S – self-confidence
A – abundance

Pull a card for each of these qualities and place them below the Major Arcana card that corresponds to your name.

Contemplate how each of the cards mirrors or challenges the expression of the qualities you chose to embody.

Contemplate how each of these cards relates to the Major Arcana card and your life purpose.

Magick of Your Name Tarot Reading

Here are the cards I pulled for myself this morning from the Book of Shadows Tarot Vol 1.:

LISA = 14 = Temperance / Ostara

L – Love: 6 of Fire/Saturn (6 of Wands)
I – Inspiration: 1 of Air (Ace of Swords)
S – Self-confidence: Wisdom (The High Priestess)
A – Abundance: Maiden of Air (Knight of Swords)

6 of Fire and Saturn speak of integrating Masculine/Father energies at the heart level.
1 of Air shows me what I already know – Inspiration is my forte. A steady flow of ideas from an infinite source… and I often wake up knowing what to write about.
II Wisdom. My self-confidence is intimately tied to the work I do and my spiritual calling. When I’m on my path, nothing can rock my confidence.
Maiden of Air… Too many ideas perhaps. There is a need to focus on that million dollar idea.

The work I do is all about Healing and Temperance is the main healing card in the deck.

Now you try it! Have fun! 🙂

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  1. The cards for each of the qualities chosen, do change? Are they the way I’m living (or dealing with) these qualities right now, or they are kind of an oracle I should work with -all my life- to reflect such qualities?

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      Hi Joy, I hesitate to say whouat you ‘should’ do… but if it resonates, then by all mean keep working with this. Your life experience will deepen your understanding of the Arcanum and studying occult and esoteric subjects to better understand the associated Tarot card will inform your understanding of how to use this wisdom in your life on a more practical level. It’s an adventure! 🙂

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  2. I got 9, the Hermit, which also came up for me in the "being" position in your fantastic Life Purpose Spread. This makes sense in that I'm a teacher, a seeker and a bit of a loner, but it worries me that I might be fated to be a lonely Hermit for the rest of my life.

    1. hi Johanna I have two first names, first is card 1 the magician and second is 9 the hermit, they are both a perfect match for my personality, I love learning knowing, and also magical, I am more of a loner and for my magical name I have card 8 strength, and to be honest they are all telling the truth, either I like it or not. might be comforting to know that others are stuck with the devil or the fool etc

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        No card is ‘better’ than any other. There is strong medicine in both The Devil and The Fool. Nobody should consider themselves ‘stuck’ with a less desirable card. They are all truly magical.

  3. Fun and interesting!!! My magick card is Justice (11) and the way you describe its meaning absolutely resonates with me 🙂 I can't wait to do the full spread later tonight.
    PS: love your new pic on your newsletter….gorgeous lady with super beautiful eyes!!! ~*~*~*~*~**~*~

  4. For me it means that I am always torn between two things – have been since a child. My wandering spirit isn't content with the status quo and is always looking for the other thing. That's what my gut tells me 🙂

  5. I am loving your blog and I will have to do this! Blast my long name though lol. I just need to figure out something appropriate for N.

  6. Wow! I just realized that my soul/Personality card and the card for my name is the same (6: Lovers). Not only that they are being made up of exactly the same single digits (2 and 4).

  7. Wow Lisa ! I have just tried the first part of this spread, to see which one of the majors is linked to my firstname. I did the same thing with the firstname of my lover. I have read the shadow part (from Tarot Shadow Work by Christine Jette) for each of the cards and this is just unbelievable !!! I think this is a good exercise to see clearly with who you deal !

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