Three Aries New Moon Spells

aries new moon spells

Aries is the start of the new Zodiac year so the Aries New Moon gives us a double whammy of fresh and sparkling reboot energy. The focus is on the self and First House issues such as personality, self-expression and vitality levels. The corresponding body part is the head and internally it is testosterone. So, in addition to the three suggested Aries New Moon spells below, health spells for either of those are good.

In the Tarot Major Arcana, Aries corresponds with The Emperor and among the Minors, we find the Aries energy in the Queen of Wands, as well as the 2-4 of Wands.

The corresponding Archangels are Camael, ruler of Mars and Gabriel(le), ruler of the Moon and guardian of Magick.

Crystals to work with for spells are any red crystals, such as fire agate, red tiger’s eye and red jasper.

Use a red candle.

Why and How Magick Works

If you think ritual and magick are a bunch of hooey, I invite you to read this article published recently in Scientific America. This is a quote from that article:

“Despite the absence of a direct causal connection between the ritual and the desired outcome, performing rituals with the intention of producing a certain result appears to be sufficient for that result to come true.”

Three Aries New Moon Spells

These are basic spellcasting ideas and I invite you to modify them to suit…

Aries New Moon Take Charge Spell


Take charge spell. If you feel that you are at the mercy of the whims of other people or life circumstances, this is the spell to help you feel more in charge of your own life and to feel OK with saying ‘no’ to the (unreasonable) demands of other people. You need a red candle on which you engrave the symbol for the planet Mars on either side of your own name. You also need an Emperor Tarot card (or a copy) that you can carry with you. Finally, you need a knife or athame. As you light the candle chant the following spell three times, encircling the Emperor card once for each chant round:

I am the boss of my own life
I cut a circle with this knife
My yay is yay and my nay is nay
Only *I* choose what to do or say
Those who seek to order me about
Will find themselves without x 3
So mote it be!

Aries New Moon Vitality Spell


Vitality spell. While the Ace of Wands does not directly correspond with the Zodiac sign of Aries, it does signify the start of Spring, as well as our own vitality and mojo levels. Use the red candle as for the spell above. Place a piece of red jasper on top of your chosen Ace of Wands card (or copy) and chant the following spell three times, holding your hands over the card and crystal:

As the sap starts rising high
I get stronger by and by
Gone is illness and disease
In I welcome health and ease x3
So mote it be!

Aries New Moon Charisma Spell


Charisma and charm spell. For this spell, you will use either the Queen of the Knight of Wands, depending on which gender/personality you identify more with. You will also need to choose a piece of jewellry to charge and bless. Light the red candle as before. Place the chosen card in front of the candle and your piece of jewellry on top. Chant the following spell three time, holding your hands over the piece you are charging:

Like bees to honey
Like wealth to money
So they are drawn
So suitors fawn
My charm grows greater
I’m chooser, not chaser x3
So mote it be!

If you can do so, let the candle safely burn down. You can also choose to repeat the spell in the weeks to follow, preferably on a Tuesday (ruled by Mars/Camael).

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