Summer Solstice Tarot Spread 2019

Summer Solstice Message + Tarot Spread

Summer Solstice 2019

Happy Summer Solstice, my friends!

The Summer Solstice is a turning point in the year that is a bit life like mid-life – A time to take stock and seriously consider dropping some of the stuff that we’ve been doing that is no longer working or serving our Highest Good.

We are at the height of our power and have hopefully accumulated some wisdom at this point. We can look at how far we have come in terms of manifesting the intentions we set either at the start of the year or around the time of the Spring Equinox. Finally, we can determine what to let go of in the final six months of the year. This then enables us to have a laser-sharp focus on where to direct our energy for the rest of the year.

As it happens, I created a Tarot spread to help us do this…

The Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

  1. How you shine your light into the world
  2. What your Angels want you to know
  3. This is what your ancestors want you to know
  4. What to release now
  5. How to shine more brightly during the last half of the year


The Goddess Oracle Deck, Faery Forest Oracle and Angel Power Wisdom Cards

This message applies to my friends down under as well, since we are talking about the final six months of 2019.

The message from Spirit for the final half of this year is about making fewer assumptions and learning our truths straight from Source, straight from Mother Earth herself. We must do all we can to attune ourselves to Her wisdom. This is critical both in terms of our wellbeing levels during the next six months and for the survival of humanity on this beautiful Planet.

Angel Warriors are on our side, asking us to join them to be Earth Angels as well as Earth Keepers. Human consciousness is the bridge between heaven and earth but it can also be the home of hell on earth. We get to choose. The more we remember to call in angelic assistance, as well as help from our ancestors and spirit guides, the easier it become to make the kind of daily choices that honour our Mother and future generations.

Faery Forest Oracle, Radiant Rider Waite Smith in a TinAngel Power Wisdom Cards

So, for this reading, you totally do not have to mix Tarot and Oracle cards. You can choose one or the other… or BOTH! Or runes even. Whatever floats your both, really.

My Summer Solstice Reading

I went with the deck choices above because they were calling out to me and I’m glad I did because this literally couldn’t feel more spot on for my 7 Chariot personal year

  1. How you shine your light into the world (The Hanged Man): By going within and surrendering more and more layers of the old self to get to the bottom of who I AM. So much of my old self is in the process of getting sloughed off that I feel a deep need to protect myself during this process since I know that people like to keep you under the label they affixed to you and that simply isn’t possible now, so until I feel more grounded and secure again, I am currently VERY choosy about whom I let into my life. The Hanged Man is also my Shadow/Teacher birth card and I intend all the lessons this space brings. I may not be shining very brightly at the moment but those who care to seek out the light within me will see that I’m the process of a complete rebirth.
  2. What your Angels want you to know (Light of Hope): Reinforcing why I’m here and why I was recently given a name that carries this meaning.
  3. This is what your ancestors want you to know (The Solitary): I will continue this journey within for the next six months and I’m very much supported by my ancestors as I go deeper to heal generational wounds.
  4. What to release now (The Wheel of Fortune): Everything that takes me out of the centre of the hub, the zero point.
  5. How to shine more brightly during the last half of the year (7 of Cups): By simply shining the light on the fact that sometimes gaining clarity for ourselves is a process that takes us very deep and during that time, our light may not be able to shine as brightly… and that too is okay. We are no less loved and supported on the inner journey than we are when we are striving for success and recognition in the world. 

Love and Light,


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