Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for the Wheel of Fortune

According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death.
~ Jerry Seinfeld

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the throat chakra, self expression and feeling comfortable with taking up space. Astrologically, The Wheel of Fortune corresponds to Jupiter, Planet of expansion and King of the Gods. He is the magnanimous and benevolent ruler who prompts us to take action when an opportunity comes our way. He brings good fortune but also causes us to go to extremes and to overindulge.

The trick is to always find the centre point when the Wheel shows up in a reading. The wheel will never stop turning and whether it’s about to turn up or down, being centred at the hub is always preferable to clinging to the rim or one of the spokes.

Timing is usually an issue when the Wheel shows up. However, unless we are centred and focused,  our timing is likely to be off and the opportunity will be gone… forever.

So what about the connection with the Throat chakra?

The Wheel is all about taking risks and very little feels riskier to most of us than expressing our truth.

The lesson to centre comes in handy here. When we are centred we become the Observer and are able to detach from our habit to compare ourselves to others as well as the need to be right. Everything just is and everything is OK. In this space we realise that we risk nothing by being true to ourselves and in this space we own our own divinity.

A person described by the Wheel is charismatic, confident and creative. They speak their truth and in doing so, they inspire others to do the same. An example of such a person among the Court Cards would be the King of Wands (Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter). On the other hand, the King of Wands is also known to occasionally suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.

Jupiter is also the old ruler of the deeply intuitive Water sing Pisces. Here, the timing of when to speak and when to keep silent is entirely ruled by intuition. On the downside, Pisces may be overly concerned with what everyone else is thinking and feeling as they act as psychic sponges. The overindulgence aspect of Jupiter is seen in Pisces in the form of a tendency toward addictions.


Element: Fire + Water

Planet: Jupiter

Archangel: Sachiel, Jeremiel and Michael

Chakra: Throat chakra

Colour: Blue

Crystal: Blue sapphire, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, sugilite

Metal: Tin

Body: Vitality levels in general, the feet (Pisces) and hips (Sagittarius), brings a sense of optimism that is beneficial to the process of recovering from any illness

Exercise: Horse riding, le parcours

Stance: The Wheel Pose (followed by Child’s Pose)

Magickal Tool/Ingredient: The index finger

Associated Major Arcana Cards (through numerology): The Magician and The Sun

Associated Minor Arcana Cards: All cards associated with Jupiter

  • 2 of Disks (Jupiter in Capricorn). Healing is gained by getting organised and not being afraid of creating new structures when we outgrow the old ones.
  • 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo). Healing comes through supreme self-confidence and not being afraid to shine.
  • 9 of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces). Healing comes from gratitude and being content with what we have.
  • 4 of Swords. (Jupiter in Libra). Healing is found in creating harmonious relationships.
  • 8 of Swords.  (Jupiter in Gemini) Liberating our minds by allowing for opposing views without judgement brings healing

Remedies to increase the energy of the Wheel in your life

  • You can make a tarot essence to harness and increase the energy of the Wheel, using the Wheel of Fortune card of your choice, along with any of the crystals above that you feel drawn to work with. There is plenty of information on the healing properties for each of the crystals available online.
  • Placing the Wheel card over your throat chakra in meditation will liberate you and give you discernment about how to best express your truth, as well as about the best timing for it.
  • Do something you have been dying to do, right now!
  • Leap over fire or a beck
  • Generously compliment people and give them gifts
  • Ask yourself ‘Does this make my energy expand or contract?’ before making a choice.
  • Tell yourself you’re lucky.
  • Say ‘Yes!’ the next time someone asks you to speak in front of a group of people.

Affirmation: “I define myself and my expression is a true reflection of who I am.”


  • Spend time in meditation, becoming the Observer
  • Keep a journal
  • Sit with your back against a tree and do nothing for a while
  • Get involved in an arts and craft project that requires great attention to detail
  • Give up an addiction
  • Centre and ground your energy using the breath
  • Spend a day in complete silence
  • Lie in Child’s Pose


The tenth Major Arcana is all about endings and new beginnings. Massive and often sudden changes are implied. Big moves are made; risks are taken. Fortunes shift and the rich are made poor, or the homeless person wins the jackpot.

You can almost hear the Fates cackle in the background when the Wheel of Fortune is pulled. When you pull this card, the main thing to remember to be on the lookout for new opportunities coming your way.

Because whether the Wheel is turning in your favour or not you need to be aware of what you have to work with to make the Wheel work for you. Your mantra should be: I’m alert, grounded and centred in the hub of the Wheel.

So what are the implications of The Wheel of Fortune in love and romance?

To a single person, a change of fortune is implied and depending on surrounding cards this could mean either a more or less catastrophic encounter with a player (or worse), or it could mean that you are about to meet ‘The One.’

You will be challenged to take a chance because whatever this new thing is, it will be something something you can’t possibly prepare for in any other way than to expect the unexpected. Think first parachute jump and you get the idea. Think ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’

On the other hand, you could be challenged to desist taking a risk. The gamble might be ill timed, as the Wheel of Fortune is very much a card of ‘right timing.’ It could, for instance, mean that this is indeed ‘The One’ but now is not the time (indicated by a reversal of The Wheel).

If you are doing a relationship reading for yourself and your partner and there is an issue that you have been grappling with for some time, the Wheel brings great optimism and tells you that the solution is at hand.

One or both of you are able to turn things around. You might find that your partner changes drastically and is able to let go of old negativity. Or it could be happening to you. Sudden insights and a feeling of great optimism makes it possible to let go of old grudges and to feel fabulous about the future again.

Projections end and you start taking responsibility for your own shadow stuff. Unforgiveness ceases to be an issue. You stop sweating the small stuff. You start trusting in the goodness and abundance of the Universe, lifting the stress of constant financial worries from the relationship.

“How is all this good stuff possible?” I hear you asking. It’s the blessing of Jupiter, ‘the greater benefic’ which is the planetary correspondence for The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter rules the higher mind and helps us get our perspective straight.

To a couple, it could also indicate that joint ventures you have with your partner are at the mercy of Lady Luck for better or for worse. As always, surrounding cards will tell you more. Watch out for arrogance though – it could trip you up!

This could be the couple that have decided that the world is their oyster and don’t mind gambling with other people’s money or borrowing large sums of money. Look for cards from the Pentacles suit to indicate financial overindulgence. With the Jupiterian influence overreaching, recklessness and exaggeration are always a temptation – not so nice when the long arm of the Law comes knocking on your door!

I have also seen this card to show up to indicate an unexpected pregnancy in a reading together with The Empress. The pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so the Wheel turned a full 180 degrees in a very short time.

Oh and if this card shows up for your man, you might want to buy him a gym membership or he could start looking pregnant too. The overindulgence of the Wheel easily extends to food too.

For sexual intimacy, The Wheel of Fortune could mean that increased optimism in you and your partner also increases the libido and you are more likely to get some if you are in a long-term relationship. Trying new stuff and really enjoying it could also be indicated.

However, if you are kinda sorta seeing someone and being experimental, the Wheel could indicate the need to take precautions and protect yourself against STD’s/STI’s as well as unwanted pregnancy. Risk-taking on behalf of yourself or the person/people you are seeing could be an issue.

The card image is from my own Frideborg Tarot deck (OOP).

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