Litha Musings

Litha Musings on Power

Litha Musings on Power

The Empress represents Mother Nature in the Tarot

Trigger warning: This is not a happy clappy Litha message.

We are out of whack on a global scale and the tipping point was reached some time ago… History is repeating itself but this time we can’t afford for it to. We need to direct all efforts to helping the environment recover from toxic human abuse. 

As the Trump administration Nazi forces gather for one final push on behalf of patriarchy, we are only hours away from the celebration known by Pagans as Litha (longest day of the year). Litha is one of the 8 celebrations in the Wheel of the Year and of the two solstices. Friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating Yule (shortest day of the year), thus ensuring that globally – at all times – there is balance.

Whether or not we are aware of it, the intelligence of Mother Earth is always working to keep the balance. There are laws of science that we are aware of… and there are esoteric laws at play that some people who are sensitive to subtle energy is picking up on. Sensitive people know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nature is a living, breathing being and we are all part of Her.

Patriarchy’s biggest lie is that we are somehow separate from Her – That She is here to be used by mankind. This is all part of a misogynist agenda to elevate the created male god over the uncreated Goddess/Source of All.

Basically, everything you have been taught is a lie.

There is no such thing as an all male ‘holy trinity.’

Patriarchal religion doesn’t save; It enslaves people.

You were taught that matter was evil to make you doubt yourself and existence, so that what you are and produce can be manipulated by others who do not have the Highest Good of All in mind.

You were taught that your natural sexuality is somehow unclean, resulting in repression and perversion… shame and guilt… Shame also enables manipulation.

Patriarchal institutions and power structures work together to control people.

They indoctrinate people with fear-based, false dogma about Heaven and Hell. Dogma has nothing to do with Jesus and is all about control. The need for control is based in a deep fear that there is not enough for everyone… A fear that feeds greed and greed in turn feeds the fear – a vicious cycle of paranoia that so many humans are trapped in.

You may think, ‘Nah, that’s not me… That’s the 1800’s – We’ve moved past that now’ If you think that way, it may be because you don’t realise how deep the programming runs. It is in your actual DNA. It is the literal stuff of nightmares. This is why we see people who were grounded more in greed than in true spirituality turn their back on our spiritual evolution entirely and embrace old fear-based religions.

I’ll say it again: The programming runs deep.

This is why we need to attune to Her more than ever. This is what will save us.

We live in a world where society has been obliterated in favour of individualism, as if we can somehow make it on our own… When really, everything we are, we are because of other people. The irony is that the more we focus on selfish greed instead of building a healthy society, the less potential we have to become who we were truly meant to be. It is so much easier to keep us in that iron grip of fear and to keep manipulating us like puppets if we believe we are separate from each other as well as Nature. Not much individuality in a puppet, really… right?


Litha is a time of power. It is a time for us all to plug ourselves back into the true Source of our power and reconnect both vertically and horizontally… far, far away from the grasp of this frightened, greedy little men with ambitions of global dominion and ‘my country first’ attitudes.

The truth is that there are only cycles. As above, so below. The Wheel of the Year turns and we turn with it. When Earth is too old and ready to die, another Earth will be born. And when this Universe is old and tired, it will sigh heavily contract with tremendous force and then explode once more to start over.

The Cosmos itself is Her body. The void beyond is Her womb. Without Her there is no life. Her intelligence permeates all and whether you know it as Holy Spirit, Chi or Prana, please understand that this intelligence belongs to you, should you choose to accept it by faith – no intermediaries necessary.

There is no eternity in hell, yet I have no doubt that those who separate young children, even young children with serious health issues, from their parents have some things coming to them as per the law of returns.

Separating young children from their mothers and caging them cannot be justified. If we watch this happening without rising up, we are no better than those who actively enforce these policies.

Tomorrow, as the Sun rises for the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, may we all rise up and awaken to our power as well as to the truth that we are all connected through Her.

To be powerful is to be connected, to trust and have faith. To be powerful is to rise up and protect those who are innocent against the forces of greed and fear.

Rise up… Rise up, like the Sun!

That is what I wish for us all this Litha.

Litha Musings on Power The Sun Tarot Card

Love and Blessings,





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  1. Fantastic x. You said it all.
    Yes we all need to remember we are not powerless to protect the innocent or to call out harm created by those who do not know the power and love of this bright beautiful intelligent transforming planet.

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