litha solar power tarot spread

Litha Solar Power Tarot Spread

litha solar power tarot spread

Hey, what do you know… Litha is just around the corner! This year, the longest day of the year falls on Thursday 21 June. Starting to think about how I wanted to celebrate Litha after receiving my calling from Hekate, I had an idea to invoke powerful Goddesses and get a bit of help with a personal power boost that way. The Sun is all about personal power and individuality after all.  If you think that sounds egotistical, maybe you need to look at your relationship with personal power. Unless you own your power fully, how will you fulfil your mission on Earth and be a blessing to others?

The Goddesses I had in mind for my Litha ritual were Hekate, my Patron/tutelary deity, Hel (first Goddess to make contact), Nephthys (second goddess to make contact), Artemis and Sekhmet. I had a vision of these Goddesses in the circle with me: Hel in the North (of course!), Artemis in the East, Sekhmet in the South and Nephthys in the West. In the middle, always by my side, would be Hekate.

Just now, as I was having my post work-out lunch and scrolling through recent posts, I found THIS ARTICLE by Cyndi Brannen on Patheos – It seems I was picking up on something that was in the ether already. The ritual by Cyndi is lovely and can easily be adapted. It’s great when someone provides the ritual structure and all you have to do is personalise it. As much as I would like to do it all from scratch myself, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

What I want to do here is share how you can use part of the ritual structure of my vision for a Litha Solar Power Tarot reading. It’s a fairly simple Tarot spread – only five cards, laid out in a solar cross…

Litha Solar Power Tarot Spread

Litha Solar Power Tarot Spread

  1. Sun – Your power now
  2. Dawn – What new beginning will demand all of your power over the next six months
  3. Noon – What you need to see more clearly regarding this new beginning. What needs to be brought into the light of your conscious awareness
  4. Dusk – What needs to be released to make room for the new beginning
  5. Midnight – How to best recharge, what assistance to call on

You can totally do this spread in the circle, by the way. If you want to also work with some deities, you can place corresponding candles, crystals and other ritual items at each of the quarter points.

Litha Solar Power Tarot – Sample Reading with the Tarot Decoratif

  • SunThe Empress. I’m ready to own my power. Not only is The Empress associated with the Divine Feminine but this also happens to be my soul card.
  • DawnThe Hierophant. The new beginning I can expect is to (gulp!) teach something new or to teach in a way and/or setting! I kind of knew this was coming and in some ways I’m more than ready but there is still some hesitation associated with this challenge. There is also more learning to do. I think I know which areas this relates to.
  • NoonDeath. I have been called very strongly to work with the Underworld Goddesses (Hel, Nephthys and Hekate) to help heal people’s fear of death and dying, as well as to act as a healer for souls who have crossed over but who are lost and afraid to move on. I have some more ‘dying’ to do myself in terms of transformation before I can fulfil my mission.
  • Dusk4 of Wands. I need to get out more. I need to push past the self-limiting comfort zone barriers I have put in place for myself.
  • MidnightThe Chariot. Oops! No rest for the wicked. I’m good to go, apparently!!


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  1. Ha ha, my Goddesses of choice are Athena in the East, Brigid in the South, Cerridwen in the West, Demeter in the North, and Hekate at the centre. Lovely spread, Lisa! Can’t wait to see what the Hierophant portends for you… 😉

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      Thanks, Chloe! Did you decide on a five Goddess circle before reading any my post then?? I can’t believe how many of us have felt called to do this!! xx

      1. I’ve actually been working with a five Goddess circle for a couple of years, now, since I read the novel Witch (can’t remember the author off-hand right now). I like it better than the seven part compass directions plus above, below and centre – just too many and I don’t live that distinction between above and below. For me, sacred is sacred.
        However, I change which Goddesses I call on now and again. Demeter, for instance, is a very recent addition, as is Athena. And sometimes the Centre has been held by Kali, Gaia or Kuan Yin, with Hekate in the North instead (but always somewhere). It all evolves 🙂

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