tarot of the wyld godde hanged man card

Tarot of the Wyld Godde Hanged Man

wyld godde hanged man

In the Tarot deck I published back in 2015, The Frideborg Tarot, I have a scene from Golgotha as the motif for The Hanged Man. Because of my religious background, it’s difficult for me to not see Jesus as the ultimate Hanged Man (though Odin is a close second). The Wyld Godde Tarot Hanged Man is helping me process three of my RTS points.

More specifically, I’m finally looking at releasing a victim mentality. You can’t release it until you acknowledge it. Secondly, it’s helping me understand that seeking a new perspective (yes, even on dogma) doesn’t make me bad or a “heretic.” Finally, once I release victimhood and self-judgment, I awaken to the unconditional love and forgiveness embodied by the Hanged Man (Neptune correspondence).

But, wait. Isn’t The Hanged Man a traitor and a thief? And isn’t he hanging upside down on that tree for his crimes? In fact, isn’t he that traitor Judas with the 30 silver coins falling out of his pockets?

We are all Judas and we are all Christ. Without Judas, Jesus wouldn’t have accomplished his mission. See, it is all a matter of perspective. Once you understand how we are all connected through the web, it becomes easy to forgive ourselves and others.

Revisiting Spirit Guides and The Astral Plane

I’m currently listening to the Kabbalah of Light on Audible. It is helping me recover from the fundamentalist notion that the astral plane is evil and inhabited by demonic forces that are out to get us. I’m working more actively on remembering my dreams upon waking once more. I’m reaching into the subconscious realms for guidance. And I’m even reconnecting with my spirit guide.

She is a guide that can help me walk the path of unconditional love. And as I type these words, she reveals to me that as my shadow card, The Hanged Man is indeed the crucible. It is where black-and-white thinking melts into a rainbow of colours. Melted iron of a rigid mind is amalgamated and poured into new, more useful shapes. I am grateful for this insight. It will help me help future clients working their way through the Hanged Man space moving forward.

7 Questions from the Tarot of the Wyld Godde Hanged Man

  • What old perspective no longer serves you?
  • If you were your own life coach, what perspective might you suggest would serve you better?
  • When was the last time you radically changed your mind about something?
  • How often do you allow your heart to take the lead and what happens when you do?
  • Have you ever kept a particular mindset in order to avoid judgment/upsetting the apple cart?
  • Were you ever the victim and refused to admit it even to yourself?
  • Whom do you need to forgive?

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