wyld godde tarot magician

The Wyld Godde Tarot Magician

the wyld godde tarot magician

Since I have the momentum, I thought I’d get some more miles in on this healing journey today. So I’m sharing the Wyld Godde Tarot Magician this morning too. You can read the introduction for this transformational tarot and religious trauma recovery project HERE.

In researching what to share for The Magician, I remembered the wonderful guest blog ‘Jesus the Magician‘ by Dr Siobhán Higgins-Welter. Do read it, especially if you feel less than magical due to religious indoctrination!

The Magician is a card of communication (Mercury), power, will, talents, skills, willpower and, spell-casting. Our words carry immense power. But if we wield that power without knowing our true will, we tend to make a mess of things (I should know!).

RTS and Black Magicians

Religious Trauma Syndrome makes us hand over power to whoever has the ability to make us feel safe. Deep down, genuine faith never takes root because it hinges on a leader, group of people or an organisation. We willingly place ourselves under the spell of the religious leader because it provides the quick fix we need for our suffering. It also facilitates avoiding going too deep within to look at the original wounds that drove us to this place of dependency in the first instance.

Unfortunately, there are countless religious leaders out there who are more than willing to take control and completely disempower their followers. They are, as Dr Siobhán Higgins-Welter calls them, the Black Magicians of religion.

So, what sort of questions might The Magician ask us?

7 Questions from The Magician

  • What is your self-talk like?
  • How can you begin improving your self-talk?
  • What is your true will for a relationship with a higher power?
  • How can you begin to improve this relationship?
  • What is your true will for the use of your skills and talents?
  • How can you set goals that align your career with your skills and talents?
  • Can you list three new habits can you start this week to improve your life in the three areas mentioned above?
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