the tarot of the wyld godde the fool

Tarot of the Wyld Godde

tarot of the wyld godde the fool

So this is an introduction. To quite what I’m not sure yet. Except a new Fool’s journey begins today. It’s a tarot journey and it’s a journey to get to know God better as I recover from RTS. And I’m not talking about the neatly packaged and theologically correct Judeo-Christian God I think I know. But the Wyld Godde who dwells in my heart. This Godde allows us to ask questions and to keep asking them. I borrowed the gender-neutral term Godde from my local vicar.

ETA March 2024: A year and a bit on, this is where I’m at with my healing and how I view Tarot Art in terms of healing as well as manifesting.

Back in January, I invited him over for a cup of herbal tea so that we could get to know each other. This was only a week or two after what my RTS-self perceived as a deliverance from a spirit of divination. I was in hot pursuit of more Pentecostal teachings at the time. Surely, if they could perform a miracle like that, they must have the true gospel and teachings of the Lord? I couldn’t comprehend why my vicar would go down the progressive path when he came from a Pentecostal background himself.

Not only did he refer to God as Godde but he claimed that this Godde was much wilder than most of us dare to imagine. Gasp! This immediately evoked an image in my mind of The Fool. An image that I quickly repressed out of (an unfounded) fear of repossession. My spirit possession was never about archetypal images on pieces of cardboard. It was about a lack of boundaries and compromising my integrity.

The Fool in the Tarot of the Wyld Godde

This morning, while I was lying in bed hesitating to leave the warmth of my duvet on one of the coldest days of the year, an image began to form in my mind. It was a round tarot card, depicting The Fool. It was my inner Fool, my spirit and it sought artistic expression

My inner Fool suggested we create a tarot deck together. But not one that provides answers. There is nothing ‘wyld’ about handing out answers. Jesus was wyld. In many ways, he was more like a life coach than a preacher in that he constantly asked people questions to make them think and come up with answers for themselves.

So today, I present to you The Fool of the Wyld Godde Tarot. He is asking the kind of transformation coaching questions I imagine that Jesus might invite us to ponder if he sat down to look at the image together with us.

7 Questions from The Fool

  • What limits your freedom today?
  • Is there a question are you dying to ask Godde but feel you are not allowed to or that would make you look like… well, a fool?
  • What grand adventure are you going on today/next?
  • What do you trust to carry you through this adventure until the very end?
  • How does your trust wax and wane?
  • Can you describe how your faith impacts the waxing and waning of your trust?
  • What unexpected event or miracle would you like to experience today/next?

Too Heretical?

Here is a redirect to an article (not mine) that tells you why you should only use male pronouns for God. Happy reading!

Not Heretical Enough?

Can’t wait for more musings about the Wyld Godde and questions to ponder? Let me know in the comments!

You can find all of the cards in the Wyld Godde listed below:

love raven liora

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