wyld godde tarot xiii there is no death

Wyld Godde Tarot XIII

wyld godde tarot xiii death

The creation of the Wyld Godde Tarot XIII card happened spontaneously during an Instagram Tarot Challenge. So forgive me for not creating the Wyld Godde Tarot in the proper order. But it wouldn’t be very “wyld” if I did, would it? The prompt of the day was ‘Butterflies.’ So I created an image similar to the one above and shared the following story:

The Yellow Butterfly

It’s snowing here today so it’s not likely I’ll be seeing any butterflies when I walk the dogs later.

However, a butterfly did appear at my grandmother’s funeral in February 1995. What is exceptional about that is that the funeral was held in Sweden. It was a normal, freezing cold winter’s day and snow covered the ground where the funeral service was held.

As we walk outside and stand waiting for the priest to make his way to the graveyard, we all see a yellow butterfly land on the snow…

A few years later, a medium told me that a yellow butterfly was a sign from my grandmother.

Moments after sharing the post above, I got a DM from someone with the following story to share:

Wyld Godde Tarot XIII Says ‘There Is No Death!’

I have shared the yellow butterfly story in greater detail on the blog before. It feels good to honour my grandmother with the Wyld Godde Tarot XIII card, as part of my religious trauma recovery. She too was traumatised by Christianity. After spending six years (age 6-12) in a Swedish Salvation orphanage, the only Jesus she knew was the one who starved and beat her daily.

It was the idea that she would be going to hell because she could not believe in Jesus that made me leave the church when I was in my late 20s. It’s all very black and white in the fundamentalist Christian mindset. They say salvation is by grace alone but really it is about having the right set of beliefs. And under that thought paradigm, my grandmother was condemned. That made no sense to me and I’m pretty sure it makes no sense to Jesus. Jesus, who, like my grandmother, proved that there is no death.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Tarot XIII Card

  • What is your relationship with your mortality?
  • How do you picture the afterlife?
  • Who do you need to forgive today to not depart with resentment in your heart?
  • What is your view of a bodily resurrection?
  • What do you wish to experience when you leave your body? Who do you wish to greet you on the other side?
  • Other than total forgiveness, how can you prepare yourself for a good death?
  • If you made a video for your loved ones to play after your death, what would your message to them be?

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