how to make the most of the taurus new moon april 2017

What’s Happening on Taurus New Moon

The New Moon is the most auspicious time in the Wheel of the Year for new beginnings and in Taurus those beginnings are about beauty, comfort, abundance and the things we value in life.

At the time of writing this article (April 2017), many planets are retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and that usually means that we are on a celestial amber alert. We are not meant to rush ahead but rather encouraged to slow down to go within and take stock of how far we have come, what lessons we have mastered and we have yet to learn.

The exact time of the next New Moon in Taurus is 26 April 13:16 BST / 08:16 EST.

However, that doesn’t mean everything has to ground to a halt or that we can have no new beginnings. Wonderful new beginning in terms of spiritual awakenings and personal development can be seen all over the place. We recently had a discussion about this in the 3 of Cups Tarot community on Facebook and it was so amazing to read about all the massive growth spurts people are having in terms of consciousness.

My own inner guidance is to provide a New Moon Healing space for those who are wanting to surrender/align more fully with their Life Purpose on this New Moon. You can find the event for this HERE. It’s free to take part and you can ‘download’ the energy send at a time that is convenient for you.

Even without the current retrogrades, Taurean energy wants to manifest slowly and in practical ways. Whatever you wish to manifest now needs to be tangible and achievable. It must also be something you truly value so that you can persevere in nurturing this new thing longer term. Ideally, it should also be something that brings you comfort and serves as a foundation for future work or growth.

For instance, if you wish to set up a healing centre with a friend or as a small community of healers, visualise the type of space you want in great detail (colours, sounds, textures, scents…) and start thinking about practical steps to making this happen. Think about what you can do here and now. Set at least one short-term goal to be fulfilled by the time of the Full Moon so that you ensure a successful start to your manifestation project which can be allowed several months to take shape.

There is also a wide trine to the Virgo North Node happening on this New Moon, so applying some of that Virgo Hermit energy will help you get further down the Path of manifesting your Life Purpose – In other words, pay attention to details over the next couple of weeks.

The Taurus Energy Tarot Cards

The Tarot cards that carry the Taurus energy are: The Hierophant, Knight of Pentacles and 5-7 of Pentacles. You can use any of these cards as a focus for the manifestation process.

  • The Hierophant for learning/teaching and laying the foundation for future spiritual development or a spiritual business
  • The Knight of Pentacles for the power to persevere until you reach your goals
  • 5 of Pentacles for freedom from debt or co-dependency (reverse the card or cross it with the Death card)
  • 6 of Pentacles for any new business project that you wish to be successful
  • 7 of Pentacles for very long-term projects and investments

The Taurus New Moon Success Tarot Spread

Taurus New Moon Success Tarot Spread

1. Manifestation Intent – This card is chosen face up. Any of the Taurus energy cards mentioned above would be excellent to work with but you are not limited to them… Your only limit here is your own imagination! The rest of the cards (position 2-6) are chosen face down.
2. What must be dissolved during the Dark Moon to make room for the New
3. Support offered from the Universe
4. Short-term goal to achieve by the next Full Moon
5. Support I must give myself to succeed
6. Projected outcome

Once you have completed the reading, I suggest taking a picture of the spread and using it as the screensaver on your smartphone for at least the next couple of weeks leading up to the Full Moon in Scorpio.


Dark Moon Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg



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