7 of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Keywords and Correspondences

7 of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

7 of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings, Keywords and Correspondences

The 7 of Pentacles is the ‘Take a break’ card in the Tarot deck. It can be both positive and negative depending on your needs and surrounding cards. Today we are diving deep into the energies of this card. Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the common positive and negative tarot card meanings associated with this card.

Positive Tarot Card Meanings for the 7 of Pentacles

  1. Patience and perseverance: The 7 of Pentacles encourages you to have patience and persevere in your efforts. It reminds you that good things take time to grow and develop.
  2. Reflection and evaluation: This card invites you to take a step back and assess your progress. Use this time to reflect on your actions and evaluate whether you are on the right track toward your goals.
  3. Harvesting rewards: The 7 of Pentacles indicates that your hard work will pay off. It represents a time of reaping the rewards for your efforts, whether they are financial, emotional, or spiritual.

Negative Tarot Card Meanings for the 7 of Pentacles

  1. Frustration and impatience: When the 7 of Pentacles appears in a negative context, it may suggest feelings of frustration and impatience.
  2. Lack of progress: This card warns against stagnation and lack of progress. It signifies a time when you may feel stuck or unable to move forward.
  3. Misalignment with goals: The 7 of Pentacles can indicate a need to reassess your goals and align them with your values and passions. It warns against pursuing projects that no longer align you with Higher Will or with your heart’s true desires.

Feeling into the Energy of the 7 of Pentacles

We live in a world that moves faster and faster every day… a world that praises instant success and excels in making success look as if it happened overnight because of the sensation value. Being in the 7 of Pentacles space can make us feel as if we are failing hard. But it is often only when we slow down that inspiration can begin to flow again.

Who benefits from keeping us in a constant state of fear of missing out so that we run around on our hamster wheels, constantly fretting, hurrying and worrying? Rudolph Steiner might argue that it is Ahriman who benefits.

7 of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles RWS Tarot

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”
~ Molière

The 7 of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus) celebrates slowing down. To truly master anything, we need time in spades… so start digging where you stand. Dig with focused effort and perseverance. Don’t look around at what others are doing. Keep your mind on the dirt and your own dream.

Your dream will go through many stages of growth, just like a plant… So where are you today? Take stock of where you are and what you have, as well as what still needs to come together for your dream to manifest. Vow to be faithful to the process of manifestation.

7 of Pentacles and the Sabbath

The 7th day of Earth’s creation was ordained a day of rest. Besides teaching us to slow down and be patient, the 7 of Pentacles is a reminder that if we always work and never rest, we will perpetuate a state that is uninspired. The day of rest is an antidote to the Ahrimanic impulse to always stay in the grind out of fear of missing out.

Rest and contemplation are necessary for us to reconnect with Source. It is only when we rest and become still that we can receive grace and inspiration. Without the Sabbath, we live in a state that is limited by our own minds. Could this be the real reason why the Esoteric title of the 7 of Disks in the Thoth Tarot is ‘Failure’?

Failure is an acceptance of the illusion of limitations that is reinforced by constant work and drudgery. It is the grind without the inspiration.

Coming up with a new strategy

The 7 of Pentacles teaches us that patience is paramount at a certain phase of a venture or recovery. Making rapid progress is simply not possible. The best use of our time of is to quietly plan our next move.

Cause and effect

Because this card corresponds with Saturn (Lord of Karma/Father of Time) in slow-moving Taurus (Fixed Earth), we may also have to face the consequences of any previous poor self-care, especially in the form of overindulging in things we know are not good for us.

Slowing down on eating by literally fasting can be one indication, as can pausing ingestion of anything that builds up toxins in the body. Speed up the release of toxins by drinking more water.

The 7 of Pentacles can be seen as a card of nurturing. But it is not the kind of nurturing you do to get a quick payoff. If this card does concern a health condition, recovery may be slow but it will be steady if you keep doing all the right things.

Ultimately, the 7 of Pentacles is a card that reveals the physical effects of past causes. It tells us that we are about to reap the harvest for good or for ill.

Affirmation: “I practice patience and rest in the arms of the Divine for grace and inspiration.”

7 of Pentacles Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for the inspiration to begin the work as well as the patience and perseverance to complete it. May the fruits of my labour bring blessings for the Highest Good. Amen and so it is!

Correspondences for the 7 of Pentacles

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Planet: Saturn

Archangel: Uriel, ruler of the Element of Earth

Gemstone: Green aventurine, jet

Scent: Cypress

The 7 of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

This is the patience card in the deck! So you will need patience whatever relationship issue this concerns. The 7 of Pentacles indicates physical limitations in terms of abundance, time and space. You could be facing a situation where you live far away from your beloved and lack the financial means to shrink that distance, for instance.

If the 7 of Pentacles describes your relationship, you need to take time out and put some serious effort into getting things back on track. Things slowly and gradually started slipping so rebuilding the relationship will take time too.

Remind yourself why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Rekindle romance by re-introducing sensual pleasures and perhaps revisiting some of your favourite haunts from when you first started seeing each other. Both of you need to make an effort to take time out of your busy schedules to reconnect at the soul level.

Right now your love life probably feels like you’re on a 10-mile hike through the Sahara and forgot to pack your water bottle. And the thirst you feel stems from a disconnect at the level of your soul. You simply spent too much time focusing on things that do not nourish love relationships. Ask Spirit to show you the way to the next oasis and do pause when you find it.

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