free angels of love guidance tarot readings for valentine's day

Hello my friends, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day so I thought we would have a bit fun here on the Angelorum (Latin for ‘of the angels’) blog with a round of free love & romance mini readings. For these mini Love Tarot readings, I will be invoking the guidance of the Angels of Love and use the Tarot of the Angels deck.

All you have to do to take part is comment below with your question. I will do as many of these as I have time for today and tomorrow 13-14 February.

The Angels of Love

All angels are pure love, of course, but some of the angels are more keen to help us with our love relationships than others. The ‘Angels of Love’ are the Angels that are particularly keen to help us with matters of the heart. I will invoke their assistance for these free mini readings. In particular, I like to work with Archangel Raphael (heart healing + communication), Archangel Raguel (harmony and fairness), Archangel Anael (romance and beauty), Archangel Jeremiel (reviews, transformation and moving on after a break-up) and Archangel Azrael (painful break-ups and letting go).

Additionally, you can invoke Archangel Michael (ruler of the Sun) for protection and Archangel Cassiel (ruler of Saturn) for binding a stalker or abusive ex.

Angel Magic

To invoke angelic assistance for new love or to strengthen an existing bond, light a pink candle to Anael (ruling Angel of Venus) on a Friday. Fridays are traditionally seen as the best day of the week for most forms of love magic. Spells for new love or increased intimacy should be cast on a New or Waxing Moon. Release spells should be cast on a Full Moon and banishing spells on a Waning or Dark Moon.

Remember that the angels can never be invoked to impose your will on the free will of another person. Therefore, if you wish to find new love, it is best to be open to God’s plan for your life than insist that a certain someone who is showing very little interest must be ‘the One.’

Timing is also something you are better off leaving to God. It could be that the perfect match for you simply isn’t available yet. Would you rather settle for someone who is not quite right to find that you are not free to engage with the Right One when they do become available? Trust in God’s perfect timing.

The best way to work with the angelic realm for manifesting true love is to ask for angelic guidance on what you can do to live from the heart. Our own capacity for love is what determines the quality of future relationships. Learning to see everyone around you through the eyes of the heart will open you up to endless possibilities of loving encounters and increase your chances of meeting a truly loving partner a thousandfold.

I look forward to giving you guidance together with the Angels of Love!




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  1. Hi Lisa–I heard about you from a friend who raves about your readings, and I wanted to thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. Here’s my question: what should I be on the look out for in romance from the new moon solar eclipse on Feb 15

    1. Hi Kayla, you got three Air Element cards in response to this question: 4 of Swords, The Magician and 2 of Swords. Think carefully about what you want/need in love and write it all down this New Moon. That way you can save time on the online dating site where you will most likely meet the Right One. The 4 of Swords is also a sign that you can begin connecting with your beloved in meditation now. It shouldn’t take long after that…! Blessings, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, I enjoy your website so much and always look forward to your emails. I would really love to know about what will become of my love Jason and I? Any helpful insight would be most appreciated. Thank you so much for all that you do and I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

  3. Hello,
    It’s been a long time I am alone,I would like to have guidance about the future of my love life.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Lisa, thank you for everything. It’s always appreciated.
    I would love some guidance. I’ve been single over 2 years and I’d really like to meet someone I could have a great, long lasting relationship with.

  5. Thank you for all of your lovely readings and weekly guidance!
    I would just like to know what energy lies ahead for this year for me and my husband? Just can’t believe it will be our fifth anniversary in June! Wow, time flies!!!

  6. Hello 🙂

    I just found out that a guy I’m sleeping with for the last 2 years has a girlfriend :((
    I really love him with all my heart. I never felt like this before. I think it was karmic. Hurts like hell …
    In want to forget and move on, but i can’t. I am afraid to love and trust again, but i want to.
    Where is the one for me? When will i meet him?

    Thank you so much

  7. What can I do in order to revive back the love I lost and live this love the way it was meant to be experienced? Thank you

  8. Thank you Lisa! ♡♡♡
    Is it in my best interest to date a new man I recently met on Spiritual Singles?

      1. I’ve done as many as I had time for. I haven’t intentionally skipped anyone. I’m shattered now so I’m not going to be doing any more.

  9. Hi Lisa!…i am a 60 yr old woman who is thinking she is never going to find her true love…many aquaintances and a boyfriend whom I thought after 6 yrs would commit, not a chance…finally healed and my heart is never closed to love..I’m afraid to hope…will there finally be that special one?
    Thanks Lisa…Happy Valentines Day!!

  10. Hello again! My question is what advice do the guides have about my relationship..we’ve been thru a rough patch since last year and it can be stressful! Thanks for sharing your gift

  11. Thought I met my match many years ago, but the person and I just looked at each other for a long time and then I left. I figured it he wasn’t talking to me then he wasn’t interested. That was years ago. What happened then and not sure if I messed it up or the person. I still think of it today. Crap.

  12. I am slowly recovering from being left one year ago for another woman. I do not keep any bad feeling nor I would like him to come back to me anymore. I understand that this is for my own good as well in order to make me meet a new man more suitable to my true nature. But this did not happen yet. Am I right to believe it? Sometimes I lose hope.
    Tank you for any insigth on the matter.

    1. Dear Graziella, the angels are showing me that you need to stop worrying less and doing more if you want to meet someone suitable. Dating can be hard work but try to make it a fun challenge instead of something else you fret over. The cards I got were 9 of Swords, 3 of Pentacles and 10 of Swords. Try to lighten up if you want to attract someone that you can actually have fun with (isn’t life too short for anything else?). There is nothing more attractive than joie de vivre. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you Lisa, you are right about my actual emotional state. It was just too hard to overcome my pain even though one year had already passed. Time is a great medicine but in my delusion I lost even the desire to search for another man. I should first begin to take truly care for myself and later on to think about a new love to come in my life. Yes, joie de vivre is the right thing I need, I should try to rediscover it. Best wishes to you and thanks again

  13. Hi Lisa,
    First of all I would like to say how very much I enjoy and look forward to your posts THANK YOU 🙂 .
    Um my husband was cheating on me for a very long time, so to give our marriage we moved our 4 children to a different state to start again. Im wandering if he is still having contact with her , and also if he loves me is really wanting to save our relationship .
    Sending you much love and light
    Thank You

    1. Hi Kattie, yes he loves you. I can only answer one of your question so I choose to answer the question that is most helpful. I pulled the Ace of Cups for this. Blessings, Lisa

    1. Dear Sabina, I see the swift and imminent resolution of an issue that has been causing a bit of a niggle. Once you pluck up the courage to speak your truth, you will soon see that you had nothing to worry about and that most things can be resolved if you just speak frankly from the heart (8 of Wands, The Devil, 9 of Cups). Blessings, Lisa

    1. Dear Saundra, it is in the balance at the moment because you are not communicating very well. If you can both decide to passionately move forward and resolve your differences through finding a new, more compasssionate model of communication (speaking and listening from the heart without blame), the relationship can work long-term. The chemistry is strong so I would give this a better than 50% chance of success. Blessings, Lisa

  14. So I have been single for a long time. How do I unblock my heart chakra without spending a tone of money? I wonder if my past love still thinks of me?

  15. Hello, thank you very much fot this 🙂
    I will like to know on what i need to focus in order to pick “the right guy”, i mean as in what qualities would be a good match for me, or how i will know if person X is the right one for me, ‘cus of past abuse I dont wanna make a mistake plus that makes me avoide daiting, I know I need a lot of healing to do, so asking for “pointers” makes me feel a little more at ease.

    Again, thanks and happy valentines day to you! 🙂

  16. Dear Lisa, I have just met someone and the first date is falling on 14-Feb!! How awesome! What is the potential for this connection? Thank you muchly!

    1. Dear Aleena, The cards I pulled were 5 of Pentacles, The Hermit and 7 of Wands. He may try really hard to impress you but you will not feel entertained or as attracted as you hoped you would. Long-term potential is not showing with The Hermit as the central card. Do let us know how it goes. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Dear Lisa, cards never hold back as we know. 🙂 Not enough attraction and rather an aggressive approach to dating with explicit messages on the first date. Not a relationship material by my standards! Thank you for sharing your gift with the community, at times few words of inspiration go a long way.

  17. Hi I was wondering if a man I talk to occasionally , I guess if there’s ever a development of something deeper. Thank you

    1. Hi Rhianna, while fun to talk to, I don’t believe he is talking to you exclusively or with a view to a relationship. I don’t see the depth of emotion you are hoping for here. Blessings, Lisa (The Fool, 2 of Wands, Queen of Cups)

  18. Happy V-Day Lisa!
    Can you please tell me what I most need to know presently, I’ve been single for a long time.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Naike, the cards suggest looking at how childhood trauma has shaped your expectations and the kind of people you are drawn to. It is time for a make-over in this area so that you can have happier experiences in the future. Blessings, Lisa (The Tower, Page of Pentacles, The Devil)

  19. Dear Lisa,

    I’ve been single for three years and I would like to know if I am going to find love this year or any insight on my love life.

    Thank you so much for doing this ❤️


    1. Dear Sonya, I do see an intense encounter with an Earth sign man for you this year but I cannot say at this point in time if it will lead to committed love – All I can see is that it will be life-changing. Blessings, Lisa (Death, King of Pentacles, The Fool)

      1. Lisa, this King of Pentacles has been coming up all the time in my own and various other readings I have receives in the past. I am stoked that you received this card too. Thank you so much for taking the time out and reading for me Stay Blessed ❤️

  20. I’d like to know what I need to do to open myself up to love.
    Thank you and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3

    1. Dear Halee, to open yourself up to love start speaking your true feelings instead of trying to hide them. Communicate truthfully both with the divine and people around you. Be honest and direct. Harmonise your mind with your heart through prayer and meditation. Most important of all, live and speak from the heart. Blessings, Lisa (8 of Wands, 7 of Swords, 4 of Swords)

  21. Hi Lisa. Thank you for your kind offer of doing a free reading. Please could you tell me if love/twin flame is in my near future? Thank you! <3 xx

    1. Hi Louise, yes there is new love for you in the near future. Maybe tone down on the expectations of Twin Flame love though – otherwise you may miss a beautiful opportunity. The cards I pulled for you are The Chariot, Ace of Swords and 4 of Cups. Blessings, Lisa

  22. Hello Lisa,

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day yourself. I have been single for the past 5 years, primarily by choice as I feel I have been doing a lot of personal work and integration. I am finally feeling ready to put myself out there but am having trouble wanting to let go of my sovereignty and freedoms that I feel I only have single, not within a relationship. Do you have any advice about how I could be more open to partnership? Thank you so much!


    1. Dear Alanna, the cards I pulled for you are the 3 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords and 2 of Wands. I feel these cards relate to turning your worrying thoughts around… Any time you worry about losing your autonomy, make a statement about finding the perfect partner who will be a joy to be active together with, spark off each other and feel truly ALIVE with… Just because you haven’t had this in the past with someone who will also give you enough space to do your thing doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Basically, you are worrying about something that is not even real. Use the New Moon tomorrow to reprogram and delete this fear. The Aquarius New Moon energy is perfect for manifesting a love relationship based on a need for freedom. Blessings, Lisa

  23. Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for sharing the love!! Can you please share with me what I most need to know right now

    1. Dear Claire, While I don’t see this being your true love, neither do I see a need to run. I think there is chemistry there but you would have to work really hard to make the emotional connection work. Is it worh it? Maybe but you need to both start feeling more enthusiastic about your prospects. The cards I pulled were the 4 of Cups, 2 of Swords and Page of Wands. Blessings, Lisa

  24. Thank you for this Lisa! My question is will the direction my company is taking enable me to move cross country to be with my love sooner?

    1. Dear Kathy, the 4 of Cups, 2 of Swords and The Emperor tells me that there is someone better for you out there that you have yet to meet. Blessings, Lisa

  25. May I ask just for a card to be pulled without a specific question? Thank you as always Ave happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. Thank you so much Lisa for doing this mini reading. My question is:Will I have romantic love in my life soon?
    Sending you love and light

    1. Dear Jennifer, the combination of Temperance, 7 of Pentacles and The Emperor tells me you need to be patient. It won’t be soon but he will be worth the wait. Love and Light

    1. Dear Angela, I pulled The Chariot, The Empress and the 5 of Cups for you guys. This looks to me like an opportunity to grow stronger together by supporting each other through emotional troubles. The love you have for each other will carry you through even the deepest grief. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you, Lisa! That is spot on. I appreciate your having taken the time to give free readings. Have a very happy and loving Valentine’s Day!

  27. Please can you see where I’m going wrong? How can I welcome love into my life? It’s been so long since anyone was remotely interested in me I wonder if I should just accept I am meant to live alone and adjust my expectations accordingly. Thanks so much Lisa

    1. Dear Flaura, bad experiences in the past that you carry with you inform how you act now and what you expect from future relationships. It is time to draw a line under the past. You have nothing to fear from future relationships provided your boundaries are sound and you make sure to not attract any more takers. The advice for moving forward is to focus more on happy friendships for nowm rather than to start dating. You need to learn how to fun again first. Love and romance will grown organically from there. Blessings, Lisa (cards drawn were 6 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords, 3 of Cups)

      1. This resonates! Especially the ‘takers’. Really grateful for this lovely Valentines gift Lisa. Hope you have a fab evening ahead Thanks so much for your time, Happy Valentine’s

  28. Thank you so much mam for this opportunity, i want to know whether I will get back my love in my life or not because nothing is going well

    1. Dear Rachna, it looks like seeing a couples counsellor is your best chance of restoring love to this relationship. Communication needs to improve drastically and you need to start pulling together. Right now, it looks like you have opposing agendas and neither of you are willing to give an inch. Objective input and guidance from a third party is needed. Blessings, Lisa (cards drawn were 8 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles and King of Swords)

  29. Thanks a lot for this 🙂 Sending your way tons of love and light.

    Question: Does he have strong romantic feelings for me?

    1. Dear Annie, the three cards I pulled from the Tarot of the Angels in answer to your question are the 4 of Wands, 6 of Pentacles and 10 of Swords. There is certainly strong physical attraction here and also rapport of other kinds. However, I don’t see any deeper emotions stirring. I think the answer is ‘sort of.’ He’s not your Knight of Cups type who falls head over heels quickly. He takes a more practical approach. At the moment, he wouldn’t be able to say himself how he feels. His head rules his heart and… I’m afraid to say… and for reasons unknown to me, it doesn’t look like he is going to capitalise on this opportunity which could quite easily turn into a win-win. Sorry. Blessings, Lisa

  30. Thank you so much Lisa for this gift! The question I would like to ask is that I ve been a very long time single, first I must say that I was engaged with someone for 13 years but we broke up about 8 years ago. Eversince I haven’t found a healthy companion. My question is, will I find my mate this year and what should I do to make this happen?

    Looking forward for your answer

    Be blessed


    1. Dear Alexandra, for this mini reading I pulled the 7 of Wands, 7 of Swords and 9 of Swords. My first question to you would be, ‘Are you happy and healthy in your SELF?’ Because these cards indicate a lot of anxiety and I also get a feeling that your confidence levels are low at the moment. You need to stop feeling as if you are on a timer for finding the Right One. Look after yourself first and make sure that you feel completely content with who and what you are so that you do not seek to make up for what you feel is lacking within through the other person. Chances are that the reason you are not meeting someone who is healthy is because you come across as desperate or needy in some way even if I’m sure you would say you are not… but could the reason be that you are unwilling to admit this be that you haven’t been willing to face your own shadows and anxieties? If that is true, what you see in your unehalthy relationships is a mirror for where you are at on your own inner journey. Work on getting your confidence back so that you know what healthy looks like… then the unhealthy options will stop being a distraction and temptation. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you so much Lisa, you are absolute right about the confidence, I will work on that as well as to take care myself.
        I am grateful for this gift 🙂

        Be blessed!


  31. Am I sabotaging myself in terms of securing a happy, healthy relationship – or – am I’m meant to be on my own? Been on my own a long, long time – have come close. Bless you Lisa!

    1. Hi Barbara, yes you are self-sabotaging. Everything in your life is seen as a struggle and a fight for survival, staying afloat, getting back up/getting on top. You are constantly fighting but you don’t even know who the enemy is (clue: it is inside). The cards I pulled for you are the Queen of Pentacles, 5 of Wands and 7 of Wands. Learn to laugh and love again… Forgive everyone, yourself included. Look after your inner child and nurture yourself as if you love yourself – fake it until you make it if you have to. Stop taking everything so seriously. Drop your pride. Has it served you well? No, so drop it. Happiness is something you create for yourself and share with another. Not something that they give you. Unless you learn to be happy you cannot secure a happy, healthy relationship. What can you do to start feeling more grateful for the life you have? Start there… See yourself as abundant, infinitely loving and part of the bigger picture rather than separate, isolated unwanted. Reach out to those in need and and allow grace to pour through you… We all belong to each other. Blessings, Lisa

  32. Thank you for this, Lisa! Very sweet + cool of you!
    My question: The past year, I’ve been doing a lot of inner work on loving myself without the added nudge from a lover. I’ve been doing the “work” on me, solely. I feel, strongly, through intuition and dreams that I’m about to hear back from an ex of mine. That, or enter a new relationship VERY SOON. Is this in the cards for me? I’m not just feeling this way because of Valentine’s Day – it’s something that’s been brewing in my subconscious for a few weeks now. Should I prepare to meet someone from my past or someone new coming up?
    Thanks, Lisa!
    -Adam xoxo

    1. Dear Adam, what I’m seeing is actually neither but rather someone who is already in your life (though not an ex) that you will start seeing with new eyes. This person is good with their hands, caring and has a lot of stability to offer which is what you need. You may have looked at them as dull in the past but they are anything but that. You just didn’t see them through the eyes of your heart before and you are about to have them opened. This is why you feel confused and not sure if it is an ex or someone entirely new. Blessings, Lisa (cards drawn were Knight of Wands, 8 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles)

    1. Dear Yari, for your reading I pulled the 2 of Cups, Ace of Swords and The Hermit. Awww, you guys truly love each other. This may surprise you but the best time to improve the relationship is actually time apart. Especially learning and trying new things on your own, so that you have exciting stuff to talk about with your partner when you see them again. It also gives both of you a chance to miss each other. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you so much for the reading! This is a very fitting message, as we have both started working from home ~ so we are together 24/7. So this is perfect ^.^ Thanks again!

    1. Hi Kris, yes you will. It’s been a process of trial and error for you but that’s OK – sometimes that is the only way we can learn what we truly need from our love relationships. I’m going to say Cancer/Leo time this year for finding the Right One. The cards I pulled are 3 of Cups, 5 of Wands and The Lovers. Blessings, Lisa

    1. Hello again! I am single for many years already. Hopping from country to county, from culture to culture… Was stuck in a dream, non-existing relationship. Did lots of work on my past, learning to love myself. Have lots of fears to trust again. Aren’t we afraid of what we want the most? 🙂 I want to have a family. When will I meet my husband? I feel that its still my past which is holding me from being able to open up into a new relationship. The guy from the past appears and disappears, creating havoc in my head. No-no, I don’t trust him any more… Happy Valentine’s day!!!

      1. Hi Yum, an Earth sign (King of Pentacles, possibly Virgo) is showing for romance in the time of Libra so late September to late October. Too soon to say if you will get married. Vday Blessings, Lisa

  33. Thank you so much, Lisa!

    I would like to ask the Tarot what it is that I need to know right now for my love life.

    1. Dear Stavroula, the cards I pulled for you from the Tarot of the Angels are the 7 of Wands, Queen of Pentacles and The High Priestess. The 7 of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles are like the heart of the Celtic Cross here… Situation and Challenge, with The High Priestess as the action advice.

      For too long you have felt that love is something you have to fight for, something you are not worthy of or something you have to defend yourself against out of fear of hurt. It is time to blossom now… open up to love like a flower opens up to the Sun. The message from the Angels is to be completely receptive to the love that is all around you. Learn to absorb it and soon you will start reflecting it. Then you will be a magnet for the kind of love you know you deserve deep down.

      Love is not a battlefield, my friend.

      Blessings, Lisa

  34. Maybe safari will let me comment today! My question is how to get mojo back after the baby? Have a great relationship but self esteem is in toilet and body is still hurting from c section.

      1. Hi Jasmin, I pulled the 7 of Pentacles, Ace of Swords and 3 of Wands for you. Be patient, your body is just doing its thing and protecting you. Your mojo levels will start rising naturally soon. However, you can help them by thinking more about the things that turn you on. I put the 3 of Wands up on Insta and will link to it for you. Looking at it might help. Right now, you’re like that dude looking at the angel and ignoring the devil behind you who is trying to stoke your sexual fire. The 3 of Wands is known as ‘Virtue’ (non-Doreen kind) in the Thoth Tarot. It’s very easy to become entirely focused on all things innocent and virtuous when we are new first-time parents… The raunchy part of you is waiting patiently in the background. Really, all you have to do is listen to her… You, hang out with her and ask her what she needs to start feeling sexy again. If you don’t hear from her, it’s because you’ve put your phone on silent – understandably… but now you are probably ready to put the ringer back on… so go for it 🙂 Happy Vday!

        1. Thank you a lot for this, many happy returns yes, it’s nice to have some confirmation this isn’t forever. Patience so often seems to be my life lesson!. I’ve always liked the 3 of wands 🙂

  35. Thanks a lot for this.

    Im loolook to get married, unable to find a partpar with whom i coulc create a beautiful rerelationsh.

    Whats advice for this?

    1. Dear Jaanvi, I pulled the Ace of Pentacles, Page of Swords and The Empress for you. This shows me that now is a good time to start investing in Internet dating. If you are already on a free site, consider upgrading to a paid one. Approach each date with a sense of fun and playfulness as per The Empress. Trust that the ‘right One’ will stick. The Page of Swords + The Empress shows me that you must not take every date so seriously. Approach each person with curiousity and from the point of view what you can learn from them. Each person carries their own treasure… Each date is a gift in its own way even when it doesn’t lead to anything else. This way you avoid disappointment and start having fun on your quest for love. Blessings, Lisa

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