Scoprio Full Moon May 2017

Scorpio Full Moon Power Tarot Spread

Scoprio Full Moon May 2017

The Scorpio Full Moon is possibly the most powerful Full Moon of the year in terms of transformation potential. You can go as high as you wish… but you can also stoop as low as you are humanly possible of doing unless you align your desires with Higher Will for this lunation. 

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If you are sensitive, chances are you’re not sleeping quite as well as usual. There are other things going on celestially which may have been affecting this too, such as the Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Aries. If you’ve had a buzzy head or suffered from headaches recently, you’re not alone. If so, it is all the more important to establish and stick to a solid self-care routine. Log off all WiFi and electrical gadgets in plenty of time before going to bed – Ideally at least a couple of hours and spend the final few hours of the day, relaxing and meditating.

Your dreams may also be more intense than usual. I have been dreaming of crystals recently. This is new to me but I love it because crystal dreams are deeply meaningful – just one crystal provides a plethora of meanings. Last night, I dreamed of holding a lovely piece of citrine up high and looking at the light shining through it. I also recall saying ‘This must be a citrine.’

When I woke up I knew this dream was addressing issues of personal power. Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone which brings courage and optimism. As it happens tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon is THE Moon for stepping into and fully owning your personal power. This is true for all of us but especially true for those of us with Sun/Moon in Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

Water is feminine energy. I have been receiving transmissions that this is the Moon that will activate the Magdalenes who are incarnated in this lifetime to bring the fullness of the divine feminine back to Earth for peace and harmony.

The Return of the Magdalenes

Are you a Magdalene? Here are a few of the signs I have been shown…

  • You were born with a deep feeling that you are here on a mission
  • You have a love for Divine Mother and Christ
  • You have an affinity with roses and sometimes smell roses out of the blue when there are no flowers present
  • You feel your heart swell when you see the image of the Holy Spirit in the form of a White Dove
  • You want to dedicate your life to divine service but can’t seem to find a good fit with patriarchal organised religion

Whether you feel the Magdalene script applies to you or not, this is still a powerful time for women all over the world. We can increase unity and rise as a sisterhood in support of each other and the ‘little ones’ most in need of help and compassion. Not only will we start calling our human soul tribe to us, but we will also each begin working more closely with your spirit guides, angels and ancestral helpers.

The best way to start doing so is to spend time in meditation and to set the intent to receive a dream message. Act on the guidance you gain this way. Acting on spirit guidance strengthens the connection little by little and helps you understand that you are never alone. Not acting on angelic guidance leads to a draining condition known as guidance overload and leaves you feeling weak and confused.

The Scorpio Full Moon Power Tarot Spread

Scorpio Full Moon Tarot Spread

1. Which power you are now ready to own fully
2. How owning this power will align you more fully with your life purpose
3. Subconscious component now opening up for transformation (read together with card 4)
4. Message from ancestors about healing your bloodline (read together with card 3)
5. Message from your spirit guide about how to work together
6. Message from your Guardian Angel about your soul’s calling
7. Where to focus your energy over the next two weeks until the time of the New Moon in Gemini

ETA: It is vital that you do this reading for yourself as the intent behind the spread is to allow for alignment to take place from within while you do the reading!

love raven liora

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