how to ask questions of the tarot for the highest good

How To Ask Questions of the Tarot for the Highest Good

how to ask questions of the tarot for the highest good

Today, I want to share what I have learned so far about asking questions of the Tarot for the Highest Good. The reason I feel it is important to direct the spotlight back onto the questions we ask even though I’ve covered this topic a couple of times is twofold. Firstly, my understanding of how to ask in a way that brings more Light to humanity has evolved. Secondly, humanity finds itself at a crossroads as we step across the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. The Sign of the Waterbearer could bring another deluge or it could open our hearts to new levels of compassion.

The types of questions we ask of the Tarot reflect where we are in our personal and spiritual development. I have been on a journey with the Tarot since I did my first reading back in 1985. Back then, I had no idea how to ask a question of the cards. As a matter of fact, the first reading I did was without a question, yet the Tarot synchronistically addressed exactly what my friend needed to know. Since that first reading, my understanding of the Tarot and the power of the question have both evolved.

How My Websites Reflect My Ever-Evolving Understanding

My evolution as a Tarot shows clearly when taking a look at my three main Tarot sites through the years. My first site was It was essentially a Tarot info dump for whatever tickled my interest at the time. Then came which made me focus more on love and relationships for the Tarot work I was doing. Finally, I decided to dedicate my work with the Tarot to the Summum Bonum, the Highest Good. So here we are at the Angelorum site which has a name (Angelorum= ‘of the angels’) that reflects my desire to help us all evolve into our angelic/Higher Selves.

How to Ask Questions from Three Vantage Points

To understand how to ask questions of the Tarot in a way that is meaningful and helpful in terms of the Highest Good, we can look at the three main energetic centres in the body according to Daoist teachings Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can read more about the Dantian in this article.

The concept of looking at Tarot readings through this lens is one I found inspiration for by listening to one of the interviews on YouTube with Dr. Robert Gilbert. In many of his interviews, he talks about the three Dantian. It struck me, even though Dr. Gilbert does not reference the Tarot, that if we master this perspective, we can always gain the clarity we need when doing Tarot readings. I highly recommend you check his teachings out. He also has his own teaching platform over at The Vesica Institute.

The Upper Dantian

The Upper Dantian, located in the area of the third eye and connected to our capacity for insight and intuition, holds the key lesson of learning to observe and direct our thoughts. It is the energetic centre that governs our intellectual processes, our dreams, and our connection to the Divine or the Universe.

When we attune to the Upper Dantian, we can begin to leverage the power of our conscious and subconscious thoughts, which in turn shape our reality. The Tarot serves as a reflective tool here, helping us to see the underlying currents and patterns in our thought processes. By asking questions related to our beliefs, aspirations, and inner wisdom, the cards can mirror back to us the often unseen energies that drive our daily experiences.

Framing questions for the Tarot from the perspective of intellectual maturity could involve queries such as:

  • How can I align my thoughts with my highest potential?
  • What subconscious patterns am I not aware of that are guiding my decisions?
  • In what ways can I open my mind to new dimensions of understanding?

These types of inquiries encourage introspection and can guide the querent to deeper self-awareness. By examining the thoughts and beliefs that form our inner narrative, revealed by the symbolism and archetypal wisdom of the Tarot, we become equipped to redirect our focus towards growth and the Highest Good. Through this practice, we can learn to master our mental space, using the Upper Dantien’s energy to not only observe but also to intentionally shape the path before us.

The Middle Dantian

Located at the heart centre, the Middle Dantian is associated with our emotional intelligence, compassion, and the capacity to give and receive love. It is an energetic hub that connects us with others and harmonises our life force. The Middle Dantian deeply influences all healing processes as well as our ability to form and maintain relationships.

When engaging with the Middle Dantian in Tarot readings, the focus shifts to exploring the realm of feelings and emotions. The Tarot shines a light on the dynamics of our heart space, revealing the undercurrents of our emotional world and how it can manifest in our interactions.

Below are some examples of questions that can help us evolve emotionally and align with the Highest Good for self and others.

  • What is my heart truly longing for at this moment?
  • How can I cultivate a sense of emotional balance and harmony?
  • In what ways can I deepen my compassion and empathy towards those around me?

These questions prompt a journey inward to the core of our emotional essence. They encourage us to connect with the vulnerabilities and strengths within their emotional landscape. The Tarot, with its rich symbolism, acts as a guide through this inner exploration, offering insights into the ways we can heal, nurture, and evolve our capacity to love.

By attuning to the Middle Dantian, we learn to navigate the waters of our emotions, embracing the full spectrum from grief to joy. The cards provide a reflective surface for the depths of our emotional state. Using the Tarot as a mirror in this way, allows us to align our hearts with our higher purpose and radiate that love outward to affect positive change in the world.

The Lower Dantian

Found at the core of our pelvic region, the Lower Dantian is the wellspring of our vital energy, also known as Qi. It relates to our sense of survival, our basic instincts, and our personal power. This energy centre is the grounding force of our being, influencing our willpower, physical vitality, and the material aspects of our lives.

Engaging with the Lower Dantian in Tarot readings brings our attention to the more practical aspects of our existence. The cards can help to reveal the state of our inner strength and resilience, our relationship with our body, and how we can channel our will to manifest our desires in alignment with the Highest Good.

Here are some questions that can aid us in tapping into the Lower Dantian’s potency and directing our will in positive and life-affirming ways:

  • What steps can I take to strengthen my physical and energetic foundations?
  • How might I harness my inner drive to pursue my goals ethically and sustainably?
  • In what ways can I ground my intentions to ensure they serve both my own good and the greater good?

By exploring these questions with the Tarot, we can uncover insights into how to cultivate firm boundaries, boost our inner vitality, and use our will to effect positive change both in our lives and in the world at large.

The Foundation of All Our Actions and Agency in the World

The symbolism in the Tarot can help us understand the layers of ambition and the often unconscious drives that steer our actions. By confronting these aspects with clarity and intent, we become able to make decisions rooted in wisdom and aligned with our true path.

The Lower Dantian teaches us to hold our ground and to move through life with intention and purpose. It asks us to balance our basic needs with our spiritual aspirations. The Tarot, as a mirror for self-reflection, becomes a valuable ally in this journey.

Spiritual Beings that Correspond with the Three Energy Centres

In many spiritual traditions, there are beings of higher consciousness associated with the different energy centres or Dantian in the body. These spiritual beings can be invoked or considered as guides during Tarot readings to help align with the energies of each center. Here are beings that correspond with the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dantian:

Spiritual Beings of the Upper Dantian

The Upper Dantian, located in the area of the third eye, is the centre of intuition and spiritual insight. In various belief systems, this energy centre is associated with divine beings that embody wisdom and enlightenment.

  • Angels and Archangels – Especially Archangel Uriel, who is often associated with illumination and divine inspiration, can act as guides for connecting the querent to their higher wisdom.
  • Ascended Masters – Such as Buddha or Quan Yin, can provide deep spiritual insights and help in the mastery of the mind and the elevation of thoughts.
  • Spiritual Deities of Wisdom – Depending on the individual’s cultural background, deities such as Athena, Thoth, or Saraswati might correspond to this energy centre as they represent wisdom and knowledge.

Spiritual Beings of the Middle Dantian

The Middle Dantian, which is centered in the heart, relates to love, compassion, and emotional balance. Beings associated with this center are typically those of unconditional love and healing.

  • Archangels of Love – Such as Anael and Raphael, can help to open the heart and assist in emotional healing during readings.
  • Love and Fertility Deities – Like Aphrodite, Isis, or Parvati, represent strong connections to the energy of love and can guide the querent towards developing compassion and understanding in relationships.
  • Spirit Guides and Ancestors – Often those known for their emotional wisdom or caring nature in life, can provide support and guidance for the querent’s emotional journey.

Spiritual Beings of the Lower Dantian

The Lower Dantian, found near the base of the spine, is the centre of vital energy, grounding, and material existence. Spiritual beings related to this centre are often protectors and providers of strength and stability.

  • Earth Deities or Spirits – Such as Gaia, Cernunnos, or Pachamama, can offer grounding energy, helping the querent to manifest material stability and physical health.
  • Guardian Angels or Spirit Animals – Representing the primal instincts and connection to nature, can lend their strength and offer guidance in navigating the physical world.
  • Warrior Spirits or Deities – Including figures like Archangel Michael or deities like Seth or Durga, are associated with protection and the empowerment of personal will.

When conducting Tarot readings that focus on the Highest Good, invoking these spiritual beings or simply being aware of their archetypal energies can enrich the interpretation of the cards, guiding the querent towards holistic growth. As with all spiritual practices, it is essential to operate with respect and openness to the beliefs and comfort levels of whoever is seeking guidance.

What About Reading on Purely Practical Matters?

Can we not use the Tarot to ask about purely practical matters? Of course we can. The Tarot excels at problem-resolution at any level. However, it is important to note that even when reading on practical matters, an emotional response will occur and we need to monitor the response at all three sutble levels mentioned above. So no matter what we read on, we must learn to observe our response and direct the energy appropriatel, i.e. for the Highest Good.

The Importance of Positivity and Equanimity

Finally, it is important to point out that if our worldview is essentially one of doom and gloom, none of the above matters. It is of upmost importance to not only know there is a silver lining even in the most trying of times but to actively use the Tarot to find that silver lining.

We must not allow ourselves to get down in the dumps every time the Wheel of Fortune takes a downward turn. Instead, we should look for the lesson and find the alchemical gold hidden in the depths as the Wheel dips to its lowest point. We should allow ourselves to feel deeply but wallowing and feeling sorry for ourselves is a waste time.

We signed up for Earth School to become heroes and to fully embody our divine potential. More importantly, we did so because we knew it would be fun. Is it always fun? No. But if you develop a sense of humour that also reaches to the dark side, you can always find something to laugh about. Once we learn to observe and direct the energy of all three Dantian we can centre ourselves fully in the hub of the Wheel. It is from this place we stop generating karma and start acting as the heroes we came here to be.

So, with all this being said, let’s take a moment and give thanks that the Tarot is not easily offended. Because Heaven knows, I’ve asked some pretty silly and useless questions!


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