Angel of Earth Essene Tree of Life

Angel of Earth Essene Sunday Morning Tarot Ritual

Angel of Earth Essene Tree of Life

During my day off yesterday, I decided to revisit the teachings of the Essenes. In the past, I skimmed over some materials about them. The Essenes appear in a, shall we say less than flattering light, in the book ‘Not In His Image‘ that I read a few years ago. But now and again, I come across a video or a post that piques my interest in them again. This time I got curious about their Tree of Life model.

essene tree of life

The Essene Tree of Life has 14 branches. The seven branches correspond with the Angels of God the Father and the seven roots correspond with our Mother Earth. Hearing/seeing this resonated incredibly deeply in me for some reason so I took that as a sign to go a bit deeper.

The Angel of Earth in Essene Tradition

The Angel of Earth is revered as the guardian and sustainer of the physical world. The Essenes believed that this angel embodies the strength and stability of the ground beneath us, influencing the fertility of the soil, the growth of plants, and the abundance of harvests. They sought to live in harmony with the Angel of Earth by engaging in practices like agriculture, understanding the seasons, and respecting the sanctity of the soil.

Connection to the Essene Tree of Life

The Essenes visualised the Tree of Life as a symbolic representation of divine cosmic energy permeating through all levels of existence. Each of the 14 branches of the Essene Tree of Life is connected to an angelic force, and the Angel of Earth was linked to one of the roots of this tree. The roots symbolise the grounding and nurturing aspects of life, essential for the sustenance and growth of the entire Tree, just as the earth is vital for the nourishment of all living things.

The Sunday Morning Communion with the Angel of Earth

According to the Essene Gospel of Peace, followers engaged in daily communions with the natural elements and their corresponding angels. Through these rituals, they sought to draw in the energies and learn from these celestial entities. For the Angel of Earth, this communion would take place during the early Sunday morning hours when the day’s first light touched the land. The Essenes would touch or walk upon the earth barefoot, feeling its vitality and stability, and would offer thanks for the food that sustains life, recognising the sacred relationship between the physical body and the nourishment provided by the earth.

Sunday Morning Angel of Earth Tarot Ritual

Begin by saying a prayer and doing a short meditation. Lighting a candle can help focus your mind but this ritual is ideal to perform outdoors at dawn. You can use the words below from The Essene Daily Communions or make up your own. If you identify the Angel of Earth as Archangel Uriel, Ariel or Sandalphon, you may wish to use one of those names.

Sunday Morning Communion: Angel of EARTH I invoke thee; for the Lord hath created this world to be a garden, where the magic of herbs and the secrets of plants nourish and heal the bodies of men. And as I regenerate my body, I regenerate my soul, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

Meditation: I feel my body become one with the earth. From the richness of the soil springs the fruits that you share…… and I am the rock. My centre belongs to that which was kindled long ago. Bring that consciousness back to me now.

Angel of Earth Tarot Reading

Separate the Suit of Earth/Pentacles from your Tarot deck. Shuffle and pull one card. Contemplate its message and what remedy it might contain for you or someone you love.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles signifies the purest form of the Earth element’s potential—it is the seed that, when planted in the fertile soil of our reality, holds the promise of abundance and physical well-being. With the Angel of Earth’s nurturing energy, this card indicates the start of new ventures in material and earthly matters.

2 of Pentacles

Balancing earthly commitments is the underlying message of the 2 of Pentacles. Reflecting the philosophy of the Essene’s connection to Earth, this card encourages harmonious balance. It could be about managing resources, adaptability in changing circumstances, or maintaining equilibrium in daily routines.

3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles focuses on the craftsmanship and collaboration rooted in the material world. Just as the Essenes cherished the constructive aspects of the Angel of Earth, this card signifies growth through teamwork, expertise, and the execution of knowledge in the physical realm.

4 of Pentacles

Representing the security and control related to material possessions, the 4 of Pentacles might call for a reflection on the stability that the Angel of Earth provides. It can indicate the need for conservation or caution in financial matters but also warns against becoming too fixated on material stability.

5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles typically represents material lack or hardship. However, there was no such thing as poverty in the Essene community. Everyone shared what they had equally. This card suggests gratitude when remembering the support and sustenance the Angel of Earth offers. Adopting a spirit of gratitude and sharing what little we do have allows abundance to start flowing back in.

Six of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles is symbolic of the sharing that pervaded the Essene community. It relates to fairness and generosity in material wealth. It also signifies the ebb and flow of resources, where sharing wealth is as vital as receiving it.

7 of Pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles highlights the patient nurturing and tending to resources that are akin to the cultivation of crops the Essenes might have practised. It symbolises the reflective pause to assess progress on projects or investments—reaping what is sown by diligent work.

8 of Pentacles

This card puts the spotlight on the mastery of skills and the dedication to one’s craft, similar to the Essenes’ devotion to earthly practices. The 8 of Pentacles encourages continued learning and the honing of abilities, leading to quality and expertise in one’s work.

9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of abundance. It reflects the fruitful reward of consistent effort and the beauty of nature’s plenty, resonating with the Essenes’ respect for the Earth’s bounty and the Angel of Earth’s sustenance. The Essenes would consider this card as an invitation to share their abundance with anyone less fortunate. Hoarding and luxury were simply not part of their mentality.

10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles speaks of established wealth, family inheritance, and long-term success. It embodies the full manifestation of Earth’s stability and material accomplishment, reflecting the community and generational aspects of the Essenes’ way of life.

Page of Pentacles

Symbolising a young person or those who are young at heart, the Page of Pentacles represents an eagerness to learn about the material world. This card embodies curiosity and the potential for growth and understanding. Today is a good day for studying and learning something new.

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles stands for steadfastness, reliability, and a methodical approach to tasks. Just as the Angel of Earth represents the solid ground beneath us, this card signifies dedication and the diligent work needed to tend to the Earth. Be patient with yourself and others today.

Queen of Pentacles

She embodies the essence of the nurturing mother, much like Mother Earth. The Queen of Pentacles heralds a time of comfort, practicality, and a connection to nature. She encourages us to create a warm, stable environment, fostering growth and well-being for all. Someone could need a bit of extra TLC today and it’s okay if that someone is you.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a figure of wealth, business acumen, and material mastery. This King represents the height of success in worldly affairs and the responsibility that comes with overseeing and maintaining prosperity. Today is a good day for taking charge and assuming responsibility for sorting practical matters out. It’s also a good day for improving physical health and giving or receiving healing.

Closing the Angel of Earth Tarot Ritual

You may wish to create a prayer or affirmation based on the card’s guidance. Keep your card with you by making it the screenshot on your phone for the day.

Give thanks to the Angel of Earth for their guidance.


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