Doreen Virtue Cons Cancer Patient

Doreen Virtue Cons Cancer Patient

The Victims of Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Ranch Charity Solicitations

When a friend of mine revealed that a friend of hers who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer had donated to Doreen Virtue’s now disbanded animal rescue ranch, I reached out for an interview. I was upset myself after learning that the course fee that I had paid to keep the rescue animals safe in their forever home didn’t keep those animals safe for more than a few months.

So learning about my friend’s friend, I wondered what it might feel like for someone who is ill with a serious disease to find out the truth about the animal rescue ranch. How might a cancer patient who needs support and money for their own treatment feel to find out that their financial sacrifice was never needed to start with?

I did this interview via email and have copied and pasted my questions, along with Diana’s answers:

Hi Lisa,

I trust this finds you well. am Tara’s friend – Diana Soenarie. You may certainly use me name for your cause against the con artist D. Virtue. She deceived so many. When I first saw her, she gave me a phony vibe, but, “yes” I got sucked in too.

I donated $100.00 to her animal sanctuary in Maui.  

My feeling is “what comes around goes around”

Thank you for being a leader & spokesperson

Hi Diana, thank you so much for getting in touch.

Hope it’s alright for me to ask a few questions for this article so that people can understand a bit better how this all happened…

Doreen Virtue Cons Cancer Patient

How did you first come across Doreen Virtue’s work?

Initially, my forever-friend-and sister Tara introduced me to one of her videos (mid-2000’s). At the time, I think she was still married to Farmer. I actually, didn’t get a positive vibe from her. I thought she wasn’t quite genuine, but, I was willing to give her a chance knowing I can be cynical at times. After hearing more of her work (Angel cards, etc.) from Tara and a former coworker, I thought to myself, Doreen must not be so bad.

When were you first made aware of the animal sanctuary?

I started to moderately follow her YouTube videos, where I found out about the animal sanctuary.

What prompted you to make a donation?

At the time, I thought, “animal sanctuary – what a beautiful gesture.” So, I decided to donate $100.00 for this cause.

How did you feel when you found out that the sanctuary was going to be disbanded?

When I heard that they (Doreen & Michael) were abandoning the sanctuary, I was quite disheartened and felt deceived like many of us felt. At this point, I started returning to my original thoughts of her – “phony & opportunistic charlatan.”

I understand you were undergoing treatment for cancer at the time. I’m sure you could have used that money for your own health and wellbeing..

Yes, towards the end of 2013, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I underwent chemotherapy in 2014 after a total hysterectomy. I was in remission until 2015. It came back and was diagnosed metastatic because it had traveled to the peritoneum – once again chemotherapy. In 2016 it reappeared in the same area – again, chemo. Meanwhile, even during this ordeal and presently, I have been very positive and optimistic because I am so much in tune with my spirit and, most importantly, my trust in God, his Angels & Spiritual Guides. The beautiful souls in my life are, also, a great support system. In addition I am blessed with lovely employers and coworkers. In writing all this, “Yes, I could have used the donated $100.00” since I am one, who lives from check to check, especially, now earning less money because I’ve been on-and-off from work.

Thank you so much, Diana, for answering these questions for us.

I feel it is important that spiritual teachers are held accountable, just like the rest of us, and don’t feel like they are above the law or normal moral/ethical considerations. We know that soliciting for donations for unregistered charities is illegal in the state of Hawaii, where Doreen lived before her move to Washington. Though we are aware that the authorities are looking into this, we are also aware of the big cover-up that is going on with all of this and that most people who bought courses/donated to the rescue ranch will – most likely – never receive compensation. That is why it is important to continue to shine a light on what actually happened here, so that a proper record of events is preserved for history, and hopefully prevent more of the same in the future.

Meanwhile, Doreen Virtue continues to poormouth in her daily Bible study videos and speaks of the ‘persecution’ she has suffered since her Christianity conversion. Now, if she would actually act like a Christian and make restitution by refunding everyone who donated in response to her illegal solicitation, as well as all the students who were conned into buying expensive certification courses which she has since declared being of demonic origins, we’d all happily stop sharing the truth about what happened – Whistleblowing still does not equate persecution.

Doreen Virtue claims in this video that she only received a few thousand dollars in donations. It is difficult to get to the bottom of this since the website where the donations were solicited was taken down after we made it public that soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity was illegal in the state of Hawaii.

No matter how much money, Doreen Virtue actually collected this way, the truth is she never needed the donated money to start with. We know, thanks to checking public records, that Doreen Virtue sold properties worth 5+ million dollars in 2017. She also acquired new properties, including the $998,000 mountain view villa where she now lives. She is not poor and she didn’t need that money. It was her decision to start hoarding animals that she (according to her own admission) didn’t know how to properly care for, and it was her decision to start to illegally start soliciting for donations from her ever loyal fan base.

Diana and most of Doreen’s followers who donated out of the goodness of their hearts are not wealthy. Some of them, like Diana, could have put that money to better use. Many people I spoke to admit that they felt gut punched when they learned they had been taken advantage of.

Ultimately, it seems strange that someone who professes a belief in any kind of higher power would treat their fellow human beings (and other sentient creatures) this way… I keep praying for justice for all and trust that it will be so because I too believe in a higher power and I know that what goes around comes around.

Maybe when Doreen Virtue gets around to reading the passage about Zaccheus in the New Testament, she will start offering refunds to everyone she took advantage of.

 But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, ‘Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.’ Luke 19:8



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  1. I requested a refund for her certification courses today. I hope Hay House is reasonable enough to understand her credibility was the one and only reason why people payed for her sham courses. Now that she has lost her marbles, I want my money back!

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      Hi Nina, good for you! I hear people have more success when they phone customer service up directly. HH are probably so inundated with negative emails about DV that they can’t even get to them all. All the best!

  2. Hello all…‍♀️

    I am new to this blog and I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Lisa Eddy for reaching out to me. She is a staunch crusader in the quest to reveal the truth about DV (“Deluded Villain”), who doesn’t deserve the name “Virtue”, especially, after she deceived so many, who have invested much more than I have in DV’s empire and Hay House. Normally, I do not publicly reveal my personal life and difficulties. In my heart, I had already released the thought of this widespread duplicity because it is one less thing about which to stress. However, I thought I could do my part and contribute to the exposé of DV’s deception, which is a justifiable cause on behalf of ALL those who felt or still feel sore.

    How does DV think she can shift to a Christian path/agenda when she is neither apologetic nor accountable for her deceptions? Does she plan to reuse her “psychology”-based trickery in this new phase?

    Nontheless, the truth is out. We can go forward and allow nature to take it’s course.

    BTW: Once again I am in remission and I am confident I’ll be well to continue my path in this lifetime. I still and always will remain positive and optimistic due to spiritual strength as well as celestial and earthly support.

    Here’s to ALL the innocent, abandoned and abused animals (humans included)/ suffering wildlife in the world. We pray that each of you are protected and safe despite human negligence and

    With much Love and Blessings…

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      Thank you so much for taking time to comment on the blog in additition to giving of your time for the interview, Diana! I’m very pleased to hear you are in remission and I’m sure your positivity, faith and support from Spirit will see you through.

      Love and Truth always win!

      Love and Blessings in Return,


    2. I am so happy you are in remission. I am so upset that Doreen Virtue has exploited so many good loving people . I did all I could to get Reid Tracy to drop her & her con game when I caught her risking lives in 2012 but they did not care who she hurt . She was their golden fraud goose and as long as the money kept rolling in they were fine with people scammed..

      I am so thankful for Lisa sharing your story.

      I shared the story of medium Suzane Northrop on her twitter & asked if Mediums John Holland & or John Edward would get you your money back as they both kept promoting the Hay House scam machinery knowing all the fraud there.

      Please do let Lisa know if anyone from John Holland’s office or John Edward’s office or James Van Praagh’s office return your money defrauded from you back to you . They all knew the con games & they did not care who got taken.

      If you would like to write Medium John Holland’s office & ask him if he was asked to expose Doreen Virtue’s fraud after she risked lives in Seattle WA 2012 at a shared event they were having & if he refused to address her continual defrauding of people while I asked him to expose the scam game here is his office email . Please if you write him tell him how you got taken by Virtue via your love of animals & angels & ask him who is going to refund all the animals lovers exploited by Doreen Virtue via her rescue ranch scheme : also put , on any email you send.

      God Bless you & keep you in his care & may justice come for Doreen Virtue the seeming utter liar & swindler .

  3. Why was she soliciting for donations for her ranch in the first place, with her great wealth? I bet she could have funded it all herself by selling one of her houses.

    She talks about it in her latest video about 35 mins in, about how grateful they were for the donations and it comes across as weird, insincere and disingenuous.

    If she really is a Christian now she needs to stop commercialising what Alyss referred to as her unexamined and superficial theology, passing judgment on the community she used to belong to and just be a student instead. She lacks humility.

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      1. It’s enough to make your blood boil.

        I wonder if she really does believe she is poor, what with only owning several houses. I watched her latest video and she comes across as someone who genuinely believes it. Maybe because she’s been a lot richer in the past and she’s lost all perspective of what poor actually means.

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  4. Firstly, I am SO sorry to Diana for all that she has been through and is going through. My love and thoughts to you and your family xo

    Doreen does not care. My blood boils each and every time I see or hear her claiming persecution (when no one even cares what she believes in and has always respected and known she was Christian), and it turns into a volcano when she dares to cry poor mouth! I have actually lost count of the number of ignored emails I have sent to her, well Melissa, as we know that poor little fragile, over-filled Virtue is far too precious to actually read anything from real people. I have offered to send them copies of all of my medical reports, so they can see exactly who and what they are ignoring, but not a peep. Not a recognition that I exist. Not a fake prayer of empty, non-authentic good will. Nada. I have been receiving the Five of Cups over and over this last few months, and I ‘know’ it’s because of this, which is really crap for my on-going health. She couldn’t give a rats arse what anyone is going through, how much pain, regret, sadness and loss her choices have created in people’s lives, and how stupid she has made so many intelligent, hard-working people feel. If she had simply chosen to do the ‘right’ thing – acknowledged that for some, certificates with her name on it and her new chosen path would now be useless to them on a professional level, and provided a refund – everything would be fine.

    There is only thing that makes me smile about all of this, apart from your continued standing up for the rights of all us and that exceptional comment from Alyss, is that each and every morning when I check her Facebook page, her number of followers drops just that little bit more. Small solace, but it is something!

    Much love as always xo

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      Yes, the numbers are going down rather than up, thankfully… People are starting to wake up and wise up… It’s a trickle for now but it could soon snowball… Fingers crossed.

    2. Dearest Lilac Willow…

      Thank you very much for your kind and loving well/wishes.

      I trust and pray that your health will take a turn towards more comfort and healing.

      I hope you do not stress so much over this sorry-excuse of a human and her continual devious deeds. Yes, we are all upset and even angry over her scams. Most importantly, though, I want you to get better and think beautiful thoughts and that you should know that you have my full loving support as well as my prayers for your road to recovery. I am certain many of us feel the same.

      Many Blessings,

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  5. I was on of the folks who felt good about taking her courses, buying her cards, etc, because I felt it was also supporting a good cause. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but, there really are some disturbing issues around how all this went down.. First of all, I do understand that sometimes rescuers sometimes get in over their heads. But they usually seek out help when that happens. I know of one farm animal rescue/sanctuary that had to close when the founder/owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. BUT she made sure that all the animals were placed in safe refuges/sanctuaries before she died. Doreen and Michael moved incredibly quickly on this and that started my concerns. Her unwillingness to refund folks is pretty hinky. (I will say that I did contact Hay House and was refunded in full for courses that I took that were by her (thank you, Ursula Clarke, for the info on how to do this). I had no problem with her conversion (if it was actually a true conversion) to Christianity, but I was stunned how she then was so very judgmental towards folks like Reid Tracy, Louise Hay and Wayne Dwyer. Her comments re the deaths of Louise and Wayne were unsettling, to day the least. Her lack of gratitude and compassion towards them was stunning. And her anger toward Hay House after they cut ties with her was very evident in her latest (I think) video. I am hoping and praying that maybe this is a result of being overzealous in her new path. But if it isn’t, I would not want to be her for anything! It is considered simony to sell spiritual ‘gifts’ in the Christian tradition. And yet, she has her new Christian healing course on sale and new card decks that she reframes as not oracle cards on sale. If she is deliberately misleading more people spiritually (and she has quite a new following on facebook), there will be consequences. I can’t see into her heart, but the fact that she says in the video that Michael said they need to move to a state without an income tax speaks volumes. If she is indeed a true Christian as she insists she is, she needs to make restitution to the people who took her course which she now condemns.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Kris. Glad to hear you were able to receive refunds for the courses you bought via HH at least. It’s just one big mess now, isn’t it… and apparently none of it is DV’s fault – the gaslighting and victim blaming is set to continue indefinitely, methinks.

  6. I appreciate that you are keeping this issue out in the open so it can’t just go away and hide under a stone and be forgotten. It’s so important we grow up and stop trusting spiritual teachers who claim to know better than us. We have to learn to distinguish between lies and truth and it is so damn difficult to do, because darkness cloaks itself in such confusion, mis-information, half-truths and distraction. People who come across as sweet and reasonable are not necessarily trustworthy. Doreen has always presented herself as such a good person, dressed in sequinned blue robes riding a unicorn, but at the very same time completely denies any responsibility for the consequences of her actions, as if she wasn’t even there when they were committed. How can she seriously teach Christianity when she has such superficial and unexamined theology and seemingly can’t tell the difference between when she is telling the truth and not telling it, or when someone else is telling the truth but she is having a narcissistic wounded ego mega-reaction to it.

    Right now I can only conclude that she probably belongs to the dark, or perhaps she has come under the control of devious dark entities masquerading as religious experts. What kind of Jesus have they concocted who condemns tarot readers? How come Jesus gets all mixed up with bigoted condemnnatory attitudes and discrimination? She does not care one jot about any of us who are left with a stack of Doreen Virtue tarot and angel cards and certifications which we cannot use any longer, or who sent money we could ill-afford to her confused cause. She lacks humility about this issue, and is incapable of listening, because she doesn’t care, and we are the fools because we thought she did care about us. The uncomfortable truth is that sensitive tarot readers do need affirmation and confirmation occasionally, and she cashed in on this market segment big time.

    She feels anyone who says anything critical about her is persecuting her, which is a convenient idea as persecution is popular in Christianity. This is so gross because of the thousands upon thousands of healers and so-called witches that the Christian churches put to death, the diviners and shamans and tarot readers of their day. This is what is normally referred to as persecution.To this day, tarot readers are regarded with suspicion because of ancient vilification from the church and now she is reinforcing it. This is why her betrayal of us, her complete betrayal of thousands of tarot readers who trusted her when she stood up to teach us and tell us that we could use divination using her cards to have direct contact with Spirit, is so utterly toxic and cannot just be hidden away and forgotten. She was just cashing in on us all along.

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      Wow, Alyss, your comment is better than the actual blog post at getting the point across of what type of ‘spiritual teacher’ we are dealing with here… Thank you! I wish I could frame it and make it a stand-alone feature on this site because you speak the truth so very clearly <3 If ever there was a mic drop moment... <3

      1. Thank you, Lisa! It was only when I wrote this post that I finally became clear on why this whole topic of what happened after Doreen’s conversion has bothered me so much, and why I think you have been right to persist in discussing it here – whereas maybe some people might have thought it was unchristian or we were anti-christian, which is far from the truth. When you have a blog such as yours, you have a neutral platform to express truth as you see it, and thank goodness.

        In truth tarot, worked with properly, is a deep and sacred path and art, and it cannot be cheapened for long by anyone – it will rise again, as it always has, and it belongs in the public domain to all of us, thankfully. It has profound spiritual complexity that someone such as Doreen can only glimpse but never really grasp, though she saw the opportunity to reap handsome financial rewards from it. While fundamentalist Christians may like to attack tarot reading, they are ignorant of the Western mystery traditions, and have no clue as to where the timeless truths to be found in the tarot actually came from!

        I wish Doreen had refrained from appearing to “persecute” us, by saying tarot is demonic or forbidden by the Bible, and then complaining we are “persecuting” her because we object to the contempt with which she has treated both tarot and ourselves.

        It is interesting that in most of her her decks she made a point of sweetening the “darker” images such as The Tower and Death, so that the decks could not be used for shadow work. We are now living in era when hidden shadows, financial wrongdoings, misinformation and deceptions keep coming in to the light to be seen by all, and exploiting spiritual seekers surely accumulates a karma all of its own!

    2. Amazing post! So agree! Ironically, I listened to Goddesses & Archangels on audiobook yesterday (still one of my favourites) and she talks about how Patriarchal Christianity destroyed, abused, murdered, judged those who did not conform, where of earth based religions and those who honored the divine feminine. It is unsettling, disheartening.. and even a little comical, to know at this very present day she is on-board with this exact group now. I find it comical as this has all illuminated how unsure she was of herself.

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  7. Thanks for keeping up the good work and shining light on the matter. It makes me sad that people who donated for her rescue ranch from a good heart, ready to bring sacrifice for her animals who they thought were in need, are now treated like this by Doreen. Instead of taking responsibility for her own actions, she is calling the people who supported and helped her previously “evil” and is blaming the devil for any genuine critics. Donating from a good heart is really a Christian thing to do. Whenever you watch her videos after her conversion where she tries to explain herself, people feel more conned and start to understand the complete range of betrayal Doreen has done.There is no true feeling, empathy and conscience from her side involved. Really sad to see. She comes across like an unstable, immature personality, not like a person who really has had spiritual experiences and found her path.

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      She moved from teaching New Age topics to teaching the Bible/Christianity instead of taking time out to integrate her new faith psychologically and study theology. This might explain why she comes across as so unstable. Faith shouldn’t be about profit but she sought to profit from her newfound path instantly. That says a LOT.

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