5 of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

5 of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

5 of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The symbolism of the 5 of Swords doesn’t carry a pleasant energy. What we see in the traditional Waite Smith rendition of this card is a lose-lose scenario. But does this Venus in Aquarius energy card also have some positive meanings associated with it? It sure does, because as you probably know by now, all 78 cards contain the full spectrum of light and dark.

Negative Tarot Card Meanings for the 5 of Swords

  1. Conflict and Discord: The 5 of Swords represents the presence of conflict and discord in relationships or situations.
  2. Betrayal and Deception: This card can indicate deceit, betrayal, or backstabbing among individuals involved in a situation.
  3. Ego-centeredness: The 5 of Swords warns against excessive focus on individual ego and personal gain, which can lead to negative outcomes.
  4. Loss and Defeat: This card suggests the potential for loss or defeat when engaging in confrontations or power struggles.

Positive Tarot Card Meanings for the 5 of Swords

  1. Detachment and Objectivity: The 5 of Swords encourages detachment and objectivity, allowing you to see situations from a broader perspective.
  2. Walking Away from Conflict: It signifies the strength and wisdom to recognize when it’s time to let go of conflicts and walk away from negative situations.
  3. Learning from Challenges: This card invites you to view challenges as opportunities for growth and self-reflection, leading to personal development.
  4. Compassionate Detachment: The 5 of Swords promotes compassion and understanding, teaching you to detach while still maintaining empathy for others involved.

Feeling into the Energy of the Five of Swords

When the 5 of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) shows up in a reading, you know that there is conflict brewing or already underway. Big egos are vying for dominance and refusing to use any kind of diplomacy. The result can be anything from minor drama (IRL or online) to endless toxic relationship scenarios, political skirmishes or even war.

What is really happening is that people on both sides are blind to what is going on within them. This then results in a string of projections.

Learn to Walk Away!

The guidance here, since the 5 of Swords tends to create a no-win scenario, is to learn to walk away. Who is it that wants you to stick around for more of the same anyway? Is it your higher self or your ego? What are you trying to prove to yourself and others?

Whatever it is, it won’t be worth it when the accounts are settled regarding the collateral damage. So do yourself a favour. Choose joy and peace and just walk away.

Walk Away from Doom-scrolling!

Many of you reading this will disregard the message above and return to doom-scrolling. Well, that’s what the 5 of Swords looks like when the negative thoughts in your head seek their own level. You can make a better choice. Connect with your heart and the Source of all love. Remember who you are, deep down.

Go outside and play! Smile! Create genuine connections with people. The world out there isn’t as bad as they’d have us think.

5 of Swords Rider Waite Tarot
5 of Swords RWS Tarot

The Venusian Side of the 5 of Swords

With Venus in Aquarius as the astrological correspondence, there are some positive qualities at the other end of this spectrum we do well to consider. Venus in Aquarius makes us capable of detaching emotionally so that valuable opportunities do not pass us by.

So that same energy that makes us want to dominate others by proving us right and them wrong can be flipped quite easily. And it’s all about making the heart connection (Venus).

I believe we see that in the imagery below. There are three different attitudes. The figure in the foreground represents the egotistical and negative side of this card. He is completely in his head. The person by the water looks like he is crying into his hands, filled with regret. However, the third person, the one to the left, looks like he’s shrugging the whole thing off, flinging his coat over his shoulder and walking away, no worse off since he’s still alive.

With this card, we each face the fact that the outcome of any potentially negative situation really depends on our own mindset. Learning to detach like Venus in Aquarius can therefore be a true blessing. Venus detaches without being aloof. And she can teach us to detach with compassion.

Affirmation: “I have no enemy other than myself.”

5 of Swords Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for the ability to detach enough emotionally to make the most of any situation. Keep me from the temptation to do so at the cost of another. Amen and so it is!


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Planet: Venus

Archangel: Raphael, ruler of the Element of Air

Gemstones: Blue lace agate, rose quartz

Essential oils: Lavender, sandalwood, rose, melissa

The 5 of Swords in Love and Relationships

The aggression and competitive element found in the 5 of Wands can easily turn really nasty here. Someone may be hellbent on getting the upper hand and there is no room for love anymore. When this card shows up in a reading, it’s usually time to take stock of what you can take with you before you get out as quickly as possible. The other person doesn’t have your best interests at heart. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. You will notice that everything you say to them can and will be turned against you.

Does walking away mean that you will come out of this smelling like roses? Probably not. You created this mess together and the quicker you take responsibility for your part (without engaging in some endless blame game), the quicker you will move forward to the better and brighter future seen in the next card, the 6 of Swords.

Single and looking

In a reading for a single person, this card means that they need to start moving in different social circles if they are hoping to meet someone nice. They probably also need to work on their self-talk as the 5 of Swords can represent conflict within one’s own psyche as well. It could be that inner conflict that is the reason why the person is single.


There can be no real intimacy when the 5 of Swords shows up.


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