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7 of Wands Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

7 of Wands

There are a few cards in the Tarot that address the issue of choosing your battles wisely. The 7 of Wands is one of those cards. Before we dive deep into this Mars in Leo energy card, let’s take a look at some common positive and negative tarot card meanings.

Positive Tarot Card Meanings for the 7 of Wands

  1. Courage and Determination: The 7 of Wands represents the courage to stand up for yourself and your beliefs even in the face of adversity. It reflects your determination to overcome challenges and protect what is important to you.
  2. Assertiveness and Leadership: This card signifies assertiveness and leadership qualities. It encourages you to take charge of situations, assert your boundaries, and lead the way.
  3. Confidence and Self-Belief: The 7 of Wands symbolises a strong sense of self-belief and confidence. It reminds you to trust in your abilities and stand tall in your convictions.
  4. Resilience and Perseverance: This card represents resilience and the ability to keep fighting for your goals. It reminds you to stay determined and persevere through obstacles.

Negative Tarot Card Meanings for the 7 of Wands

  1. Conflict and Opposition: The 7 of Wands can indicate conflicts and opposition where others challenge your ideas or actions. It warns of potential disagreements or power struggles that you may face.
  2. Feeling Overwhelmed: In some cases, this card can indicate feeling overwhelmed by the opposition or challenges that you are currently experiencing. It suggests the need to find support and manage your stress levels.
  3. Isolation and Defensiveness: You could be picking fights just to keep people away as a defence mechanism resulting from past trauma.

Remember that tarot card meanings can vary depending on the context of the reading and the surrounding cards.

Feeling into the Energy of the 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands signifies someone who is highly motivated. Their motivation is winning in the face of fierce opposition. They have decided that standing their ground will be worth it. Or they have decided that their belongings are worth fighting for. It could even be a fight for their reputation and what feels like a life-or-death situation.

Sooner or later we all face this level of motivation. Nobody goes through life unchallenged. Even those who choose not to voice their opinions get challenged so we might as well stand up for what we believe in.

If we remain unmotivated in the face of all of life’s challenges, we leave no mark on the world. Our vitality levels drain away and this affects our immunity as well as our posture. We blend in. Or rather, we bland in. This is your heart’s worst nightmare. This is the life lived in fear of the judgment of others.

The Mars in Leo energy of the 7 of Wands carries a lot of pride. Pride is not always a bad thing. To recognise one’s worth or the worth of whatever cause one is championing requires a certain amount of pride. Knowing ourselves deeply leads to a healthy pride that makes it possible to shine our light in the world.

Spirit Warriors

Mars in Leo energy is also the energy of the Spirit Warrior. This can be extremely ancient and divine incarnated energy. Some of us come into this lifetime prepared to do battle for the Light. In those instances, our early years are rarely smooth or carefree. We are shaped and toughened up for the task.

Sometimes our lives are marked by rough awakenings and more than one Dark Night of the Soul until we realise our worth. Following when we are supposed to lead never works out and sometimes we learn that the hard way, while eating seconds or even thirds of humble pie.

If channelled right, the energy of the 7 of Wands is destructive only to the enemies of wholeness. It can fight but it can also also defend and heal. It is Sekhmet energy.

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. And I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

7 of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Keywords and Correspondences
7 of Wands RWS Tarot

Do it your way

Typically, the 7 of Wands shows up when people are ganging up on us or when someone challenges something we wish to do. For instance, you could have decided to go down ‘the path less travelled’ and now face a chorus of objections, often belonging to friends and family. For it is often those who know us best who believe they are doing us a favour when they try to keep us within the bounds of what is familiar.

Turn up the volume to ‘I did it my way’ and proceed dear Earth Angel. You have permission from your Higher Self when this card shows up.

The 7 of Wands could also show up to ready you for a fight to protect the interests of someone vulnerable. In that case, it won’t be so much about signing a petition (although that is great too) but starting the campaign and getting others to sign.  This is a card of leadership and yes… aggression. Just make sure to channel the Mars in Leo energy the right way. Act assertively rather than hysterically or with rage.

Affirmation: “I have the courage to speak up for myself and those in need of my help.”

7 of Wands Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for giving me the courage to stand my ground. Help me stay safe while I fight for what I know to be right and protect those in my care. Amen and so it is!


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Planet: Mars

Archangel: Michael, ruler of the Element of Fire

Gemstones: Red jasper, fire agate, hematite

Essential oils: Cedarwood, black pepper

The 7 of Wands in Love and Relationships

The 7 of Wands could signify a need to start expressing yourself more in the relationship. Perhaps you start realising that acting as a doormat to pacify your partner is keeping you stuck. It’s time to stand up for yourself. If your partner doesn’t like the new, more assertive you, they are not the One!

Alternatively, you (or your partner) may be involved in tough competition at work and that could be taking energy and attention away from the relationship. Coping with the demands of a lover may be too much right now. However, this card could also show up to signify that you and your special someone have really strong chemistry as well. Mars in Leo brings strong mojo.

If ill-dignified or reversed, there are some serious self-confidence issues going on and it’s possible that you look for recognition as ‘Mrs so-and-so’ rather than as an individual in your own right. You could be using your relationship as a crutch for not having to live up to your full potential.

Single and looking

How confident are you feeling? This is the ultimate confidence card and it is urging you to take action rather than sit around and wait. That doesn’t mean you have to be the one to ask the other person out but you need to make an effort.

With Leo energy, there is an emphasis on your appearance as well. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you take pride in your appearance? When was the last time you visited the hairdressers? Hairstyle is kind of a big thing with Leo energy and it can help boost your confidence.

If you’re still not feeling very confident, look at your posture. Leo rules the heart and spine. Stand and walk as if you are tall, brave and proud. Strut your stuff. This isn’t faking it until you make it. It is simply owning who you are in the world. God doesn’t make junk. You’re fabulous so start believing in yourself!


Sexually, this Mars in Leo card is very potent. As stated above, it can indicate strong chemistry between partners. It is a card of pure passion and having lots of energy for lovemaking. It is also strongly procreative energy so do take precautions if you are not planning on extending your family at the moment.

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