leo new moon tarot spread

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

leo new moon tarot spread

At the time of writing this, we’re coming up to a New Moon in Leo that coincides with the zenith of the Lion’s Gate Portal. However, you can use this New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread any year as it’s not specific to the Lion’s Gate Portal or any other constellation. For a simple Tarot ritual to perform for the Lion’s Gate Portal, check out THIS POST.

On any New Moon, we plant the seeds for the new lunar cycle. The ‘first harvest’ is usually at the following Full Moon and typically six months down the line, with the Full Moon in the same sign, is when the final harvest comes in. Hence, it’s important to be intentional and come up with some kind of action plan when planting the New Moon seeds. This does not negate trusting the Universe at the same time. But as the saying goes, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ We’re not here to be passive recipients of fate.

Plan for Success

So what kind of seeds do we plant on a Leo New Moon? Leo is all about fun, creativity, romance, taking centre stage, generosity and children. Everything you do that is infused with Leo energy is infused with compassion, charisma and confidence. If you have those three components, whatever you undertake to do will be successful. Think of Jupiter in Leo 6 of Wands – a card of success! Jupiter is that positive, expansive energy and when it expands in Leo, you cannot fail.

Plan from the Heart

There’s a proviso that applies to the New Moon in Leo and that is that any plans you make and any seeds you sow have to come from the heart. Leo energy is heart chakra energy. That’s why Leo energy operates at optimal levels only when it radiates from the heart. This Leo heart radiance is a pure expression of generosity. When it’s compromised (shadow aspect), it becomes an expression of despotism or megalomania instead.

New Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

Leo New Moon Tarot Spread
  1. My heart’s true desire – The Seed to Plant
  2. Challenge to my confidence or compassion levels when it comes to manifesting this desire
  3. My current charisma levels (if you don’t like what you see, pull a card for how to change it)
  4. Something or someone I need to let go of in order to manifest my heart’s true desire
  5. Something I need to do more of to succeed
  6. A seed thought I can meditate on daily to keep the fire of inspiration burning on a daily basis (choose a card from your favourite oracle deck)

Waning Moon Blessings!

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