7 Ways to Work with Archangel Haniel aka Anael

7 Ways to Work with Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel – The Angel to Invoke on Friday the 13th

Archangel Haniel (Joy or Grace of God) is also known as Archangel Anael. This Archangel is often seen as one of the seven main Archangels  (Michael, Gabriel, Camael aka Chamuel, Raphael, Sachiel aka Zadikiel, Haniel aka Anael and Cassiel).

Archangel Haniel rules the Planet Venus and Fridays. She is also associated with Magick and Psychic Gifts, as well as with Divine Feminine energy in general, together with Archangel Gabriel, ruler of the Moon. The best day to work with Haniel is Friday and the day of the week to avoid working with Haniel is Saturday (ruled by Saturn/Cassiel).

Friday the 13th

In addition to Fridays being sacred to Haniel, Friday the 13th carries extra significance for this angel associated with the Divine Feminine, especially if it falls on or near a Full Moon, which happens to be the case on Friday this week, 13th of  September 2019. Other than US Pacific time, in most places the actual Full Moon is on Saturday 14th of September but, as mentioned above, Saturday is an inauspicious day for working with the energy of Haniel. Check out Pam Gregory latest lunar forecast for a full heads up on the energies of the amazing Full Moon in Pisces.

In addition to the number 13 being associated with the Divine Feminine because of there being 13 lunar months each year, there is an interesting correlation involving the number 13 between Earth and Venus: “The pentagram of Venus is the path that Venus makes as observed from Earth. Successive inferior conjunctions of Venus repeat very near a 13:8 ratio (Earth orbits 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus), shifting 144° upon sequential inferior conjunctions.” (Wikipedia)

Archangel Haniel is the Archangelic overseer of the realm of the Fae, including the DragonFae and all Nature Spirits. She has been worshipped by many (under many different names) as a deity in her own right but though she loves to work with humans, she does not seek to be worshipped (nor does any angel!).

7 Ways to Work with Archangel Haniel


Call on Haniel to fill you with JOY if you are feeling down. She is quick to remind us of the beauty of life and the types of creative pursuits that bring us pleasure. You can use this prayer or your own words: Archangel Haniel, the angel of beauty, grace and love, help me remember that my true source of joy lies within my own heart. Support me in bringing this joy out into the world, as a blessing for all.  Thanks and praise be to Mother-Father God. So it is!

Creative Blocks

Ask Haniel to remove creative blocks. Haniel can assist with removing fear of failure and help us focus on the joy of the creative process without worrying about the outcome. Use this prayer (or your own words): Archangel Haniel, ever inspired and ever an inspiration. Assist me as I embark on/continue working on ____________, for the glory of God and the Highest Good of All. So it is!


Ask Haniel to bless a piece of turquoise crystal that you wear to joyfully boost self-expression if you find that you are holding yourself back or comparing yourself to others. Haniel can purify any sense of envy/jealousy by curbing our tendency to feel in competition with others. The crystal turquoise is especially helpful for helping us refocus our energy on our own truth and expression. Turquoise is also one of the main colours of Haniel, along with green, pink and white.


Haniel is the Angel of Romance as the ruler of the Planet Venus. Call on Haniel to guide you on the path of manifesting a reciprocal love relationship. This is ideal on a Friday, during a Waxing or Full Moon. Light a pink candle and either write your own prayer/spell or use this one: Archangel Haniel, bless me and guide me as I call in my True Love. Draw him/her near and give me a clear sign of ____________ when I meet the right One. Ask for the first sign that pops into your mind!

Natural Remedies

Archangel Haniel is the custodian of Nature, so if you are a herb-crafter or like to make your own natural remedies, you will want to work closely with Archangel Haniel. Simply ask Haniel to bless any of your creations to make them more effective. Haniel is also the angel to invoke for fertility and any health conditions relating to the female reproductive system. Mindfully spending time in Nature is probably the quickest way to connect with the healing energy of Archangel Haniel.


Invoke the assistance of Archangel Haniel for help with embodying the magnetic charisma of the Divine Feminine – the perfect blend of joy, grace and sensuality. Wear pink on a date or emerald green to attract an opportunity for abundance if you are using this magnetic energy for a business meeting rather than on a date.


As ruler of Venus, Haniel is also one of the angels to invoke for increased abundance (Sachiel being the other). She corresponds with The Empress in the Tarot, so you can bless and place this card on your abundance altar. If you do not own a Tarot deck, you can do the same with the crystal malachite. Alternatively, if neither of the above are an option, you can simply draw one of the symbols or sigils of Haniel / Anael on a piece of paper. Use a green pen if you have one.

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