archangel chamuel the tower tarot activation

Archangel Chamuel Angelic Tarot Activation

archangel chamuel tarot activation of the tower card

Archangel Chamuel Tarot Activation – Channelled Message

It has been said that sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together. When things in your life do fall apart it is essentially because of a lack of self-love and awareness. You have placed your roots outside your own heart, in external things such as rigid belief systems, faith in other people, or your pension fund. Beloved, cry your tears and then draw a long sigh of relief that those things could not last. There is something better waiting for you now. Something simpler and purer…

What you need to sustain yourself is always found within. You need to return to this precious place, deep inside your heart, daily so that you can hear that still small voice within. That way, you can avoid more cataclysmic falling apart in the future.

In the previous arcanum, The Devil, you learned how the ego limits you to keep you safe. You also learned that your Higher Self is always seeking to break through and help you stay on track. When you have been blinded to the truth of your Higher Self, Spirit will use force to get through to you. This is always an act of love even when the consequences feel traumatic.

More Heart, Less Trauma

Learn to allow the world around you to be what it is – a reflection of your inner state of being. Drink it all in and allow it to be assimilated in the quiet chamber of your heart. If what you are building in the world around you is not rooted in your heart, it will become apparent there. And isn’t it better to discover the truth in the silence where you can course-correct and plan ahead without the trauma? So make this checking in with your heart a daily habit, beloved. This is how you love yourself better!

Chamuel – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 16

Meditate in silence and focus on your heart. Ask your heart to show you an area of your life that has yet to be rooted in the heart. Just keep breathing until it comes into focus. Then ask Spirit to illuminate what habits you need to put in place for roots to start going down. Stop when you have three pieces of actionable guidance and write them down. Thank your heart for this act of loving self-care. It is done.

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