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Archangel Gabriel Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Gabriel - Angelic Tarot Activation

A Channelled Message from Archangel Gabriel

Beloved, your imagination is your most powerful gift. What you call intuition is the oracle translator’s ability to dress the celestial language in cultural clothing. This demands great ingenuity and imagination.

As an oracle, you are not merely a conduit. You are being used as a conduit because of your great love for the one who is the recipient of the message. There is great trust in you from the Divine. The Divine trusts you to use your imagination and empathy with the ability to deliver the message in the most meaningful and healing way possible.

Children have great natural powers of imagination. They are still busy dreaming their world into being. When did you stop dreaming this way? How can you recapture this way of navigating the world?

A child who does not have, asks or even screams to get what they need. When did you stop asking? When did you stop imagining that your prayers would be answered?

My gift to you is not purely receptivity and sensitivity to the numinous and the ethereal. My gift to you is laughter and delight. It is my deepest wish for you, beloved, that you rediscover your playfulness. Your ability to laugh, play and imagine things is what makes you truly Divine, a child of the Creator.

You touch the angelic realm with your pure delight. Delight is the fragrance of fragrances that draws a multitude of angels to you. Delight in your beingness and your boundless creativity every single day. This is how you birth the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Gabriel – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 2

Find a body of water. There is a sign of your connection to me waiting for you there. You will know the sign when you see it. It will be something that you can carry home with you. Make a little art display of the object you find to remind yourself of the power of your imagination. It is done.

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