archangel raziel tarot activation code

Archangel Raziel Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Raziel Angelic Activation Tarot Code 9

Archangel Raziel Tarot Activation – Channelled Message

Beloved, I am Archangel Raziel. I have come to show you that wisdom is an inside job. You got the wrong end of the stick. You must all relearn to trust yourselves and your inner wisdom. Learning is valuable only so far that you are able to apply it with wisdom and wisdom comes from being able to step back, into your inner being and reconnect.

There are those who seek to disconnect you permanently from that inner Source of wisdom and who tell you not to trust it. They tell you that you can’t trust your connection with the angelic realm either. Basically, they want you dependent on their guidance. What could their motives for that be?

Yes, there are wise teachers and Masters you can follow but their path is not your path. You can listen to us angels but you cannot walk in our shoes (we don’t have any!). It is your inner soul light that guides you on your path. It’s yours and yours alone. Others can help you find it (like I’m doing here) but once you have detected it, you must hold it up high, like the Hermit holds his lantern, for yourself.

No judgment

You know you are on the right path when you see the full spectrum of ideas and are able to entertain them without judgment. When you are aligned with your inner wisdom, you can perform that kind of meta-analysis without getting pulled into the maelstrom of reactivity. This comes with ease after you have made a habit of engaging in the type of daily spiritual discipline/practice that best suits your psyche.

Angelic Tarot Activation of The Hermit

The rainbow is Heaven’s palette. Colour is frequency. Imagine playing with the colour you feel most drawn to now. You are drawn to this colour because you need more of this frequency in your life. Don’t think. Go with your gut instinct. What does this colour want to do? What shape does it take?

This is one example of how you connect with your inner wisdom.

Now creatively manifest an aspect of the frequency of this colour as a poem, dance, or drawing. This is how you hold your lantern up high. It is done.

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