angel of temperance tarot activation

Angel of Temperance Angelic Tarot Activation

Angel of Temperance Angelic Tarot Activation

Temperance is Soul Alchemy

There are some common misconceptions about the work of Soul Alchemy that we need to clear up. Soul Alchemy is not the complex and sophisticated process many seem to think it is – quite the opposite: It’s a process of involution to a purer and more innocent stage.

First, you need to understand what is being tempered in the process of soul alchemy. The life force itself does not need tempering unless you wish to become lucid in the dream of life. To become lucid is to first realise that 3D reality is just a dream or a hologram.

A child knows that their imagination is just as real as the dream of life. With your imagination, you can touch higher and less temporal realms of consciousness. It is this state of childlike innocence and faith in your imaginative power we wish to help you recapture. The process of soul alchemy is about uninstalling false programming. The illusion of sophistication for this process comes from the labels applied — the process itself is actually just as simple as waking up.

As you may be aware, the ego likes to mock simplicity. You see, the ego loves complexity but your Higher Self will address that more in the next Arcanum XV Activation.

The Angel of Temperance Helps you Become Aware of Frequencies

The rainbow spectrum of colours you can see in the image above is symbolic of your own soul light. Some of you will refract more red, others more blue and so on and so forth. Each of you acts as a lens for Divine Light flowing from Source into the world.

At the same time, you are One with the White Light being refracted. The refractions are happening so that the Light might know itself in many forms. Nothing that exists is separate from the One. It’s a realisation of this oneness that brings you back to the pure state of innocence.

The process of soul alchemy, though simple, may take time to realise. How long depends on only one thing: how entrenched you are in the programming. This is why it is difficult for those who play the 3D game successfully to wake up.

Angel of Temperance – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 14

This can be a relatively easy activation if you are not too invested in your 3D reality but to many, it is a process that needs to be repeated many times. This is also why people have a regular meditation practice.

When you are fully and permanently awake, you understand that the frequencies, though constantly appearing to change, are One. This understanding is the intellectual foundation for true compassion.

Often real awakening comes only after you have your Tower moment but you can begin to get a taste of higher realms of consciousness when you master this Arcanum. There is pure delight in knowing your own frequency and how loved you are by the All That Is. You ARE love.

To activate this Arcanum, Chant ‘OM (the sound of the original light),’ focusing on each of the chakras in turn. Do this twice. Notice the difference between each round. For the second round try different frequencies for each of the chakras. Start with the lowest sound you can make at the root chakra level and end with the highest-pitched sound you can make at the crown.

Just as you played with frequencies and sounds in this activation, so everything you are doing is a form of play with frequencies. You are now able to see this more clearly and to create your own vision of the future accordingly. ENJOY!

It is done.

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