Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season, Scorpio Energy Tarot Cards and Tarotscopes

Scorpio Season Tarot Tarotscopes

In 2023, Scorpio Season is 23 October-21 November. You can check out the ingress chart below for the exact time and planetary aspects. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio is still in the final degrees of Capricorn. The Full Moon in Taurus (a partial lunar eclipse) takes place on 28 October and the Scorpio New Moon on 13 November.

So today I thought we’d take a look at the Scorpio energy Tarot cards. Finally, I will share some Scorpio Season Tarotscopes for all 12 Zodiac signs with a main theme to contemplate for your Sun/Rising sign during this Season. We are working with the Hoodoo Tarot.

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Scorpio Season Ingress Chart

UK Solar Ingress Scorpio Season 2023

Scorpio Energy in the Tarot

So let’s begin by taking a look at the Scorpio energy cards. The Tarot cards that carry Libra energy are XIII Death, Knight of Cups, and the 5-7 of Cups.

XIII Death

Death Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The Tarot card Death, which corresponds with the energy of Scorpio, carries deep symbolism that reflects the essence of this transformative sign. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, Death is a skeletal figure on horseback, holding a black flag. Here are some key aspects of the Death card that align with the energy of Scorpio:

  1. Transformation and Rebirth: Scorpio is known for its ability to facilitate profound transformations in individuals. Similarly, the Death card represents the concept of transformation and rebirth. It signifies the end of a particular phase or situation, making way for something new and better to emerge. It reflects Scorpio’s ability to embrace change and let go of what no longer serves their growth.
  2. Intense Emotional Depth: Scorpio is associated with deep emotions and the need for emotional authenticity. The Death card symbolizes the intensity and depth of emotions experienced during periods of significant change. It encourages Scorpios to confront their emotions, explore the depths of their psyche, and release emotional baggage that no longer serves them.
  3. Release and Letting Go: One of Scorpio’s lessons is learning to release attachments and surrender control. The Death card embodies this aspect as it signifies the surrendering of old habits, beliefs, or attachments that hinder personal growth. It encourages Scorpios to let go of what impedes their progress and embrace the opportunity for transformation.
  4. Mysteries and Inner Truth: Scorpio is often associated with mysteries, secrets, and a desire to uncover hidden truths. Similarly, the Death card symbolizes the uncovering of inner truths and the exploration of the mysteries of life and death. It urges Scorpios to delve deep into their subconscious mind, embrace the unknown, and uncover profound insights about themselves.

The corresponding Archangel for Scorpio and the Death card is Archangel Azrael.

The Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The Knight of Cups in the Tarot carries the energy of Scorpio by embodying the depth and intensity of emotions associated with this transformative sign. Just as Scorpio is known for its emotional authenticity and profound inner experiences, the Knight of Cups represents a romantic and imaginative individual who is in touch with their emotions on a deep level. With their intuitive nature and the ability to navigate the depths of their feelings, the Knight of Cups embodies the Scorpio energy of passion, sensitivity, and the pursuit of emotional fulfilment.

The 5 of Cups

5 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The Tarot 5 of Cups corresponds with Mars in Scorpio and reflects the energy of Scorpio in a profound way. This card represents the experience of loss, disappointment, and emotional turmoil. It symbolises the need to confront and process difficult emotions. To heal we have to first acknowledge our loss before we can move forward. During Scorpio Season, this card serves as a reminder for us all to delve deep into our emotions, embrace the transformative power of letting go, and find the inner resilience needed to navigate through challenging situations. It encourages us to explore the depths of our inner landscapes and to use our emotional intelligence as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

The 6 of Cups

6 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The 6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio) encapsulates the essence of Scorpio Season. This card represents nostalgia, childhood memories, and emotional healing. It signifies a time of reconnecting with the past, finding comfort in familiar surroundings, and embracing the transformative power of forgiveness and unconditional love. Just as Scorpio Season urges us to delve deep into our emotions and explore our inner landscapes, the 6 of Cups encourages us to honour our emotional needs, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate a sense of emotional authenticity and vulnerability. It reminds us that by embracing our past with acceptance and understanding our emotional roots, we can experience profound transformation.

The 7 of Cups

7 of Cups Venus in Scorpio Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The 7 of Cups, corresponding with Venus in Scorpio, aligns with the energy of Scorpio Season by reflecting the theme of intense emotions, desires, and deep exploration. This card represents a multitude of possibilities and choices, symbolising the intricate inner world and imagination of Scorpio. It signifies the need to navigate through the illusions and fantasies of emotions, encouraging us to delve into our desires and passions with deep introspection. Just as Scorpio Season urges individuals to confront their emotions and uncover hidden truths, the 7 of Cups reminds us all to embrace our emotional depth and make conscious choices that align with our authentic selves.

Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

While these Scorpio Season Taroscopes are primarily for your Rising and Sun Signs, you may also wish to check your Moon Sign for a more in-depth understanding of the energies at play. These Tarotscopes deal with one major theme that Spirit is highlighting for you during the 2023 Scorpio Season.


Aries Scorpio Season Tarotscope

You are sharp as a whip this Scorpio Season, Aries. But you will get a lot more done and with a lot more smiles if you soften your edge and find a way to make people laugh. Think about how to connect from the heart. If you can manage that and make people smile, they will look to you for leadership and take your ideas seriously. You have the confidence and ability to achieve anything you set your mind to.


taurus scorpio season tarotscopes

Scorpio Season is bringing a lot of nostalgia for you, Taurus. Why not reach out to someone special from your past? There is a reason why they are on your mind. You are on their mind too. For some of you, this is about a love relationship and for others it is about a friend or family member. Either way, it is worth the effort to make the person on your mind understand that you miss them.


gemini tarotscope

You’re feeling strong and it’s true that you are getting stronger. But you still need to rest every now and again. If you keep going without pausing to take a breather, your soul won’t be able to catch up. And that’s where it’s at. It’s that soul glow from within that will bring you all that you desire from the world around you.


cancer tarotscope

Don’t let your trust issues get in the way of forming new alliances and friendships, Cancer! This Scorpio Season will bring you at least one close bond to lovingly nurture. The temptation to shut down or just walk away may be overwhelming. However, not giving this relationship/friendship all the attention and nurturing it deserves, is something you will regret.


leo tarotscope

This is not a case of ‘better the devil you know.’ You know who/what you need to walk away from. Now is not the time to become complacent and excuse their behaviour because it’s more convenient to keep the status quo. Leave. And then have a good scrub to get rid of the ick that came with this situation so that you can start afresh.


virgo scorpio season tarotscopes

Virgo, this Scorpio Season sees you having to make a tough choice about a family situation. Doing what is for the Highest Good for yourself and everyone concerned will likely see you move or find work in a different location to where you are now. In order to accomplish this, you may need to dig deep to let go of some attachments to outcomes. Trust. Let go and let God.


libra scorpio season tarotscopes

You’re barely scraping by and you are complacent about it. You’re not happy but you’re not miserable or angry enough to instigate change. Yet you know deep down that you need to transform the status quo if you wish to generate abundance for yourself and your loved ones. Go on a vision quest. Set yourself on fire. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, trust in and act on your vision. Abundance will follow.


scorpio tarotscope

Scorpio, you are ready to roll your sleeves up and get the job done! This is great news, especially for those of you who have a tendency to procrastinate under normal circumstances. It’s as if whatever you put your hand on this month is getting done with greater ease. If you have lacked clarity about an important choice, that is over now. You’ll know exactly what your next step needs to be. Additionally, you have more help and grace from the celestial forces during your birthday month so go forth and shine. Don’t be afraid to take the spotlight. You belong there this month. Oh, and happy birthday!


sagittarius tarotscope

You have an opportunity to support someone in need this month, Sagittarius. It may or may not be in the form of financial aid. If you are called on to offer emotional support, do so with all your heart. You will be richer for it (not that you would give to get) and you will sleep like a baby knowing that you have made a positive and lasting difference.


capricorn scorpio season tarotscopes

It’s time to leave your sadness behind, Capricorn. Are you ready to rise and shine? You may still doubt your ability to generate prosperity. However, if that is what is getting you down, you have a chance to turn the table on your doubts this month. You can learn and understand that prosperity and abundance are not something you acquire; it is who you are.


aquarius tarotscope

Your tendency to act aloof is about to backfire and you will have to deal with a situation that has gotten messy. In other words, not dealing with real emotions from a place of authenticity has landed you in exactly the kind of drama you were trying to avoid in the first instance. It’s time to get clear on what your heart truly desires in all this and then walk away from the rest.


pisces scorpio season tarotscopes

You have made your heart and mind up and are ready to take big action. It’s a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. If you have been thinking about a career change that will allow you to use your softer skills (counselling, healing, intuition etc) more, you are on the right track. This is a great month to partner up. You will get much further along your newly chosen path as part of a team.


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