New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread for Peace and Harmony

New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread for Peace and Harmony

This New Moon in Libra Tarot spread will help you rebalance and restore inner peace and harmony in time for Halloween/Samhain. The New Moon in Libra is the perfect time for a reboot, whether you need a full karmic cleanse or some minor adjustment.

Tarot Justice Card

Libra corresponds with the Justice card in the Tarot. The corresponding Archangels are Anael (ruler of Venus/Libra & Taurus) and Raguel (ruler of relationship harmony). Some of the keywords for this card are: balance, harmony, legal action, marriage, divorce, court rulings, decisions, equality, homeostasis

How to Make the Most of the New Moon in Libra

This lunation is said by many astrologers to quite tense/harsh because of the direct opposition to Uranus, planet of innovation as well as all things bizarre and unexpected. As you probably understand, this is not exactly the Planet you want tugging at you while you try to bring yourself into balance. However, while it’s not going to make things easy for us, it can help us make a clean break with influences that hold us back. This takes a bit of courage… Don’t be afraid of falling over – You can always get back up!

11 Ways to Harness the New Moon in Libra Energies

  1. Be unapologetically creative
  2. Engage in self-care such as yoga, media detox or going for a walk in the woods
  3. Write about your feelings
  4. Give things you no longer need to charity
  5. Prune your relationships and remove yourself from people who drain you of energy
  6. Set the intent for relationship harmony or for manifesting a partner
  7. Focus on diplomacy in all your negotiations
  8. Experiment with a new esthetic that matches your truest form of self-expression
  9. Make a point of making your close friends and family members feel truly listened to
  10. Take a hormone rebalancing bath with Geranium essential oil
  11. Charge a blue lace agate to help with harmony and speaking your truth

Positional Meanings for the New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

1. What I need to break up with – This is an influence or relationship that has been holding you back
2. Where I’m out of whack – This shows you what area of your life has been most adversely affected by card number one
3. Who or what I need to team up with – This shows you what will help you restore the balance
4. Effects of lack of harmony in the past – This is what failed due to being/feeling out of whack
5. What I will gain from bringing balance back – This is where/how you can expect improvement now
6. Future foundation for more peace – Focus on this over the next couple of weeks to stay centred

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