The Chariot Marseille and Rider Waite Smith Tarot

7 Facets of the Tarot Chariot

The Chariot Marseille and Rider Waite Smith Tarot

When we encounter the Tarot Chariot, we need to start digging a bit deeper… Choosing is necessary but not enough; now we need to do and overcome any inner resistance to achieving our dreams and goals.

1. Being a charioteer isn’t easy. In both versions above, you can see they type of chariot that requires the charioteer to remain standing. In order to move forward, he not only needs to control the horses in front of him with an appropriate amount of force/guidance – He also needs to keep his balance throughout the ride. This takes tremendous amounts of determination, focus and stamina. To move forward he also needs to decide where he is going. There is no journey without a predestined goal, unless you are on a literal Fool’s journey.

According to Rachel Pollack, this card signifies success through directing one’s own energy and focused will. She says:

The Chariot gives us the first of the three ‘victory’ cards, each of which ends a sequence of seven…

Opposing forces must be controlled for the charioteer to move forward. These are represented by the two horses/sphinxes as well as the yoni/lingam on the front of the RWS version of the Tarot Chariot. As you can see there are no reins connecting the charioteer with the beasts pulling the chariot in either of the cards above. The implication is that the guiding power is the force of will symbolised by the wand/staff held in the right hand of the driver.

3. The astrological correspondence for the Tarot Chariot is Cancer – A symbolic representation of this energy can be seen in the breastplate of the charioteer. Cancer energy people are very protective of their soft ‘underbelly’ and don’t like to give away much private information until they have decided you are worthy to be part of their inner circle. Another symbolic representation of this emotional Water sign can be seen in the shoulder plates which have a smiling face on one shoulder and a sad face on the other.

4. The highest spiritual potential of the Chariot lies in helping us stay focused on the task at hand. Mental focus takes a lot of effort. Many people simply don’t have the willpower to focus hard enough or long enough to succeed. This ability to focus on the goal at hand is what sets the winners apart from the rest. It’s all about the right mental attitude guiding the work we do if we truly wish to move forward and keep moving all the way until we reach our desired destination. This is also the type of willpower required for overcoming bad habits and addictions. Wanting to quite is a start but it’s not until our inner Charioteer decides ‘enough is enough’ and starts aligning our actions with our desire that we can actually overcome those traits and habits that seem to defeat us.

5. Examples of questions to ask yourself when the Tarot Chariot card shows up as a challenge are: ‘What goal am I truly willing to focus on now?,’ ‘Is my focus strong enough to overcome this obstacle or am I still making excuses?,’ ‘How are my actions lining up with the goal I wish to achieve?,’ and ‘How would being more disciplined be helpful now?’

6. The Tarot Chariot is associated with both Archangel Camael, ruler of Mars and Archangel Gabriel, ruler of The Moon. This gives us drive/ambition (Mars) coupled with allowing for inner guidance (Moon). This truly is the best recipe for success. Just like the charioteer has to keep all his senses open to quickly adjust to any obstacles along the path, so we must stay alert to signs that help us adjust on our journey toward our chosen destination. Staying focused must never make us rigid or too controlling.

7. On a Chariot type day, you could…

  • Go for a ride
  • Learn to drive
  • Journey somewhere
  • Experience traffic problems or the breakdown of a vehicle
  • Start a new fitness regime
  • Set a career goal
  • Receive an award
  • Win a race
  • Feel in charge
  • Make a lot of progress toward making your dreams a reality
  • Choose working hard over going out with friends because you know it will pay off
  • Create a weekly schedule which allows you to get the work done
  • Be overly controlling
  • Overcome addiction
  • Bulldoze over someone
  • Beat the competition
  • Do the thing you don’t want to do
  • Do your homework
  • Hand in your assignment
  • Meet a deadline
  • Hide your emotions and have a good cry when nobody can see you
  • Push your emotions down and fulfil your duty
  • Realise that you must overcome a strong emotion if you wish to succeed
  • Be extremely focused and find that work is smoother than usual
  • Be completely out of control
  • Be too rigid/inflexible

The Frideborg Tarot Chariot

The Frideborg Tarot Chariot

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.
~ Author Unknown


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