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The Dragon of Wisdom Tarot Spread

dragon of wisdom

This morning, a friend sent me a synchronicitous message relating to Binah. From there, I went down the rabbit hole and found some information shared by the Gnostic author Samael Aun Weor. It is the quote by him below that inspired the Dragon of Wisdom Tarot Spread. I also feel the quote ties in with the information I channelled through regarding the three Dantians in my post ‘The Only Tool You Need for Powerful Magick‘ as well as my calling to walk a Sophianic (or ChristoSophianic) path. It’s a dot-connecting morning over here in the North of England!

Beyond the Innermost every human being has three profundities: the first one is the origin of life, the second is the origin of the Word, and the third is the origin of the sexual force. These three divine profundities of each human being constitute the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom. These three are the internal God and the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the internal Christ whom human beings need to incarnate within. —Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

I freely admit to not having studied the writings of Samael Aun Weor in-depth yet. I used to own one book by him that I think I was a third of the way through when I decided to throw it out with all my other ‘heretical’ items during my RTS relapse. After messaging with my friend, I ordered his book Tarot and Kabbalah which I look forward to diving into. The dragons had been calling me again but I lacked language and a context for reconnecting that I felt comfortable with. Now, I’m given a green light all the way. This resonates as pure dragon wisdom for me, devoid of New Age nonsense.

Dragon of Wisdom Tarot Spread Inspired by Samael Aun Weor

The Dragon of Wisdom Tarot spread is designed to tap into the three profundities discussed by Samael Aun Weor: the origin of life, the origin of the Word, and the origin of the sexual force. Each of these energies corresponds to a different aspect of our innermost being and can be explored through this tarot spread to gain deeper self-understanding and spiritual insights.

The Dragon of Wisdom Tarot Spread

1. The Origin of Life (Keter/Life Force/Upper Dantian)

Focus: This card represents the vital energy or life force within you. What sustains you? What drives your physical and spiritual existence?

2. The Origin of the Word (Chokmah/Expression/Middle Dantian)

Focus: This card reflects your communication and expression. How do you manifest your thoughts and feelings into the world? How does the creative or divine word flow through you?

3. The Origin of the Sexual Force (Binah/Generative Energy/Lower Dantian)

Focus: Explore your creative or generative energy. This is not limited to sexuality but includes all forms of creativity and procreation. What are you creating? What energy are you bringing forth into the world?

4. The Internal Christ (Synthesis and Embodiment of the Dragon of Wisdom)

Focus: This card shows how you are synthesising these energies and incarnating the divine within you. How are you embodying the teachings and wisdom of the Dragon of Wisdom/Cosmic Christ?

Reading the Spread

  • Shuffle your tarot deck with the intention of understanding more about your inner divinity as divided into the three profundities.
  • Lay out the cards in their respective positions.
  • Reflect on each card individually and then as a whole to see how these aspects interplay in your life.

Sample Dragon of Wisdom Tarot Reading

sample dragon of wisdom tarot reading with the rose tarot
The Rose Tarot

1. The Origin of Life (Keter/Life Force/Upper Dantian) – Judgement

The Judgement card in this position suggests a significant awakening or rebirth related to your vital life force. It indicates an important transition where you may be called to evaluate your life’s purpose and make decisions that align more closely with your spiritual path. This renewal might also signify the shedding of old ways to embrace a new phase that better represents your true self.

2. The Origin of the Word (Chokmah/Expression/Middle Dantian) – The Hermit

The Hermit card reflects a deep inward journey to discover your true voice and how it expresses in the world. This introspective path allows you to connect profoundly with your inner wisdom and contemplate the spiritual or philosophical beliefs that motivate your communication and expression. Here, the focus is on meditation and the need for solitude to harness your unique insights and communicate them more authentically.

3. The Origin of the Sexual Force (Binah/Generative Energy/Lower Dantian) – The Magician

The Magician card reveals your strong capability to manifest and convert your creative or generative energies into tangible outcomes. This card encourages you to use your skills, tools, and resources effectively to achieve your creative ambitions. It’s a powerful indicator of potential in projects involving new ideas or innovative ventures where your passion drives your creative force.

4. The Internal Christ (Synthesis and Embodiment of the Dragon of Wisdom) – 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords in this position suggests a feeling of being trapped or limited in your ability to fully embody the synthesis of these energies. It points to mental blocks or ‘analysis paralysis’ that may be hindering your path to fully incarnating the internal Christ or Dragon of Wisdom. This card invites you to let go of overthinking, to question and challenge the ways you might be self-sabotaging or holding yourself back from achieving spiritual synthesis.

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  1. hi lovely,

    wow this is amazing, we were meant to connect, the universe spirit had messages for both of us and I feel so blessed to have recieved such devine beautiful guidance from you and spirit etc.
    I have a beautiful dragon guide as i told you, which so do you and that is absolutely beautiful.
    I will do do this spread when I can, this is so exciting such beautiful energy.

    so thank you lovely so much you are such a beautiful amazing gifted soul.

    I’am so glad I was able to help you too, it was so meant to be for you and myself, yes to this ❤️

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Teresa. I appreciate you and how you chose to act on your inner guidance (especially considering current circumstances). With love and gratitude, Raven

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