Pick a Devil

Pick a Devil for How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Pick a Devil

Happy Friday, Angelorum fam! So very often, we are our own worst enemies. We live in a state of delusion, expecting the worst and feeling suspicious about the intentions of others. Sometimes, we are easy prey for temptations that lead to self-sabotage of our physical health or finances. Or we imagine the worst possible outcomes of any endeavour we wish to undertake and end up doing nothing. Today’s pick a devil Tarot readings will help us see clearly how we’re holding ourselves back from a life of light, love and true spiritual power.

We are working with the traditional Smith-Waite Tarot (affiliate link) for these pick-a-pile Tarot readings. Feel free to pick more than one pile if you feel drawn to do so.

This perennial, liberating Pick-a-Devil Tarot reading will bring you the spirit medicine that will be the most empowering for this moment in time. However, as always with general readings, only take that which resonates.

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The Lore Around the Devil and Demons

The figure of the Devil and the concept of demons have deep roots in Christian theology and are prominent in the lore, scriptures, and traditions of the faith. The Devil, often called Satan, is typically seen as the epitome of evil, originally an angel who rebelled against God and was cast down from Heaven. This rebellion stems from pride and the desire to be equal or superior to God, leading to Satan’s role as the antagonist in the biblical narrative.

Demons are the fallen angels who followed Satan in his rebellion. They roam the world as agents of chaos, tempting humans away from God’s path, inflicting suffering, and attempting to corrupt the good creation.

Biblical Depiction

In the Bible, the Devil appears as cunning and deceptive, embodying opposition to God’s will. One of the most famous biblical stories featuring the Devil is the temptation of Jesus in the desert, as found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Here, the Devil is a tempter, trying to sway Jesus from His divine mission but ultimately failing.

Throughout Christian history, the Devil and demons represent internal and external struggles that lead individuals away from divine teachings.

Modern Perceptions

In contemporary times, the Devil and demons are often used metaphorically to symbolise the inner and societal conflicts faced by individuals. The modern view tends to depict these entities less as literal beings and more as symbols of the various forms of adversity that people endure, such as mental health issues, moral crises, and societal ills.

Scapegoating the Supernatural

The Devil and demons are frequently used as scapegoats for personal and collective failures. People might blame their moral failings on external temptations or demonic influences, absolving themselves of personal responsibility. Scapegoating these supernatural entities serves as a way to externalise the evil that humans perceive in the world or in themselves.

Instead of addressing the complexities of human psychology or socio-economic issues, it can be simpler to place the blame on an ancient, preternatural source. This perspective allows for a clear delineation between good and evil, even though human nature and societal dynamics are often much more complex and less binary.

Your Pick-a-Devil Tarot Readings

In these Tarot readings, we delve into the theme of self-sabotage, challenge, and transformation. Each card and its position reflect critical aspects of your journey towards personal growth and stability.

Pile A

pick a card pile a

1. How You Are Your Worst Enemy – The Moon

The Moon card symbolises confusion, illusion, and fear. In this position, it reflects how you often deceive yourself by harbouring fears and doubts that may not have a basis in reality. This card suggests that your intuition can be clouded by illusions, making you imagine obstacles and betrayals that might not exist. Your inner turmoil manifests as anxiety, self-doubt, and mistrust towards others and your own decisions, acting as a significant barrier to your progress and happiness.

2. The Challenge You Must Meet to Stop This Behaviour – Strength

Strength represents courage, persuasion, and resilience. This card appears as a challenge to embrace these qualities to overcome the deceptive influences of The Moon. Here, the key to overcoming your self-sabotage lies in mustering inner strength and patience. This involves controlling impulsive fears, managing your emotions wisely, and showing fortitude in the face of internal and external adversities. The challenge is to remain compassionate towards yourself and others, using a gentle but firm hand to guide your actions and reactions.

3. The Outcome Once You Overcome the Challenge – Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is a nurturing, resourceful, and down-to-earth figure who enjoys abundance and comfort. Overcoming your inner fears and mastering your emotions with Strength leads to the outcome symbolised by this card. You will find yourself more grounded and capable of creating a stable, prosperous environment for yourself and your loved ones. This card foretells a time when you are in control of your surroundings. Then, you will make wise decisions that ensure material well-being and inner peace. Your relationships will thrive in a supportive and enriching atmosphere, reflecting your newfound inner stability and maturity.

In conclusion, this reading encourages you to recognise and confront the illusions you may create in your mind. By employing a compassionate approach towards oneself, you will transition into a stable, nurturing, and prosperous phase in your life, as depicted by the Queen of Pentacles. Embrace these changes, and watch how you flourish, breaking free from the chains of self-sabotage.

Pile B

pick a devil pile b

How You Are Your Worst Enemy – 7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles card reflects a period of introspection and evaluation. This card in the position of self-sabotage indicates that you might be your worst enemy by overanalysing or being overly critical about the progress you’re making. The 7 of Pentacles shows a tendency to doubt whether the effort you’re putting into your ventures or relationships is worth it. This constant questioning can lead to unnecessary delays and a lack of satisfaction with the present, halting your forward momentum and breeding frustration.

The Challenge You Must Meet to Stop This Behaviour – 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles represents generosity, fairness, and the balance of give and take. The challenge presented by this card is finding the right equilibrium in your efforts and the rewards you receive. You must learn to recognise and appreciate the value of sharing and receiving support, as well as know when and how much to give to others. Balancing these exchanges is critical. Th challenge is to stop measuring everything on a scale. Instead, start acting out of genuine kindness and understanding for a more harmonious relationship with your environment.

The Outcome Once You Overcome the Challenge – 3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles highlights teamwork, collaboration, and skilled labour. Overcoming the mentioned challenges will lead you to an outcome where you engage more productively within your community or workplace. Your collaborative efforts will flourish. Others appreciate your mastery and craftsmanship, and your work environment will likely be supportive and affirming. As a result, you will find more stability and satisfaction in your endeavours, acknowledging that collective input enhances individual achievement.

This reading underlines the importance of assessing progress with a balanced perspective, sharing generously without self-compromise, and working in teams to enhance the quality and impact of your work.

Pile C

pick a devil pile c

1. How You Are Your Worst Enemy – Strength

Strength in this position suggests that your worst enemy is perhaps your misuse of your personal power and inner strength. You have significant inner resilience and courage but applying these strengths in a domineering or overly assertive way can alienate others and create resistance. There’s a fine line between assertiveness and aggression, and it can be easy to overstep. This misuse can hamper your ability to foster healthy relationships or create a supportive network.

2. The Challenge You Must Meet to Stop This Behaviour – 10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles represents wealth, accomplishment, and community. The challenge here is to align your strength with the goal of building lasting foundations and relationships, rather than merely focusing on personal gain or dominance. You must learn to value the social and familial structures around you, channelling your strengths towards nurturing these connections and ensuring a legacy of harmony and security. It’s about turning personal success into communal stability.

3. The Outcome Once You Overcome the Challenge – The Magician

The Magician is a powerful sign of mastery and manifestation. Once you overcome the challenge of harmonising your strengths with the needs of your community, you will transform into The Magician, capable of realising your visions and turning ideas into reality. This card reflects a command over one’s environment through wisdom and the balanced use of abilities. You can create opportunities and lead initiatives that not only benefit yourself but also those around you, demonstrating true leadership and innovation.

Embrace these steps in your journey towards achieving personal and communal fulfilment, integrating your strengths into a broader context of constructive and sustainable relationships.

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