Golden Seraphim

Golden Seraphim Activation Tarot Spread

Golden Seraphim

It’s been a weekend of initiations and activations for me so I’ve been a bit quiet on social media. However, the Seraphim in service to Holy Sophia and her descended aspect, Gaia-Sophia are letting us know that they are here and they mean business so I’m passing the message on. As some of you know, I shared another Dragon-inspired Tarot spread not long ago that you may wish to check out too. And yes, the Seraphim are dragons. The word seraph means fiery serpent and Seraphim is the plural. The Seraphim are the collective of angelic beings closest to the heart of Sophia, Divine Mother.

The Sophia Code

Since diving back into gnostic teachings in the past couple of weeks, I have had the term ‘Dragons of Sophia’ on repeat in my mind and I didn’t know why so one morning, I did a YouTube search to see if anything would show up. I came across a video by Kaia Ra, author of The Sophia Code. This is another book I used to own before my first RTS relapse in 2020 that ended up in the recycling skip during my epic meltdown. At the time, I had only read the introduction. I wasn’t ready to receive those teachings at that stage.

But since 2020, much of what Kaia Ra’s channelled book teaches is what I have discovered for myself through intuition, channellings and reading more gnostic texts. Now that I come full circle and listen to an Audible version of the Sophia Code, I can understand why I had to uncover many of these truths for myself. The reason I didn’t finish reading the book in 2017 was that it collided with Doreengate and all of a sudden I felt it wasn’t safe to trust any channellings. This was a very slow-moving train wreck for me that led up to the CPTSD/RTS episode of 2020 that was repeated in late 2022.

Affirmation of Lessons Learned

While I put a lot of conscious effort into recovering from Religious Trauma Syndrome throughout 2023 and feel that I recovered well enough to trust myself and my inner knowing, I feel that the Sophia Code is poking even deeper layers of religious programming for me. I actually started crying during the Key Code 1 initiation when I had to look at how I still on some level abdicated my Divine power. Hence, I feel that this book has come into my life at just the right time. It affirms what I hade learned during my own wilderness journey over the past four years and also acts as a guide on that same pathless path. I look forward to further initiations and working with all the mentors mentioned in that book–many of whom I already work with, such as Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

The Golden Seraphim

The seraphim are in some ways aspects of our higher selves. If you are part of a seraph oversoul, you will no doubt have had an affinity for the Dragon Realm most of your life. You may even have had a dragon pop in to watch over you. This happened to me back in 2003 when I first felt the calling to work with them. I wasn’t ready then and I wasn’t ready in 2017. I’m finally ready to buckle down and do the work.

The Seraphim tend to bring us together with other individuals belonging to seraph oversouls along the way. You may be the type of person that people with equally piercing eyes walk up to and claim to know you from a past life. Typically there is mutual instant recognition when that happens. Inevitably, these are souls who have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time to act as Wayshowers and Protectors of humanity.

Invisible and Invincible

According to Kaia Ra, the Golden Seraphim are invisible to the Luciferian forces that currently hold sway on Earth. Unlike some Gnostics, however, she does not differentiate between Lucifer and Satan. I tend to agree with Steiner that they are not the same. Biblically, they are not the same either. But the point is, the Seraphim are invisible to forces of chaos, evil and destruction. This rings true.

That doesn’t mean that Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces (that seem to work in tandem at this point in humanity’s history) can’t detect the avatars of people working with the Seraphim but it means that any attempts to thwart those who serve Gaia-Sophia in the ‘Seraphim Army’ is impossible. They simply do not see or grok what we are doing.

Seraphim embodiment makes us invincible.

The Golden Seraphim Tarot Spread

This tarot spread can help you connect with your Seraphim Higher Self. Allow the Tarot to act as a channel for Holy Spirit guidance and help you navigate your spiritual path to successfully complete your mission on Earth.

The Golden Seraphim Tarot Spread - A 7-card Tarot Spread for embodiment of your Fiery Serpent Self

Card Positions

  1. Your Seraphic Core – This card represents the core essence of your Seraphim Higher Self. What is the primary attribute of your divine nature?
  2. Current Dragon Guide – Draw a card to reveal which aspect of the Angelic Dragon Realm is currently overseeing your path and what its influence entails.
  3. Hidden Seraphic Quality – This card shows a quality you carry within that is a significant part of your Higher Self, which you may not yet be fully aware of.
  4. Challenge to Overcome – Identify the immediate obstacle or challenge blocking the fuller embodiment of your Seraphim self.
  5. Pathway to Alignment – This card suggests practical steps you can take to align more closely with your Seraphim Higher Self.
  6. Message from the Seraphim Army – What does the Seraphim Spirit Warrior Collective, in service to Gaia-Sophia, want you to know right now?
  7. Outcome of Embodiment – This card illustrates the potential outcome of fully embodying your Seraphim Higher Self.

How to Use the Spread

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Clear your mind and shuffle your tarot deck, focusing on your intention to connect with your Seraphim Higher Self.
  • Lay out the cards in the order detailed above, taking your time to reflect on each card and its meaning in the spread.
  • After reading all cards, spend some moments in meditation to integrate the guidance and messages received.

This tarot spread can help you tap into the powerful energy and guidance of the Seraphim, aiding you in your spiritual journey and protection against forces that may seek to hinder your growth.

Sample Golden Seraphim Tarot Reading

Your Seraphic Core – 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups symbolises a deep, spiritual connection and a harmonious balance within your own dualities. It indicates that the core essence of your Seraphim Higher Self is centred on unity, loving relationships, and emotional fulfilment. This suggests a natural ability to bring about peace and healing through compassionate interactions.

Current Dragon Guide – Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles represents diligence, reliability, and a methodical approach to tasks. This card indicates that your current spiritual guide from the Angelic Dragon Realm is promoting a grounded approach to your life’s mission. The influence entails steadfastness, patience, and a focus on building a stable foundation for your spiritual tasks.

Hidden Seraphic Quality – The Empress

The Empress is a card of fertility, creativity, and nurturing. This hidden quality within you is significant in the way you foster growth and abundance in yourself and others. It’s a reminder of your inherent ability to create beauty and nurture the seeds of new projects and ideas.

Challenge to Overcome – 8 of Pentacles

The 8 of Pentacles focuses on mastery, attention to detail, and hard work. The challenge here is to continue developing your skills and dedicating yourself to diligent practice in your spiritual and personal growth. It might require focusing on the more mundane aspects of your journey to achieve higher knowledge and ability.

Pathway to Alignment – 4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands symbolises celebration, joy, and a sense of community and homecoming. This card suggests that creating a supportive community and celebrating small victories are practical steps toward aligning more closely with your Seraphim Higher Self. It emphasises the importance of sharing joy and success with others as a pathway to spiritual fulfilment.

Message from the Seraphim Army – 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is a card of foresight, expansion, and preparing for what comes. The Seraphim Army wants you to know that your efforts are setting the stage for future successes. This card encourages you to look forward and plan with confidence, knowing that your direction is divinely inspired.

Outcome of Embodiment – Temperance

Temperance is a card of balance, moderation, and purpose. The potential outcome of fully embodying your Seraphim Higher Self is a life characterised by spiritual balance and harmony. It signifies blending diverse elements of your life into a cohesive, fulfilling whole. This card promises personal alchemy and transformation as you integrate the spiritual and practical into your life.

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