Turn Darkness into Light

Turn Darkness into Light: Tarot Card of the Day

Turn Darkness into Light

Tuesday Blessings, soul family! After the studious Page of Pentacles in yesterday’s post, we are greeted by another Page, the Page of Wands. However, because of the deck we are working with today, i.e. the Gnostic Tarot, you may be confused by the card title, ‘Seeker’ from Norea’s Journey. Norea’s Journey corresponds with the Suit of Wands in the Gnostic Tarot. You can read a review of this stunning new deck HERE. Norea is showing up today to teach us how to turn darkness into light.

The Suit of Wands corresponds with Archangel Michael.

Who Is Norea?

Norea, a Gnostic archetype, often stands in stark contrast to traditional religious narratives that have cast her in a dim light. In Gnostic lore, Norea is portrayed as a progenitor of wisdom and spiritual resilience. She was the daughter of Adam and Eve who set fire to Noah’s ark to thwart the archons—rulers of the material world. Norea is a powerful feminine force, wielding knowledge as her weapon. However, over time, mainstream interpretations disfigured her image into that of a seductress or a disruptive entity, much like Lilith. This exemplifies how patriarchy demonises powerful female protagonists.

Despite these challenges, the mythos of Norea exemplifies the transformation of negative forces into sources of strength and enlightenment. She harnessed her profound understanding and spiritual might to navigate and overcome the adversities set by the archons. By turning darkness into light, Norea empowers herself and enlightens others, embodying the Gnostic virtue of gnosis—direct, personal spiritual knowledge. Norea provides us with a template for how to rise above victimhood and reclaim our power. She teaches us to transmute suffering and ignorance into awareness and luminosity.

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Page of Wands Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

In traditional tarot, the Page of Wands symbolises a messenger of creativity and inspiration, his presence a beacon of new beginnings and adventurous undertakings. This Page’s youthfulness and enthusiasm remind us to approach life with an open heart and mind, qualities parallel to Norea’s transformative defiance against mundane and oppressive norms.

Turning Darkness into Light

Both the Page of Wands and Norea embody the transformation from darkness to light, each in their unique capacities. Here are four ways you can channel their energy to bring light into areas of darkness in your own life today:

  1. Embrace Curiosity
    Like the Page of Wands, allow your natural curiosity to lead you. Seek out new knowledge and skills. Read a book on a topic you know little about, or start a new hobby that challenges your creativity and intellect. This act of learning can be a light in the darkness of routine and complacency.
  2. Stand Up Against Injustices
    Let Norea’s courage to challenge the oppressive archons inspire you. Stand against small and large injustices locally or globally. Use your voice and actions to make a difference.
  3. Creative Problem Solving
    Use your creative energy to solve problems in innovative ways. The Page of Wands thrives on creative approaches. Like Norea, you can use your awareness and insight to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth and inspiration.
  4. Promote Positive Change
    Showing enthusiasm for change and new ideas can inspire others to follow suit. Be a catalyst for positive change by proposing new ideas at work, or by starting community projects. This proactive stance against stagnation and negativity can light up your surroundings and create a chain reaction.

Affirmation of the Day

I am a beacon of creativity, courage, and change. I strive to turn darkness into light wherever I go.

Wishing you a joyful day, filled with magic and laughter!


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