Past Life Connection Tarot Spread (Revised)


Are you in a soul mate relationship? If you are, then you probably know that they are rarely straightforward. The reason you keep incarnating together with souls from the same soul group is that there is unresolved karma between you. There is one exception and that is when souls incarnate to help humanity ascend. Then they come together not to resolve karma but to serve God together.

This (revised) ten-card spread can be used for lovers but also for anyone you sense you have a past life connection with. Also, please note that soul mates come in many forms and relationship constellations. A soul which was in a previous past life your grandmother could be your son or even boss in this lifetime. This Tarot spread will help you understand the deeper underlying currents of your relationship as well as give you an understanding of the karmic lesson(s) at hand.



1. Nature of Past Life Connection: This card gives you clues about the nature of your connection in a key or most recent past life.

2. Spiritual Lesson: This card indicates what the spiritual lesson for this past life was.

3. You: This card gives you clues about who you were and/or how you related to the other person.

4. The Other Person: This card gives you clues about who the other person was and/or how they related to you.

5. How You Did: This card indicates how you did in terms of learning the spiritual lesson of this past life.

6. Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson: This card represents the spiritual lesson you and the other person have come together to learn in this incarnation.

7. You: How you are currently doing in this incarnation. This card describes your needs, fears, desires etc

8. The Other Person: How the other person is currently doing in this incarnation. This card describes their needs, fears, desires etc

9. Action Advice: What to do in order to create the maximum amount of growth and progress

10. Action Advice for the Other Person: What they can do in order to create the maximum amount of growth and progress



1. Nature of Past Life Connection: The Knight of Wands – The chemistry was off the charts and there was a spirit of adventure when you were last together. Perhaps you emigrated or did some groundbreaking work together. Had the other cards been different, with one of the personality cards showing that the person in question was likely to be straying, the Knight of Wands could have indicated third-party interference.

2. Spiritual Lesson: 10 of Pentacles – To grow together by creating a family unit and leave a legacy for future generations.

3. You: 10 of Cups – You were the loving and dutiful wife.

4. The Other Person: 4 of Wands – They were the loving husband who put his heart and soul into building a home for his family. He may even have built it with his own hands.

5. How You Did: Queen of Cups – You successfully achieved your goal of a happy family life where the emotional side of both parties felt deeply nurtured.

6. Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson: 4 of Cups – To function as a vessel for tears.

7. You: 3 of Cups – A bringer of joy and creative mojo.

8. The Other Person: 5 of Pentacles – A bringer of austerity measures.

9. Action Advice You: 3 of Swords – To limit your impulse to reach out and have the same limit of intimacy you got accustomed to in the past life.

10. Action Advice the Other Person: The Lovers – To reach out and acknowledge the love you still have for each other as souls as well as personalities.

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