Tarot Card Combinations for Soul Mates

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Sometimes people come into our lives and we feel as if we already know them. In cases like that, it is entirely plausible that we have a past life connection to the other person. Could this be indicated by tarot cards in a reading somehow? Yes, absolutely!

The main card from the Minor Arcana that indicates that we have a past life connection to another person is the 6 of Cups. If this card is paired with Justice or Judgment, we probably have karma still to work through with them. The Devil and The World can also indicate karmic soul contracts. In the first case, karmic debt is indicated and in the case of the latter, ongoing soul lessons are on the menu.

So this is how I read the following soul mate card combinations:

6 of Cups and Justice – these two people have come back together in order to find harmony and to refine each other’s personalities. It is likely that they were lovers in a past life.

6 of Cups and Judgment – these two people devoted themselves entirely to each other in a past life but most likely not as lovers. In coming together as lovers, they are opening up to entirely new soul growth possibilities.

6 of Cups and The Devil – one of these two seriously harmed the other person in a past life and has incurred a karmic debt which they need to pay off in one form or another. These relationship often include an element of fatal attraction since the past life memory might linger in the form of a deep-rooted but mostly intangible fear, yet the inability to resist the other person is almost complete. This fatal attraction itself is not evil – it serves its purpose, i.e. to bring these two people together so that healing and forgiveness can take place.

6 of Cups and The World – these two people have travelled together for many life-times and have a soul contract to help each other grow and develop. They have been together in many different type of family and relationship constellations already and now have a chance to finally complete the lessons once and for all.

Fatedness that is not past life related is also possible. In this case, we have agreed to meet up with another soul before we were born. The main indicator for this sort of thing in the Major Arcana is when The Wheel of Fortune occurs. We want to see it together with either The Lovers or the Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups or Knight of Cups to indicate a fated love relationship.

The most difficult relationships to break free of are those that carry a strong element of The Devil and The World energies, similar in Astrology to couples bonded together by the planet Saturn, the ruler of the sign of Capricorn.

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  1. Hi Lisa!

    I have just completed an ex lovers spread. I have recently heard from an ex and would like to know what this card combination means on a karmic level.

    Where the querent’s ex is now:Six of cups
    Something the querent may not know about the situation: Justice
    What the querent really feels about getting back together with their ex: Five of Pentacles.


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      1. Past history of the querent’s relationship: The Chariot
        – I had moved across the country on a whim to be with him after only knowing him for a few months. We met by chance and fell for each other very quickly. It was very out of character for the both of us to commit so quickly, especially because of the distance between us (1,500 miles). However, it was not always easy and I decided to move home because neither one of us were ready for the commitment.This card symbolizes the strength and willpower that it took to make that decision to move as well as the boldness it took to leave and also the journey itself.

        Where the querent is now: King of Pentacles:
        – I am a Virgo and this card resonates with my sign. Since moving back home I have been more motivated than ever to accomplishing my dreams. I owe some of this to my ex, he was incredibly influential in my decision to pursue my passions. Over the last few months I have made huge strides to securing my own happiness through a cultivation of my hard work and decisions.

        Where the querent’s ex is now: Six of Cups
        – Last night he called me to inform me that he had broken up with his girlfriend (a girl he had dated before me). He did not do this with the aims of getting me back, but because he was disappointed with his decision to move on so soon and with someone we both knew to be toxic. He called me to ask for advice and to apologize. I think he called me for comfort and advice as the six of cups indicates he is in a state of nostalgia. We did not break up on bad terms, but because timing was off.

        What the querent really feels about getting back together with their ex: Five of Pentacles
        – I believe that this card symbolizes my fear of repeating the past. Oftentimes I felt alone in our relationship. The pressure of our relationship was intense because I had moved across the country to be with him and we both reacted differently. While I was drawn to connection, he increasingly made me feel abandoned. However, I know that he truly cared and part of me is needing that in my life.

        What their ex really feels about getting back together with the querent: The Devil
        – My ex boyfriend has had psychological issues with attachment that has been rooted in his upbringing. I believe that this has caused him to turn to vices more often than he should. Additionally, he is always haunted by the feeling of perceived restriction in life, even though he has very little. I believe this card symbolizes his fear that he will never relinquish these issues, but I know that he very much wishes to overcome. I know he knows we will never work until he can overcome and live free from the bondage of the devil.

        Who or what opposes what the querent wants: Six of swords
        – I am unsure about this card. I believe it means that he needs to let go of the problems associated with the devil card in order for us to have a real shot at success. I believe that he needs to be alone for a time to figure out the root of his issues and overcome them. I know that my guidance has helped him immensely, and was integral to his awakening about these issues.

        Who or what can help the querent get what they want: Eight of Cups
        – By answering the eight of cups call to action in seeking a deeper meaning in life he can become a whole person. He has focused much of his life on material gains and has become very successful. However, he has done this at the price of neglecting his spiritual self. Again, I feel like he and I will never work if he cannot grasp this part of himself that he has been avoiding.

        Something the querent may not know about the situation: Justice
        – I believe that this card indicates that there is a karmic aspect to our relationship. Our decisions to this point have led us to our intended consequence. I think that this may be a positive card as far as our future is concerned and that if he is able to learn from his present situation that our future may be positive. However, I understand that this card is all about fairness and if he does not seek the truth than an equal effort from the universe will respond.

        Outcome: Eight of Swords
        – My answer comes with this very clearly: not now. Self imposed boundaries he has made will only hinder his growth and our chances. It is positive in the fact that there are options available for him if he puts forth the effort and finds the strength to choose those options.

        I have read that the combination of Justice, Six of Cups, and Five of Pentacles are indications of a karmic relationship. That we have met in a past life and are making amends for something in our present. I cannot stress enough how spiritually tied I feel to this man and have instinctively felt it since the day we met. I only want what’s best for him and am in no way feeling ready in this moment to try again. However, I want to offer support in his journey as much as I can without giving too much.

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          Hi there, thanks for sharing this with your intpretation for all the positional meanings. I don’t know where you read that about Justice + 6 of Cups + 5 of Pentacles but I think the cards are very clear and that you already know – For now, the only thing you can do is detach from this relationship/person. Any time The Devil shows up in a spread together with the 5 of Pentacles, it tends to point to co-dependency issues. How would being soul mates make this different to a relationship with someone you are not soul mates with?

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  2. Hi,
    I have a general question about Tarot. I have done multiple readings on myself and I keep getting cards that upon first sight seem great. The two that caught me off guard are;
    1. the Ace of Sword and the Ace of Wands
    2. The lovers, 2 of cups (then) the 3 of swords. Hmmmm.
    I am a beginner and I am learning the Tarot (on myown). These two are keeping my attention but I don’t really know exactly what they mean (only individually). Both of these readings are fairly good, right?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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      Hi Juanita, what were the spreads and card positions for these two combinations? It’s hard to say what they mean with so little context. I need to know what question you were reading on too before I can comment. Cheers, Lisa

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  3. Hi i have a question about what you wrote.
    I did a tarot reading on a coming soul mate.. I recieved these two cards in the reading..

    “6 of Cups and The World – these two people have travelled together for many life-times and have a soul contract to help each other grow and develop. They have been together in many different type of family and relationship constellations already and now have a chance to finally complete the lessons once and for all.”

    They have a chance to finally complete the lessons once and for all. Does that mean they will never see eachother again in any other life times? That sounds kind of sad to me.

    Thank you. This post is aawesome .

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      No, they are still part of the same soul group and can choose to incarnate/go elsewhere together, on a planet or dimension where karma is no longer an issue.

  4. Hi Lisa-

    I’ve drawn the six of cups reversed,lovers upright,and the wheel of fortune upright when I asked of my lovers intentions towards me.

    I know if the cups were upright this would be a great thing-but with them being reversed how does this go?

    Thank you so much

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      It depends on how you read reversals. I personally find them less than helpful as I prefer to have the full spectrum (360 degrees rather than binary) of meaning available to interpret in synergy with other cards, the question and your own energy. I wouldn’t be too optimistic here though… The Wheel could indicate an opportunistic attitude.

      1. He and I have always been the six of cups with the devil combo-he being the devil.
        He has recently lied to me to gain my jealousy and it backfire terribly on him.
        I drew the nine of swords as the fourth card for his feelings today as well.

        I’ve always read the six of cups as the soulmate card-so am thinking he’s depressed knowing what he did,and perhaps in his mind our bond is broken-hence the reversed cups card?

        He’s definitely avoiding me and I’m trying to get a handle on how to proceed with him in the Highest way.

        Thank you so much for your time and site too!

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          1. Ha ha!! Only in the beginning did he come up as the devil….he’s now consistently either Emporer or lately King of Swords:)

            The devil aspect has been gone for awhile-thank goodness.

            I think he’s just feeling depressed over his actions is all and I’m taking it too personally.

            It’s all karma with this one

            Thanks again

  5. Hi Lisa, it’s nice to read your article and learn about the dynamics between soul mates.
    Recently i got my past life reading to know what kind of relationship did i have with my girl friend in our past life. And the result is The Lovers..what is the meaning of this card in related to past life analysis?
    Well i always have strong vibe and some guts that we’re somehow connected in past life. And honestly i feel deep in love with this girl, but i’m not sure about the way she feels towards me. And when i got that reading..i was pretty surprised..could it be that we have some mutual terms in our past life together? As soul mate maybe?
    I need your advice and enlightment

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  6. Hi Lisa, I have pulled this morning King of Cups, Lovers, 6 of Cups, Magician.
    I have been with a man on and off for over 2 years (very complicated situation…no he is not married). He’s an Aries and so I am wondering if this combination could mean, that he is finally going to commit? The Magician is connected to the zodiac Aries and I felt the lovers and 6 of cups is coming back into my life? I cannot quite seem to put my finger down to the combination of 6 of cups and magician. I thought it was something like a gift from the Universe granted…something I wished for regards to love will materialise? Many kind thanks for your insights. Blessings ☆

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  7. Hi Lisa – Happy 2016 to you and your dear & near.

    I have been getting a strong vibe from a person but have been ignoring it since he is involved (i think) and I am not or I am single. Its been getting pretty strong recently and so, I did a reading today with the intent that I want to know whats between us. Got Sun, 9 of pentacles and 10 of cups. Could you please help me understand the meaning of this? Am I missing out on a soul-mate connection?

    Looking forward for your response Lisa.


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      The final outcome is in the balance. It is likely that this is about two soul mates who are not yet decided if they are going to work out karma together or not in this incarnation. The power to decide usually lies more with one or the other and I would say NOT with the Seeker in this instance.

  8. Lisa
    I asked if my partner and I were going to make it. I drew king of pentacles, 6 of cups, six of swords. Where can I get help on a three card draw reading?
    Thank you for any insight

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      I would never ‘read on a reading’ about something as important as this – especially when I can’t see the card and have no idea what state of mind you were in when you drew them… if there are positional meanings or if it is a story line spread etc… Please consider ordering a professional Tarot reading for this. I suggest a One Question in-depth Tarot reading or a 15 min Skype session. Thank you, Kelly. Blessings

  9. Hi Lisa:

    I did a 2 card reading asking “will my ex and I reconcile our relationship?” I got the World clarified by the Devil. I immediately felt uneasy about this combination but, I don’t know why. In the 2 cards together, I feel like there’s some type of carnal desire more so than a reconciliation and I feel bummed about it because there are still feelings there for him. Your interpretation would help me a great deal with this.

    1. I’m sorry, let me clarify this. I asked my cards “What are my ex feelings towards reconciling the relationship with me?” Please forgive me, I am half sleep… Lol

  10. Hi Lisa, thank you for your wonderful website! I recently did a reading regarding a new love interest, and the final card for “relationship future” was six of cups. New love is scorpio ascendant, and we have our composite moon & venus in scorpio as well, but I am wondering as much as six of cups is mentioned as soul mate card – you also mentioned transience in reference to sixes. Could you further elaborate on the six of cups and this notion of transience? And what six of cups could be as a final card? Also considering six of cups is a card that explicitly references the past – it’s placement in the future position just strikes me as odd. The 2 of cups, Temperance, and the World were also present in the spread too. Thank you! <333

    1. The 6 of Cups has many layers of meaning – as do all the cards. It can be a card of the past but in the future position it is usually a card of reconnection with someone from your past. Any perceived stability on the earth plane, even WITH the deep soul connection of the 6 of Cups, should be recognised as transient… It is only more transient in the sense that it probably is something we desire to cling to… thus making it more difficult to let go… As a final card, I would see it as a card of reconnection or deepening the emotional connection.

  11. Hello, I just did the Angel of Love Tarot Spread on your website and received the following spread. I am trying to interpret what it means. Could you provide any insight? Thank you.
    1). 5 of Wands 2). 6 of cups 3). The Emperor 4). 7 of Cups 5). 9 of Cups 6). 2 of Pentacles 7). 10 of Wands. 8). 10 of Swords, 9). Page of Pentacles.

    1. Hi M, ask one or two specific tarot-related questions and I’m happy to help. Please provide the meanings for the spread positions too since I don’t remember the exact meaning of each with over 100 spreads created to date. Cheers, Lisa

        1. Hi M, I don’t judge ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it’s all just learning 🙂 9 of Cups together with the 2 of Pentacles looks like a business man to me – possibly international trade. Quite a jolly character with good intuition.

  12. Hi Lisa, I’m pretty new to tarot but I decided to pull 6 cards about myself and someone I’m interested in and got the Ace of cups, 6 cups, the World, Justice, the Queen of Swords. I then pulled one last card to give an overall picture and got the 2 of cups. I’ve learned enough on this site to know that it seems a fairly positive reading (how much of is is unbiased is debatable!) but I am absolutely stumped with the Queen of Swords? What does that Queen of swords mean in a love reading? I’d be grateful for any insights.


      1. Hi – I don’t use spreads as such, I just asked what did I need to know and drew those cards. I tend to read it a bit like a story thread and try to make a whole picture – sorry that doesn’t help much.

          1. Yes I think that’s probably right – I understand court cards usually depict people or aspects of ourselves? But I think in this case you’re right. Would I be right in interpreting that there is actually a possible connection between us from the 6 of cups? Thanks for your reply by the way! Penny

          2. Thanks Lisa, yes I think you’re right. Would I be right in interpreting that there is a connection between us due to the 6 cups? Thank you again for your quick reply by the way! Penny

  13. I’ve been in a relationship with a man for over a year and a half now. When I met him we were instantly drawn to each other at a concert in a room full of people….it was love at first sight. That night we hung out and opened up to each other in a way we haven’t done with other people in the past. Later that night I had a dream that wasn’t a dream…. I felt like he was there with me, not with me, inside me, outside of me and me all the same time. It was intense and very sexual. From what I’ve learned I’m pretty sure we astrally projected, but since I’ve never done it before I don’t really know. Our relationship has been up and down, filled with love fear and hate even.

    He scares me because our relationship is so intense and not what I thought love would be like. Your website has helped me understand what is going on between us and I really thank you for it. I didn’t do a particular spread just drew some cards to see what our soulmate connection was after reading this page. They confused me so I drew more. The cards that were pulled were the 3 of cups, lovers reversed, 6 of cups, the devil and judgement. Since we both have this fear of hurting each other I feel like we did in a past life or something. Other tarot readings about us always involve cards that talk about past hurt. We also get the fives, Emperor and Empress a lot in readings about us.

    I have a tendency to run from things I can’t fix so it’s fitting that my personal tarot cards are the chariot/tower. I don’t wanna run from this just because I’m confused. I would really appreciate any help understanding.

    1. Hi Stephanie, Thank you for sharing. I’m not going to try to interpret randomly drawn cards for you or try to make sense of readings you or others have done in the past. I’m here if you need a reading though, and I’m happy to answer any specific, tarot-related questions you may have. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you Lisa. Saw that you had helped others in the comments before and thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. I was hoping you had some advice on what the 3 of cups, lovers reversed, 6 of cups, the devil and judgement may mean in related to a soulmate connection. Sorry that wasn’t specific since I included other information. I will keep you in mind for a reading. Is the “Past Life Connection Tarot Reading” the one that would be best?

        1. Hi Stephanie, sorry for the late reply to this – only just saw your reply to my reply. The Past Life Connection reading could be worth doing for this. The Devil and Judgment speak of karma that needs clearing.

  14. Hi Lisa,

    In terms of gut feeling, this is what I feel …. RUN!!!!!

    omg … really I must be that clueless … What do you think it is that I don’t want to see?

    Thank you, Brittney

    1. There is a very strong pull with these two cards. In terms of astrology, you have two fixed Zodiac signs represented here: Taurus/fixed Earth (Hierophant) and Scorpio/fixed Water (6 of Cups). There is probably a karmic connection but I do not sense anything sinister.

      I’d say you can run but you cannot hide. What is not resolved in this lifetime will just be put on hold…

      In terms of the past life connection I’m picking up on here, this is someone who would have been a teacher or mentor in a past life.

      How does this resonate with you?

      1. Hmmmm, I’ve been thinking about your comments. Now that you point it out, I see that his influence is usually calming, reassuring, and mentoring … I’m not comfortable being vulnerable with men, so my unexpected comfort level with him has been disconcerting. Lightbulb moment! Thank you Lisa!

  15. Lisa,

    I keep getting Hierophant and Six of Cups for a new man in my life. What would that mean? Note, we’re not dating — and likely will not since I’m involved with someone else — but I feel a riveting attachment to him.

    Thank you,


      1. Sorry I didn’t give more detail. I just ask what’s his purpose in my life in a two card spread and I get Hierophant and six of cups.

        This second person came into my life in odd fashion and I feel it is more than coincidence. I’m not assuming it’s love, just wondering why I feel oddly attached to him. Which is why I asked the cards his purpose. Any insight? Thanks Lisa!

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