working with dragons

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working with Dragons

working with dragons

Have you ever thought about connecting with your Dragon Guardian or working with dragons for healing? I had the pull to do this nearly 20 years ago for the first time. I did make the connection but then I lost it and it took me many years to get it back. Now it is back stronger than ever. In today’s post, I share the 5 things I wish I knew before I started working with dragons…

1. Dragons Don’t Do Fear

When I first started working with dragons, I did so from a desire to work with them as healing companions. I trained in Dragon Reiki online. The attunement was powerful as was the dragon spell candle I got sent in the post. However, I wasn’t prepared for how closely connected I would end up being through the attunement.

The night after the attunement, I woke up to a dragon staring me in the eyes, only a few feet above my head. It appeared to be a large black dragon. The dragons have since informed me that this is the type of dragon that shows up to test and see if we are ready if they think we may not be.

Suffice it to say, I failed the test. I nearly pooped my pants and vowed to never do Dragon Reiki again. So I put the thick red spell candle decorated with crystals in the bin. (I know, I know!)

2. Dragons Don’t Do Doubt

My second reconnection came about five years ago during a shamanic journey. It was the most powerful journey I have had to date. I journeyed to connect with my spirit animal ally and did 100% NOT expect a dragon to show up. Nevertheless, a large otherworldly male Earth Elemental dragon is who showed up, with fire in his eyes and so much love for me.

I don’t think I was ready for that level of love or power. It was too much. The heart connection was real. Real enough to bring back past life memories of my own existence in another realm as a dragon companion of this dragon. However, my mind kept driving me crazy with doubt. ‘Am I just making this up?’

Once the doubt becomes stronger than our connection, the connection simply fades. Unfortunately, this also makes our own life energy weaken and fade. Dragon energy is part of us. It’s not wise to doubt it; Always connect with the Dragon Realm through the heart and with love!

3. Dragons Work with Those Who Seek to Fulfil Their Destiny

We all have dragon guardians but not all of us are meant to work actively with them in every incarnation. I hesitate to say it is for those who have achieved more advanced levels of soul alchemy. Really, what is more important is the drive to fulfil our destiny.

The Dragons work with the Norns in this capacity. They clear the path of karmic debris that we have collected along the way, as soon as we become aware of it and ask for their assistance. They also keep us safe from those who would actively seek to thwart our life purpose.

Those who seek to fit in with organised religion and already existing spiritual paths (unless they are paths that allow for dragon guardians) will struggle to align with their true destiny. None of us is created to be automatons, fulfilling the wishes of already existing hierarchies. And this leads nicely to the next point…

4. Dragons Work with Those Who Know Their Will

To work with dragons, you have to know your true will. It’s not enough that you know that you wish to fulfil your destiny if you do not understand that your destiny is (and was always meant to be) an expression of the true desire of your soul.

Souls who know their will are not always aligned with their destiny. This is why this point is separate from the previous one. You may already be aware of dark magicians who seek to use dragon power and dragon magick for their own nefarious ends. This is a fast and slippery path to Niflheim–Beware!

5. Dragons Work with Those Who Have Integrated the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

A level of innocence is required for this part of the soul alchemy that is required to connect to the Dragon Realm. You need to, in the words of Yeshua, be reborn. This is so that you can enter the world of pure Magic which is the Dragon Realm, seeing clearly that Father Sky and Mother Earth are your true parents.

You are the child of the divine union of the Sky Father and the Earth Mother within and you know that you are here to create a legacy for the Divine as well as for humanity. Because you are aware of your true lineage, you trust that you are being guided by the Divine on this earthly journey. And because you trust, the dragons can guide you actively.

On the other hand, dragons cannot and will not work with those who are either too deeply embedded in the material realm or acting as if matter (Mother) doesn’t matter at all. Balance is required. The good news is that dragons know that we are easily knocked off-kilter in this realm. This continues to be true until we leave our bodies. Thankfully, the dragons are always happy to help us regain balance!

To Summarise

If you wish to work with dragons, don’t dabble and dither. The dragons will always treat you with respect and demand the same in return from you. So either do or don’t. And if you do, prepare to have your life transform in ways that are not always comfortable. But trust me, it’s going to be worth it!

love raven liora

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