how to connect and work with your dragon guardian

How to Connect and Work with Your Dragon Guardian

 to connect and work with your dragon guardian

The Return of the Dragon Guardian

Dragons want to work with us now in this time of great change and turbulence on Earth. Their job is to guide, protect and inspire us as we step into our future selves as Cosmic Co-Creators with the Divine. They help us clear any reactive patterns and blockages from the past and provide protection while we get stronger in the belief that we have the ability to manifest our vision.

Dragons want to work with anyone who wants to work with them. You see, the reason you are drawn to work with dragons is that you have already met and there is a quantum entanglement in place. You are destined to meet and work together again. Some of you will have distant memories of working with dragons in the past and this is of course why every culture on the planet has dragon lore as part of its history and mythology.

connect with your dragon guardian

For the most recent solar eclipse, the influx of dragon energy has been stronger than ever. The dragons, being older than Time, are patiently waiting for those of us who wish to step up our game and step into our future selves to invite them back in.

The good news is that nothing could be easier. Dragons are Masters of Magic and Manifestation and their ability to manifest on Earth, in the blink of an eye and in tangible ways, is paralleled only by the Angels. A little-known fact is that the highest order of Angels, the Seraphim, is actually a type of dragon.

As dragons are also shapeshifters, it is up to them which shape they take when engaging with humanity. Sometimes they even take human form, though this is not their favourite – They do like their wings!

How To Connect with Your Dragon Guardian

There are three requirements for making contact:

  • A burning desire to make contact
  • Asking 
  • Being receptive

As previously mentioned, your burning desire is in your heart because you are already paired with your Dragon Guardian in a Higher Dimension, beyond space and time. This desire is re-awakened in you now because you are being prepared to level up and take on more of a leadership role.

Asking is something you can do quietly, out loud or in writing. It really doesn’t matter. However, writing it down in a special dragon journal is a nice thing to do because that way you can keep a record of all your interactions with your Dragon Guardian.

Begin by asking for protection as you make initial contact and make sure to ask to only connect with a Dragon that has your best interests at heart as well as those of the Highest Good for All. Dragon Guardians can come from any realm or dimension, so aim high. You can ask Archangel Michael to stand guard to prevent any lower-dimensional impostors from creeping in.

Being receptive means being in a more relaxed, slightly altered state of consciousness. If you have no desire to control your initial meeting, simply allow your Dragon to appear in that liminal mind-space between waking and falling asleep. If this is your preferred method, please know that if you are at all clairvoyant the first time you gaze into the eyes of your Dragon can be quite a startling experience. Their gaze is intense and soul-piercing!

Relax and listen

Don’t panic! Take a few deep breaths and simply ask what their name is. You will most likely ‘hear’ the name clearly by means of telepathy as Dragons have no need whatsoever to open their mouths in order to communicate –  something else they have in common with higher dimensional beings like the Angels.

If you want a more structured setup, you can try doing a shamanic journey to meet your Dragon Guardian. There are many ways to journey. However, I find that having a steady drumbeat playing in the background (rather than trying to drum myself) quite quickly induces the right state of consciousness.

You may wish to try this track by Michael Harner while making yourself comfortable on a yoga mat on the floor, covering yourself with a blanket and making sure your feet are warm. Allow your imagination to guide you to the best place in the inner realms for your Dragon Guardian to make contact. Trusting in the power of your own imagination is one of the keys to being able to connect and work with your Dragon Guardian.

How to Work with Your Dragon Guardian

Sacred Space

Now that you have made first contact, I suggest inviting your Dragon Guardian into your sacred space by including some item that connects the two of you on your altar. This can be anything from an elaborate dragon statue to a rock found down by the river that your Dragon Guardian nudged you to pick up.


Secondly, if you are serious about working together, you will want to spend some time toward the end of each meditation session simply listening to the advice of your Dragon. You can always ask specific questions for guidance, of course.


If you like to use divinatory tools for guidance from the realm of the dragons, there are quite a few dragon-themed Tarot and oracle decks to choose from these days. My favourite Tarot deck is the Tarot Draconis and my favourite Dragon oracle is the Dragon Path Oracle Cards.

The best kind of questions to ask are the kind of questions that serve to empower you, often relating to third-chakra issues of personal power, self-worth and personal boundaries. However, the Dragons are wise and very knowledgeable about most things, so there is no need to limit your questions to just one topic. For instance, I find that my dragon guide loves to find new areas of study for me to help me expand my mind, as well as help me clear limiting beliefs in general.

Dreaming with the Dragons

You can also do dreamwork with your Dragon Guardian. Ask a question (write it down!) or pull a card for guidance and a theme for the night’s dreaming. You may be surprised when you find yourself waking up with a completely new perspective and feeling more optimistic than you did falling asleep but rest assured that this is perfectly normal!

You won’t want to waste any of the precious guidance you receive through your dreams so hone your dream recall ability. It will get better the more you practice! Simply lie in bed for a few minutes, with your eyes closed, upon waking and replay the night’s dreams as if watching a film. Then instantly jot down (or use a voice recorder) everything you can remember. If you have someone you can talk to about your dream, that is great too. I find that I often uncover new layers of meaning as I retell the dream to my husband.

Dragon Magick

In addition to working with your own Dragon Guardian, you may wish to invoke the Dragons of the Four Elements when casting your circle. I invoke the Dragon of Vitality in the South, the Dragon of Calm in the West, the Dragon of Stability and Prosperity in the North and the Dragon of Clarity in the East. These are dragons you can petition according to their area of speciality once you get to know them as well. 

Dragons love any form of creative expression but especially music and dancing, so you may wish to try some dance improvisation for attracting new dragon allies. If you want to practise dragon magick, it is also recommended that you set aside some time for dancing to raise energy during the working.


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