A Beltane Fairy Ring



It’s Beltane Eve or Valborgsmässoafton as we say in Sweden and the veil between the world of the fae and the world of the humans is at its thinnest.

For this blessed Eve, I set my heart on inviting the fairies in to play in and bless our garden. To create a portal between our worlds, I created a fairy ring with seven chakra crystals and for each crystal I also pulled a rune for wellbeing message.

The spot I felt drawn to is a part of the garden where the grass is struggling to grow. The fairies blessing it will hopefully make all the difference. I’m also fully counting on the crystals being fully charged after being left on the ground overnight on Beltane!

In the middle of the fairy ring, I placed my Fairy Crystal (staurolite) to be blessed and help me stay connected with my fairy helpers. I also placed an offering of dark chocolate and some flowers I found in the garden (asking permission before picking them, of course). The pink flowers had already fallen to the ground and seem to offer themselves up.

No formalities were made – the heart’s intent is all that matters.

You can make your own fairy circle with flowers or rocks… or even cookies… if you wish – it doesn’t have to be anything as fancy as semi-precious gemstones.

I’m leaving my crystals and the offering out and hope to revisit the magickal fairy ring at dawn, as we are going out for the night and I wont be there at dusk. Any dew that has formed in the ring will then be collected.

Before bidding the fairies farewell, I pulled the card you see below from the Magical Messages from the Fairies deck:



I feel this message is true for all of us who have decided to walk our Fairy Path in perfect faith and perfect love from this day forth…

Beltane Blessings, dear friends of the Fae!


Lisa Frideborg