week ahead gospel and tarot meditation

Week Ahead Gospel and Tarot Meditation

gospel and tarot meditation

The Beast and His Conspiracy

In last week’s meditation, the focus was on the Beast which is a system, not a person, and which, according to Richard Abbot, can be labeled Caesar. For this week’s Gospel meditation, the focus is away from Christmas in the church year. We are in the week of Easter here and the religious leaders of the day plotting to kill Jesus.

Even as I write this, I feel the plot thicken of the conspiracy we find us in right now, which is obviously the conspiracy to carry through the Great Reset and firmly establish Agenda 2030 in the most undemocratic way imaginable, i.e. through a ‘flu d’etat’ as Ivor Cummins likes to call it.

In the Gospel of Mark we read…

Now the Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread were only two days away, and the chief priests and the teachers of the law were scheming to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him. “But not during the festival,” they said, “or the people may riot.” (Mark 14:1-2)

The Conspiracy

Without going into too many aspects of the current conspiracy, I would like to mention a couple of recent events. Brandy Vaughan, a brave warrior against Pharma, was ‘suicided’ this week, and Simon Dolan of Keep Britain Free was denied a Supreme Court hearing. These are just two instances of the massive corruption that is part of the ongoing conspiracy.

The crown jewel in the conspiracy crown is of course the ‘product’ that was rolled out in the UK this week. I’m talking about unlicensed medical product for which the production company has been fully indemnified. British MSM is pushing this product so hard that anybody questioning the safety aspect of this product, is slapped with labels meant to demean and ridicule them.

So I’m sorry to say that freedom fighters aren’t getting a holiday this week. Quite the contrary as indicated by the 7 of Wands. What we must never ever forget is that the TRUTH always wins in the end. It may or may not be in our lifetime. The fact that it is taking so much longer than we hoped for must not get us down.

Pick a Pile

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pick-a-pile tarot readings for the week ahead

Decks used: The Jesus Deck and the Original Rider Waite Tarot (affiliate link)