healing mysteries

Healing Mysteries

healing mysteries

The Mystery of Healing

Daily reading for 29 Dec 2020

In the Apocryphal book of Tobit, Archangel Raphael cures Tobias’s father from blindness with the burnt bladder of a fish. Like Jesus, Archangel Raphael wasn’t against using shamanic healing techniques!

I always used to imagine angels favouring pure energy healing but now I’m starting to think they like to play with the whole toolbox offered in creation. We are clay beings after all, so it makes sense.

The vesica piscis in The World card, the card of the day, means ‘fish bladder.’ Quite a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?!

Raphael means ‘God Heals’ and he is the angel of healing, prayer, repentance, prayer, soul mates, and science. His Pagan counterpart is Hermes/Mercury who is featured in Arcanum I, The Magician.

Lady Wisdom

The World card features Sophia, Lady Wisdom. When she is enthroned all of creation is seen as sacred. It is, for instance, her wisdom that allows wise women and cunning men to know which herbs and other ingredients to use for healing. Sadly, her wisdom is often banned by Christian clergy and seen as ‘witchcraft.’

What Healing Is

Healing is a force that works along both axes of the cross and in both directions along each axis. It would be foolish to rely only on God’s healing power and ignore the influence of creation on our bodies. It would be equally foolish to ignore the influence of the world around us and believe that we can just think ourselves well even when we, for instance, are in a toxic relationship.

In the vesica piscis, we see the intersection of two circles, two worlds – the spiritual and the mundane. Healing takes place in the intersection which is where the without becomes as the within; the below as the above. Healing is alchemy, a balancing and integration of opposing forces. This can only be achieved when we stop deluding ourselves about our own tipping point. Hence, self-knowledge is the first step in any healing journey.

Journey of Souls

The vesica piscis is the symbolic representation of the redeemed Feminine, as the cross is the symbolic representation of the redeemed Masculine. Both symbols meant a lot to me even as a child, though I didn’t understand why.

The Major Arcana depicts the journey of healing and sanctification we must all make, and which usually requires many lifetimes to complete. This is why some souls are born with memories of the ancient Christo-Sophianic teachings, and this is why the symbology of these teachings resonated so strongly with the essence of my soul when I was only a child

PS. I had not planned on blogging again until January but the angels wouldn’t leave me alone until I shared my daily reading with you. I used the Influence of the Angels Tarot and The Angel Oracle (affiliate links)