Holistic Rune Meanings and Correspondences for the Nauthiz Rune Elder Futhark

Nauthiz Rune

Holistic Rune Meanings and Correspondences for the Nauthiz Rune Elder Futhark

Nauthiz – Rune of Necessity

‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ and ‘without the distress caused to the clam by the grain of sand there would be no pearl’. These two statements pretty much sum up the meaning of this rune, which I associate with the time-space limitations imposed on us here on earth for our own good so that we may grow. Without crisis and challenge there can be no growth as we all know, though we may not like to admit it.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

The shape of this rune is the shape of the two rubbing sticks (one large and one smaller) used to start a fire by rubbing the smaller stick rapidly on the bigger stick until a fire ignites from the sheer heat built up by the friction.

The word ‘need-fire’ is associated with this rune. The practice of starting a need-fire is an old superstition used in farming communities to heal outbreaks of disease among cattle. The practice lived on in the Scottish Highlands until very recently. For the need-fire to serve its magical purpose, all other fires had to be extinguished. Once the cattle had been herded through the two lots of fire that were lit from the need-fire implements, embers were carried to the households of everyone in the community so that the hearth could be rekindled.

The word nauthis (NOW-this) corresponds with the modern-day Swedish word ‘nöd’ which means distress. A need-fire was a distress signal to the gods and this rune can certainly be used to send a distress signal to the Powers That Be since lighting need-fires is beyond the means of most of us these days.


  • Polarity: Feminine
  • Zodiac correspondences: Saturn
  • Tarot card correspondences: The World, 4 of Pentacles and all the 5’s in the Minor Arcana
  • Archangel correspondences: Cassiel, Camael
  • Chakra correspondences: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Health: bone density, skin disorders, hair, anger issues

Divinatory Meanings

General: distress, friction, resistance, need, challenges, adaptability, the need to rapidly find a solution to a problem – Reversed: N/A (this rune is the same reversed and needs to be interpreted in the light of surrounding runes for nuance)

Love & relationships: a relationship that is full of friction, challenging relationships, relationships that make us grow, soul mate relationships – Reversed: N/A

Health/wellbeing: restlessness, resentment, anger, osteoporosis, friction wounds, hair loss, broken teeth – Reversed: N/A

Business: patent issues, oppressive work  environment, a need for re-branding and renewal in order to keep going – Reversed: N/A

Holistic Healing Tips for Nauthiz

You know the feeling you get when you are at the end of your tether and can’t think what next to try for a situation that is untenable… That’s when you get this rune out to call in help from your spirit guides. But you need to play your part… You need to rid yourself of your agitation long enough to listen and receive inspiration. The solution to your problem can also appear in dreamtime.

To use the rune as a distress signal, draw it on a piece of paper and set it on fire (using a fire-proof container, of course), while visualising forces of light gathering around to help you. You will find a way of resolving the situation for the Highest Good within three days. This doesn’t mean all challenges will be cleared for you by miraculous means but it does mean that you will be able to clearly see your way forward.

You can use Nauthiz to call a soul mate to you but be careful what you wish for. Soulmate relationships bring more challenges than peace and harmony.

Meditate with this rune if you find it difficult to accept your current circumstances. This will expand your mind. You will see how your own actions have created the situation you are in. And you will realise how you can begin to create a different set of circumstances by making the necessary changes.


  • My need is met.
  • I don’t always get what I want but I always get what I need for my soul to grow and prosper.
  • Help from my guides and guardian angel is always available to me.
  • The challenges and limitations I meet in this lifetime are for my highest good.
  • There is always a solution.

To strengthen the effect of the affirmation, you can draw the Nauthiz rune over a glass of water. Say the affirmation out loud while holding the glass. Then drink it slowly while contemplating what you need help with. After the last sip, give thanks for the resolution.

Nauthiz Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Thank you that I don’t have to cope with life’s challenges on my own and that I have a host of angels at my command. Help to stay receptive to receive an inspired solution to my dilemma. Amen and so it is!


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