othala rune elder futhark rune meanings

Othala Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

othala rune elder futhark rune meanings

Othala – Rune of Home and Inheritance

What home means to one person is not what home means to another. However, the more evolved the soul, the more refined the definition of the true meaning of home. Lightworkers are typically born with the knowledge that their true home is not of earthly origins. To them, home and homeland are not words that hold the power to divide because they don’t subscribe to the tribal definitions of these words. 

To the Earth Angel or Lightworker, Heaven is home and there is but one nation of men. Lightworkers revere Gaia the way nationalists revere the Motherland… but they usually don’t even stop there. They realise that Gaia is but one of the Star nations and some nations are far more evolved. Many Lightworkers come from Star nations that have ascended to the 5th dimension and beyond.

Ultimately, the soul realises that we all share the same home – Mother-Father God, the source of all light and love from which we were all born and to whom we all return.

Hence there is no need to be dismayed by this rune’s nationalist use among those who seek to debase the truth because they are ruled by fear and greed rather than unconditional love. We are here on a mission to reclaim the truth and one day they will see the truth through the eyes of the heart. If we wish to speed up their ascension, we must embrace those who seek division with loving thoughts and be homing beacons for the Truth.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

The shape of this rune is that of the Inguz rune on legs. The infinite potential has taken root and grown into a single point, individual, home, nation or planet.

The old Norse term Othala is known as ‘odal’ in Swedish. Odal is inherited land and property that has been passed down through many generations. According to ancient Swedish law, odal land and property could not be divided upon the death of the owner.  An ‘odalsman’ is a person who inherits this type of property.

Because Othala is associated with inherited property, it has come to mean fixed wealth as opposed to the moveable wealth of the Fehu rune.

The Placement of Othala Within the Elder Futhark

Othala is commonly accepted as the last rune in the Elder Futhark sequence. This placement is symbolic of the culmination and the completion of the cycle. It speaks of the return to the origin, to the home from whence we come. The very essence of the Othala rune suggests it as an endpoint, representing the legacy and the tangible assets that are passed down, suggesting a finality. Moreover, its associations with ancestral land draw parallels to the concept of a concluding chapter in an individual’s earthly journey, as the land remains long after the person has departed. It marks a definitive end to personal stories, yet continues the broader narrative of lineage and tradition.

Conversely, if one considers the cyclical nature of existence, where endings flow into new beginnings, the case for Dagaz as the last rune gains momentum. Dagaz represents dawn, awakening, and enlightenment. It is the interface between night and day, and symbolically, between what we know and the mystery of what is to come. The Dagaz rune embodies the transformative power of light, which can be seen as the ultimate state of spiritual ascension and revelation. This reinforces the idea that, while Othala may suggest an end and a homecoming, Dagaz heralds a perpetual commencement. Dagaz signifies the spiritual journey that thus never truly ends but evolves and continues in another form.


  • Polarity: Feminine
  • Zodiac correspondences: Earth
  • Tarot card correspondences: The World, The Devil
  • Colour correspondences: Black, brown, dark blue, blood red and gold
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangel Cassiel
  • Chakra correspondences: Root Chakra and Earth Star Chakra
  • Health: bone, skin and teeth

Divinatory Meanings

General: redeemed matter, our spiritual home, fixed property, home, homeland, inheritance, ancestral influence, oneness – Reversed: nationalism, division, greed, debasement of matter, attachment to matter

Love & relationships: settling down together, soul contracts and karmic relationships – Reversed: co-dependency, energy vampires

Health/wellbeing: grounding – Reversed: problems with bone, skin or teeth

Business: great wealth, creating a legacy through a family business – Reversed: loss of property, being made redundant/homeless

Holistic Healing Tips for Othala

Chanting ‘OH-thall-ah’ from the pit of your stomach while visualising putting roots down will help you to quickly and safely ground your energy.

Meditate with Othala if you feel there is a need to clear karma and forgive someone (yourself included). Doing so will help you understand how we are all connected and that there is no need for shame and guilt.

Use in healing spells or when creating remedies for skin, bone and tooth healing.


  • Heaven is my true home.
  • I love the world.
  • We are one.
  • The Infinite Source of Abundance meets my physical needs.
  • The Universe has my back.
  • I contribute to Oneness in this lifetime and assist in the process of collective consciousness evolution.

Othala Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Help me feel truly at home and at ease in my body and among the people I have incarnated with this time around. Thank you for the loving support of all of creation. Thank you for meeting all my physical needs as I seek to contribute to a spirit of peace and oneness on Earth. Amen and so it is!

Hyperborean Water Magic

Othala is a wonderful rune to use in Hyperborean Water Magic any time you need grounding but has many other uses. You can read about how the runes were used in Hyperborean times in general HERE.

How to Charge the Water

  • Draw the rune over your glass or another glass vessel with the pointer and middle finger on your dominant hand.
  • Chant the name of the rune three times.
  • Visualise the rune glimmering in the colour of your choice as you chant (see colour correspondences above).
  • Visualise the light from the rune charging every molecule in the water until the light expands beyond the glass. When the light has formed an aura around the glass that you can see or feel with your hands, it is ready to drink/use.

Othala Rune Water Magic

Any time you need to ground your energy, charge your water with the Othala rune and keep sipping on it until you feel calm. Visualise your connection to the Earth as you drink it. This is also a great basic recipe when you need to heal up bone or skin healing.

Healing Ancestral Patterns

You can charge water with the Othala rune for healing generational patterns and karmic debts. Drink Othala-charged water while meditating on releasing negative familial traits, such as poverty consciousness, that have been passed down through the generations. Imagine the water washing away inherited burdens, bringing freedom and peace to your lineage.

Enhancing Home Protection

Use Othala-charged water to anoint doorways, windows, and thresholds of your home. This practice invites protection and blessings for everyone who resides within. As you sprinkle the water, set an intention that your home is a sacred space, guarded from negativity and filled with love and abundance. You can also draw the Othala rune outside, with charged water, over your main entrance. Renew this rune monthly to keep the warding properties strong.

Growth and Legacy

Water your plants or garden with Othala rune water to connect them to the energies of growth and heritage. This can be especially nice for plants that have been inherited or those that come from seeds that have a history within your family, fostering a sense of continuity and rootedness.

You can also sprinkle Othala-charged on any items you use for growing/cultivating your legacy. This helps ground your ideas into reality. Furthermore, it can help you tap into a spirit of perseverance and the ability to complete your creative projects.

Community Connection

During community gatherings or family reunions, serve Othala-charged water to create a deeper sense of unity and belonging among participants. As everyone drinks, it symbolically reinforces the shared roots and connections, strengthening the bonds within the community or family.

Connection with the Land

Charge a body of water like a lake, river, or the ocean with the Othala rune by performing a ritual to promote a connection with the land. Doing this helps us stay alert to our responsibility to care for it as part of our heritage.

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