holistic tarot meanings and correspondences for the elder futhark rune sowilo

Sowilo Rune

holistic tarot meanings and correspondences for the elder futhark rune sowilo

Sowilo – Rune of Success

Sowilo is a rune of success in the sense that is very well summed up by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

It is a pinnacle experience of being in harmony with oneself and fully aligned with one’s Higher Self so that one is able to transcend the (karmic) cycles of the Jera rune, through the realisation that one is no longer bound to wheel… One has become the wheel. All limitations on self-expression have been lifted. One is no longer held back by fear. There is harmony within which radiates out into the world. The self is aligned both with Spirit and Mother Earth.

Sowilo represents the disk of the sun and on a microcosmic level, it represents the chakra energy centres along the spine.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

The Proto-Germanic word Sowilo means ‘sun’ and in modern Swedish, the word is ‘sol.’

The shape of the word looks like a lightning strike which makes sense since this rune is also a rune of great clarity and instant understanding of deeply philosophical concepts. The mind is at one with the Higher Mind and one only seeks to entertain thoughts for the Highest Good. Other thoughts are instantly cleared by inner knowing so that balance and harmony can be maintained.


  • Polarity: Masculine
  • Zodiac correspondences: Sun
  • Tarot card correspondences: The Sun
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangels Michael
  • Chakra correspondences: Throat Chakra
  • Health: Throat problems

Divinatory Meanings

General: success, individuation, integrity, honour, purpose, Higher Self, radiance, good health, wellbeing, high energy – Reversed: N/A but look to surrounding runes to see if this is more of a warning that the Seeker is in ego mode (little self) rather than fully aligned with Source

Love & relationships: twin flames (with Gebo), a relationship where both parties work together for the Highest Good, harmony, happiness, and marriage – Reversed: N/A but again, it is wise to consult surrounding runes

Health/wellbeing: ease of self-expression, beautiful voice, charisma, throat chakra and all the chakras – Reversed: N/A but depending on surrounding runes it can mean that self-expression is being blocked, especially with Isa. Other chakras may also be out of balance.

Business: success, acquisition, power – Reversed: N/A

Holistic Healing Tips for Sowilo

Meditate with Sowilo to unite with your Golden Twin (Higher Self).

Chant the rune name to help you align vertically and move forward with integrity.

Use the rune for self-healing after a break-up or other emotional trauma to call home soul parts that may have splintered off. Visualise a golden vortex of light above your crown chakra into which all missing parts of you are being gathered, no matter how far they may have travelled. Once you feel you are done, you can ask Archangel Michael to help you cut cords with anyone from your past who may have been draining you of energy.

Wear the rune around your neck when you are called to do public speaking, so that you represent your true self, without fear and hesitation.

Use it over your solar plexus chakra to strengthen boundaries or over your throat chakra for the courage to speak your truth.

Visualise the rune over each chakra in turn and chant Sowilo three times to energise the chakra.


  • I have the ability to heal myself.
  • I speak my truth.
  • I am a natural healer.
  • I am fully aligned with my Higher Self.
  • My voice is clear and steady.
  • People listen when I speak.
  • I stand in my power with integrity.
  • I am successful.
  • I radiate from my core, in harmony with the world around me.
  • Everyone benefits from my presence.
  • It is safe for me to take up space and speak my truth.

To strengthen the effect of the affirmation, you can draw the Sowilo rune over a glass of water. Say the affirmation out loud while holding the glass. Then drink it slowly while visualising yourself being filled by radiant, golden light.

Sowilo Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Please help me attune and align with my Higher Self so that my words and actions in the world are a true reflection of who I am. Thank you that the power to restore harmony in all circumstances lies within me and that I have nothing to lose by speaking my truth. I ask for instant insight and correction if I step out of line and move forward without integrity. Thank you. Amen and so it is!

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