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Tarot Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Life

tarot scripting

Scripting in the context of manifesting and the law of attraction or the law of assumption is a creative writing exercise where individuals write down their aspirations as if they are already happening. The process involves vividly detailing one’s desires, goals, and dreams, essentially scripting out their ideal reality in the present tense. By doing so, you align your thoughts and energies with your intentions, sending a powerful message to your deep mind.

The act of scripting helps cultivate a deep emotional connection to your desires. Regular scripting reinforces positive beliefs and allows you to live ‘as if.’ This, in turn, attracts your dreams and goals into your life according to the principles of the law of attraction.

Combining Scripting with Tarot for Manifestation

tarot journaling and scripting

1. Daily Draw & Scripting Ritual

Exercise: Begin every day with a random Tarot card pull. Ask the tarot what you should focus on manifesting for the day. Write down the card you draw and meditate on its image and the feelings it invokes. Then, script your day as if the card’s energy positively influences every activity. For example, if you pull The Sun, script your day filled with joy, success and self-expression.

Spread Ideas:

  • Single card focus: Draw one card to set the theme for your scripting.
  • Three-card guidance: Pull three cards representing the morning, afternoon, and evening, and script your activities aligning with the energies of these cards.

Example of a Script with the 8 of Wands

Please note that it is important for you to set your own goals. They can be spiritual as well as material. Success is a matter of individual needs and tastes. In the example below, we work with the same card energy the whole day and the goal is to manifest new clients. Feel free to swap this for the three-card guidance model above.

Morning Meditation:

Today, the 8 of Wands flies into my life, bringing with it a swift gust of opportunity and progress. I feel the palpable rush of energy as if the universe itself is propelling me forward towards my goals. As I greet the dawn, I am infused with a sense of urgency and purpose. My mind is sharply focused, and my actions are efficient.

Morning Activities:

I begin my work with determination. I reach out to potential clients, my messages are clear, and concise, and they hit the mark with precision. The responses are quick to arrive, much like the wands travelling at the speed of light. I secure two new client meetings before noon, witnessing the power of intention and the momentum that today’s energy brings.

Afternoon Focus:

In the afternoon, the pace doesn’t wane. I am a conduit for productivity, tackling tasks with ease. The 8 of Wands’ influence is evident as every email I send and every call I make brings me closer to abundant opportunities. I feel the thrill of new collaborations forming, and envisioning partnerships that align perfectly with my journey towards growth.

Evening Reflection:

As the sun sets, I reflect on the day’s triumphs. The 8 of Wands did not come to me by chance; it was a sign that the universe acknowledges my effort and is matching it with swift support. My inbox is full of affirmative replies, promising proposals, and echoes of success. It represents the instant manifestation of my desire for new client relationships.

Gratitude and Forecasting:

I end my day with gratitude, for I see the truth in the notion that when you are ready, the universe responds at the speed of light. My scripts are not merely words on a page; they are a reality taking shape, a testament to the law of attraction at work. Tomorrow, I will welcome the next card with open arms, ready to script another day of manifesting my dreams into existence.

2. New Moon Intention Setting and Tarot Scripting

Exercise: The New Moon is traditionally a time for setting intentions. Use this time to read with a Tarot spread that reflects your intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Use the imagery and messages to script your month ahead, visualising how these energies will support your dreams and aspirations.

Spread Ideas:

  • New Moon vision spread: Select a card for each major goal you have for the lunar cycle and script how these will manifest.
  • Four weeks of manifestation: Draw four cards, each representing the energy of the week in the lunar cycle, to guide your weekly scripting sessions.

In the example below, we look at how to use one of the cards that many traditionally see as negative. We look at how to use the 5 of Cups for the energy of each quarter in the lunar cycle. However, you normally pull four different cards for this. We’re working with the same card through the whole moon cycle here so that you can see that it is possible to turn seemingly ‘negative’ cards into fuel for manifesting.

Example of New Moon Intention Setting with the 5 of Cups

5 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

1. New Moon Reflection and Intention

As the New Moon ushers in a fresh lunar cycle, the 5 of Cups appears, reminding me of the lessons in embracing change and finding hope amidst adversity. This cycle, I am scripting a journey of transformation, of recognizing the hidden blessings in every challenge.

New Moon Script with the 5 of Cups:

Tonight, under the New Moon’s silent promise, I sit with the 5 of Cups, feeling its sombre energy. However, I choose to focus not on loss but on potential; for the two standing cups behind me hold the nectar of new beginnings. My intentions for this cycle are to identify and cherish these untouched opportunities, transforming what feels like sorrow into seeds of growth.

2. Week One: Acknowledgment and Acceptance

In the first week following the New Moon, as the silver sliver grows in the sky, I acknowledge my past disappointments, knowing they are crucial steps on my path. This week, the 5 of Cups teaches me acceptance. I release what no longer serves me, making room for new joy to enter my life.

Weekly Script with the 5 of Cups:

Each day, I embrace the lessons of the two upright cups. I am grateful for my resilience and the love that surrounds me. Meetings that seem challenging at first turn into collaborations, as I shift my view from what’s missing to what’s available. As the week unfolds, opportunities that were once hidden emerge into the light.

3. Week Two: Nurturing Gratitude and Hope

With the waxing moon, my heart swells with gratitude. The 5 of Cups becomes a reminder to count my many blessings, as I recognise the abundance present even in moments of scarcity.

Weekly Script with the 5 of Cups:

This week, my script focuses on hope. Every small victory is a testament to the progress I’m making. Conversations that start from misunderstandings bloom into mutual respect and deeper connections. I find unexpected value in exchanges that teach me the power of perspective.

4. Week Three: Building New Connections

The 5 of Cups now symbolises the bridge from old to new, as I build fresh connections from the rubble of what was.

Weekly Script with the 5 of Cups:

I see myself forging new alliances, my once empty cups now filling with the water of potential. Each day, I reach out confidently, and my proposals met with enthusiasm. The sense of loss that once clouded my view disperses, revealing a horizon lined with promise and shared dreams.

5. Week Four: Transformation and Renewal

As the moon completes its cycle, I embody the transformation promised by the 5 of Cups. It is not lost on me that the cups spilt could never compare to the elixir I now drink from the remaining ones.

Weekly Script with the 5 of Cups:

The final week scripts a story of renewal. My plans culminate in success, as I witness the once-empty spaces in my personal and professional life bloom with new growth. I look back at the cycle, seeing not a trail of loss, but a mosaic of wisdom earned and joy reclaimed.

6. Closing the Lunar Cycle: Reflection and Celebration

On the last night of the lunar cycle, I reflect on the journey with the 5 of Cups. My script comes to a close with a celebration of reinvention and the fresh perspectives I’ve gained.

Cycle Completion Script with the 5 of Cups:

I honour every step, every stumble, and every leap I took during this cycle. The cups that once held loss now brim with the accomplishments of a cycle lived fully. My heart is filled with the riches of lessons learned and the anticipation of carrying this transformative energy into the next cycle.

The 5 of Cups, a guide through shadow to light, has taught me that every ending is but an opening to a new chapter brimming with hope and opportunity.

3. Year-Ahead Scripting with the Tarot

Exercise: For a long-term perspective, perform a year-ahead Tarot reading at the beginning of the calendar or astrological year (the first day of Aries Season). Draw a card for each month, and use the messages to script your achievements and experiences month by month, as if they are already unfolding in your life.

Spread Ideas:

  • Twelve-month spread: Pull one card for each month of the year to guide your scripting for the entire year.
  • 12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread: Draw a card for each zodiac sign’s season, to tailor your scripting according to the prevailing astrological energies.
  • Work with your Tarot Year Card: Use your Tarot year card and script your year based on the wisdom contained in this Major Arcana card

Example Year-Ahead Script with The Hanged Man as the Tarot Year Card

The Hanged Man Angelic Tarot

January – Re-evaluating Perspectives:

As January unfolds, The Hanged Man inspires me to adopt new perspectives. I envision a month where I willingly suspend action in favour of reflection. By allowing myself this pause, I discover innovative solutions to prior challenges. My various projects benefit from my renewed outlook as I approach them with fresh eyes and a calm mind.

February – Surrendering and Letting Go:

February is marked by the spirit of release. The Hanged Man teaches me the power of letting go. This month, I release any unnecessary attachments or pursuits that do not serve my highest purpose. In doing so, I make space for new growth, trusting that my moment of intentional surrender will bring about positive transformation.

March – Embracing Stillness:

During March, I embrace the stillness The Hanged Man represents. In the quietude, I find inner peace and clarity. This tranquil period allows me to concentrate on personal development and self-care, solidifying the foundation upon which I will build in the coming months.

April – Growth Through Sacrifice:

As April arrives, I understand the sacrifices I’ve made are not in vain. The Hanged Man’s influence allows me to recognise the growth and wisdom gained through these experiences. I am scripting a successful negotiation in my career, where the give-and-take leads to a prosperous partnership.

May – Gaining Wisdom:

In the gentle unfolding of May, The Hanged Man’s promise of enlightenment manifests. I find myself acquiring knowledge with an open heart, and each lesson learned is a stepping stone towards my future success. My patience is rewarded as opportunities come to me, each bearing the fruit of deeper understanding.

June – Cultivating Patience:

June is a testament to patience. The Hanged Man reminds me that everything has its perfect timing. I script this month as a period where my projects develop at their own pace, and I find contentment in the process rather than rushing towards the outcome.

July – Spiritual Insight:

July beckons with the promise of spiritual awakening. Guided by The Hanged Man, I am attuned to the subtle messages of the universe. My spirituality deepens, and this connection reflects in all areas of my life, providing a wellspring of inspiration and serenity.

August – Healing and Renewal:

The Hanged Man brings a period of healing and renewal in August. I script time for self-care rituals that rejuvenate my spirit. As I focus on my well-being, I recover energy and passion for my endeavours, revitalising every aspect of my life.

September – A Different Approach:

In September, The Hanged Man encourages a different way of approaching my goals. I am scripting a creative breakthrough, where unconventional methods lead to outstanding results. My willingness to diverge from the beaten path yields innovative ideas and solutions.

October – Inner Alignment:

As the leaves change, so does my inner landscape under the influence of The Hanged Man. October is the month when my values and actions align perfectly, and I make decisions that truly reflect my core beliefs, setting the stage for authentic and meaningful progress.

November – Gratitude in Standstill:

November is a time of gratitude, even in moments when I feel life is on hold. The Hanged Man teaches me the value of every situation. I choose a deep appreciation for the stasis, knowing it is an essential part of my journey and contributes to a greater purpose.

December – Preparing for Reversal:

As the year concludes, The Hanged Man signals that the moment to end the suspension is near. I reflect on all I’ve learned and prepare to implement these lessons in the new year. I script December as a time of anticipation and readiness for the action that awaits, with the wisdom of The Hanged Man guiding me forward.

Throughout the year, The Hanged Man serves as a powerful symbol of contemplation and change, reminding me that every pause has the potential to lead to profound transformation. I venture through the year mindful of its lessons, finding strength in stillness and promise in patience.

Combining Scripting and Tarot Journaling

Combining Tarot scripting with a daily Tarot journaling practice creates a powerful synergy that not only captures your daily reflections but actively shapes your reality in alignment with your innermost desires. By integrating the daily Tarot card readings into your journal, you begin to create a narrative of your life that is rich with intention and purpose.

As you script your day-to-day experiences with the guidance of the Tarot, you’re not merely recording events, but also consciously weaving the energies of the cards into the fabric of your life. This act serves as a means to anchor the lessons and insights from each card. Intentional Tarot journaling combined with scripting turns your journal into a living manuscript of personal growth and manifestation.

Scripting with Tarot paints the broad strokes of your envisioned life. Daily Tarot journaling, on the other hand, provides the space to delve deeper into the nuances of each card and its specific influence on your journey. It allows you to document your emotional and intuitive responses, creating a reflective process that clarifies and solidifies your ambitions.

This synergetic practice helps to identify patterns, celebrate progress, and adjust the course as necessary. In this way, the combination of scripting and journaling becomes a transformative ritual, imbuing your practice with a dynamic interplay between visualising potential futures and introspecting on the present moment.

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