7 signs you have a priestess calling

7 Signs You Have A Priestess Calling

7 signs you have a priestess calling
A woman who has a Priestess calling is always giving birth to someone or something

Before we delve into the seven signs that you have a Priestess calling, it might be a good idea to talk a bit about what a Priestess is. A Priestess is an embodiment of the love of the Divine Feminine in the world. Her body is a temple for that love and she holds sacred space for it in many different ways. It’s all about Divine Service and she serves in a variety of roles.

The High Priestess Tarot Card

So, for instance, a Priestess can also be an oracle, doula, or healer. She can be a teacher of the mysteries and a mentor or counsellor. The Tarot archetype for the Priestess is found in Arcanum II, The High Priestess. A High Priestess is Priestess with the power to initiate other Priestesses. She has this power whether she uses it in a formal capacity or not. If you are close to a Holy Woman, it rubs off on you. And if you have a Priestess Calling, her presence will awaken that calling in you.

Whatever a Priestess does, it’s always about who she is, a medium for the love of Source in the aspect of the Divine Feminine. No matter who she is with, she always strives to help them gain a higher perspective on what is happening in their lives. Her life is a life of service to Mother-Father God and all living beings, for the Highest Good.

The 7 Signs that you have a Priestess Calling

I will elaborate on each of these signs below. There is no hierarchy of importance and you can have a Priestess calling with one or two of these missing.

  1. You were born with a sense of being on a sacred mission
  2. From an early age, you were drawn to ancient myths and legends
  3. You had a near-death-experience (NDE) or out-of-body experience (OBE) in your younger years
  4. Topics that you are passionate about studying in-depth are of an occult/esoteric nature
  5. You feel out of place and as if it is difficult to find your life purpose
  6. You always feel the most alive and lit up when you are able to assist another living being
  7. You have had harrowing initiation experiences

1. Born with a Sacred Mission

From as far back as you can remember, you have had a feeling that your life was about so much more than the mundane expectations of life that you were fed. This, in turn, often led to escapist behaviour. You couldn’t help but feel more at home in stories about ancient myths or in books like The Lord of the Rings. Perhaps you felt a strong resonance with Angels, Saints, Elves and the Ancient Priestesses of Egypt. Those beings may even have felt more real to you than the humans you were surrounded by growing up.

And those of you who are Starseeds may have even wondered what you were doing on this crazy planet. Hearing the stories about the Star Nations may have filled you with both relief and sadness. Relief to know that Earth is not your actual home planet and sadness that you can’t go home before you fulfil your mission. And gosh-darn-it, you just can’t seem to remember what you came here to do!

Whether you are a Starseed or not, trying to figure your mission out with your intellect gets you absolutely nowhere. Nod if you know what I mean. You have had to learn to drop down into the heart. From there, the understanding of your mission begins to unfold naturally and organically. The process gets a whole lot easier as soon as you start connecting with your Spirit Team from that heart space, trusting their guidance. Trust is the key but you can’t trust your guides if you don’t trust yourSelf.

2. Ancient Myths and Legends

Some of the ancient myths and legends you may have resonated with are those of Ancient Egypt, the Cathars, the Vikings, Atlanteans and Lemurians, just to mention a few. What they all had in common was that they had powerful female spiritual leaders/priestesses. Many of you spent past lives in at least one of those cultures.

Did you know that human DNA has been scientifically proven to be older than Earth herself? Yeah, we all come from the stars. And some of us have memories of parallel universes.

3. NDEs and OBEs

Many on a path of initiation in past lifetimes, experience either an NDE or an OBE at a young age. The reason for this is to assist with remembrance and the full integration/strengthening of the etheric template. This template carries spiritual gifts cultivated in past lives. This is why spiritual discipline is so important for those of us who hope to reactivate these gifts. Unless we strengthen the etheric body through meditation and other spiritual practices, many of our gifts will remain out of reach.

4. Obsessed with the Occult and Esoteric

Though you may have cultivated many and varied interests in this lifetime, your strongest passion is for the occult and esoteric sciences. You don’t just dabble, you dive straight in. You may have picked up several divinatory tools and energy healing modalities along the way, for instance.

Some of you even entered into one of the modern-day equivalents of the Ancient Mystery Schools, such as the AMORC or the Theosophist Society. Others will have turned to the East where much ancient wisdom survived in ancient Vedic and Taoist texts.

5. Difficulties Finding Your Purpose

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to your local job centre and browse the Priestess wanted ads? Alas, until such a time, many of us have found ourselves going from one position to another, none of which felt like a good fit. Even when engaged in work tasks that were enjoyable, there may have been a subtle sense of something missing.

In past lives, you were head-hunted for your specific skill set and/or born into a bloodline of shamans/priests & priestesses. Not so much in this Earth School Era for most of us. Things are tough down here but you knew that when you signed on. Hopefully reading this makes you draw a sigh of relief. And, most importantly, it’s not too late to step onto the path of your Priestess calling in full awareness of your calling and your power.

But you have to make your own job description up. And that, my friend, takes courage! Remember how brave you were to choose to come to Earth at such as time as this. So, you see, there really isn’t anything you can’t do!

6. A Priestess Calling to Helping Others

Your job description is found in the intersection of the occult/esoteric subjects you are most passionate about and how you best like to help other people. If you are not sure about the latter, think about what people tend to come to you for help with.

In some ways, all priestesses are also doulas. Not all of us assist at births and deaths but all of us assist with transformation and giving birth to new ways of being. The reason our presence (and full awareness of our mission) is needed now is that we are leaving the old Earth paradigm behind. We are poised on the threshold of the New Earth Age of Aquarius.

The old structures are being broken down all around us. Many people can’t navigate these rapid changes on their own because they have not been given eyes to see or ears to hear. But you, my friend, you have. Please understand what a gift you are and how you have already served as a Priestess to many, without the label applied.

7. Harrowing Initiations Experiences

Many of us have had our psychic and empathic gifts awakened due to childhood trauma. It seems choosing to be born into a particularly abusive bloodline is often how Priestesses on Earth choose to begin their process of self-initiation. But the purpose is twofold. There is typically also a contract to heal the bloodline. Well done if that is you!

The completion of the process happens when we overcome the fear of owning and expressing our power in the world.

Some refer to this fear, which is often at the level of sheer terror, as the ‘witch wound.’ The closer we get to the fullness of our power and reintegration of our gifts/etheric template, the more the fear is triggered.

Because, let’s face it, in many past lives, owning that power is precisely what killed us. And before they executed us, they typically tortured us. The torture was very often aimed specifically at degrading the sacred temple which is the female body.

If you know this kind of fear is blocking you, the Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread may be helpful on your healing journey.

My Personal Priestess Calling Initiation Story

Going back over what happened with my second relapse into Evangelical Christianity (2020 and 2023), I now see a very clear pattern. As soon as I started getting close to fully owning my power and living from the heart as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, I went into self-destruct mode.

I wrote this Magdalene post toward the end of October 2022. And now I clearly see that this is what triggered my descent into disempowerment so that I could stay safe.

I’m so glad I included excerpts from 2017 in that post because it reminds me that I have actually self-destructed this way three times. The first time it happened was not long after Doreen Virtue’s conversion in the summer of 2017. This event triggered serious RTS (religious trauma syndrome) in me but I didn’t have the language for it then.

It’s been a very long slog for me to overcome the terror of claiming my power as a Priestess. This power is not the power of the ego but the power of Shekinah, the Divine Feminine. May She bless you on the path of your Priestess Calling. And may you find the circle of sisterhood and belonging that is rightfully yours.

What’s Next?

‘So now what?’ some of you may wonder. Do I have to sign up for one of those expensive Priestess Training Courses to walk this Path? No, my friend, you do not. CLICK HERE for 7 steps to get you started on your Priestess Path. I channelled the follow-up post the night after I wrote this post. And I have been told by Mother that there is more info coming through!


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  1. I resonate with all but one of these ( the NDE) .
    Yet, I don’t consider myself a priestess as I don’t conduct magickal rituals.
    But, maybe I am.
    I have imposter syndrome when it comes to labeling myself as one. Yet I really don resonate with the bulk of these.

    1. Post

      Magickal rituals are optional unless we are talking Wicca (I’m not). I think you can hold ceremonies and rituals without doing magick or at least without doing magic(k) with a (k). And even those ceremonies do not have to take place at public gatherings. If you do a forest ceremony on your own, for instance, you still do that as a priestess. Imposter syndrome is important to identify but not much point in identifying it unless we also shift it 😉 We’re not meant to hold ourselves back from using our gifts. How can you step into your power?

      1. Okay. Thanks. I am active in what you call “little rituals” . I always thought of the bigger rituals that you see in circles as being “priestess work”.

        It’s funny how you grow over time but it seems to take forever.
        My self esteem and doubt issues have gotten eons better than say, 15 years ago but it’s still a struggle sometimes.

        1. Post

          What if you don’t have to put time between yourself and healing? When I relapsed into Evangelical Christianity at the start of the year and realised I had RTS, I could have easily told myself that it would take years to heal from that. A lot of professional counsellors would probably even have told me that. I decided to NOT believe that and to instead do the work to shift whatever I had to shift without fearing the changes that would bring (or the public humiliation). Caroline Myss says that time is what we create when we look at what we need to heal and decide how comfortable we are with changing it.

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