persecution imprint tarot spread and sample reading

The Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread

persecution imprint tarot spread

I can safely say that the Lightworker’s Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread is the only Tarot spread creation of mine inspired by a webinar replay. It is a past-life Tarot Spread that can help Lightworkers with the release of energetic blockages that have been carried forward to their current life. I also share a sample reading for a past life of my own so you can see how the spread works in action.

Take me straight to the Lightworker’s Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread.

My social media feed kept showing me an ad to sign up for Lightworker’s Persecution Imprint webinar with Edward Mannix. Though it kept tugging at me, I didn’t sign up because I didn’t feel I had time. There is so much work for me to catch up on after my religious trauma experience earlier this year. The relapse destroyed my capacity to earn even what little I was earning before and I have been scrambling to get back on my feet for a couple of months now, working 12-14 hours per day.

So when my sister (unbeknownst to me) signed up for that very webinar and shared the link for the replay, I laughed. FOUR hours? I don’t have time for that! But the pull was strong. So I decided to listen in bed for half an hour before falling asleep last night. Guess what? I ended up listening for two hours and then again for another 40 minutes first thing in the morning. And during the second 1-2-1 session with a fellow Lightworker named Miguel, I had a religious past life trauma breakthrough.

Mother Henriette

A past life that I had seen flashes of since I was a teenager came back to me with greater clarity. I was given the name Henriette. And because I knew she was a nun who had been beheaded during the French Revolution, I was able to find some records of her execution. I was able to do more release work in meditation, tears flowing, on my own this morning.

Mother Henriette was one of 16 Carmelite martyrs during the Terror. She was the penultimate nun to be executed before Robespierre was executed and the Reign of Terror ended. On the way to the guillotine, the sisters sang hymns of praise, including Salve Regina. I felt compelled to learn Salve Regina in Latin in 2020 and have it committed to memory ever since. I have been singing it almost daily because it makes me feel safe. And today do I understand why.

Does it matter if this actually happened to me? No. Because the imprint is on me and has been with me my whole life so I had to clear it. And ohmigosh, I feel so much lighter!

Tools for Clearing

The Compassion Key process really works but for me, it opened the floodgates and I’m so grateful for the other healing tools in my toolkit that I could use together with it to clear the pain. I was giving myself Reiki the whole time listening. And I used my breath to release stuck energy in the meditation after the session. Of course, I have not had a chance to try the session 1-2-1 for myself so it is likely you can go much deeper than you do when following along in a webinar. I can also see this modality working really well together with EFT Tapping.

Preparing to Read with the Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread

So this morning, Spirit guided me to create another tool for the toolkit, a Tarot spread. Below you will find the Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread. The Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread helps you detect one specific imprint so that you can clear it in order to fully embody your Higher Self and shine your light. Use this Tarot spread if you feel unable to share your spiritual gifts with the world or if you don’t feel supported (financially or otherwise) in doing so.

Call on your Spirit Team and the Angels before laying the cards out. They are always with you but you need to tune in to their guidance for this reading. Do not rely solely on traditional card meanings. Set the intention to use memory that reaches back to past lives and raise your antenna in a brief meditation or by slowing your breath before you begin.

The Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread

persecution imprint tarot spread
  1. The central lesson of this past life
  2. Main challenge
  3. The main opportunity for growth
  4. Your pre-agreed-upon role
  5. How you played your role
  6. What carried over to (a) future life/lives

Persecution Imprint Sample Reading with the Runic Tarot

sample reading with the runic tarot persecution imprint tarot spread

1. The central lesson of this past life – 2 of Pentacles

Learning to make quick decisions that keep everybody safe. The shields in the Runic Tarot 2 of Pentacles draw my attention. In this lifetime, there is a repeat 666 alert back in March 2020. Henriette received a similar alert so that she could keep her community safe almost all the way through the Terror.

2. The main challenge – 2 of Swords

Moving forward with her heart and mind aligned. Again, the theme of making decisions is emphasised here with the 2 of Swords.

3. The main opportunity for growth – 10 of Wands

Henriette signed up for an opportunity of massive growth. It involved big societal changes as well as collective trauma. Odin is pulling the strings in the card image of the Runic Tarot 10 of Wands. Big endings and big new beginnings. She/I signed up for this to get an opportunity to test her/my mettle, I feel.

4. Your pre-agreed-upon role – 10 of Cups

It’s interesting here with two repeating 10s because I feel that this role was the precursor for nearing the end of a cycle of learning that began in the Byzantine Empire. All (or nearly all) of the lives following that were religious/monastic. The 10 of Cups shows that Henriette was responsible for creating a sense of community, communion and belonging in the Carmelite monastery where she was twice elected Prioress.

5. How you played your role – Knight of Cups

I/Henriette truly loved her/my community. Henriette was the last of the Carmelite sisters to be executed on that fateful day of 17 July 1794. She insisted on supporting everyone on the way to the chopping block. Yet one of the sisters had betrayed them, acting as an informant to Robespierre’s men. The Knight of Cups is passionate and loving, yet carries the sting of the scorpion’s lust for revenge.

6. What carried over to (a) future life/lives – 8 of Pentacles

Other than the sense of betrayal and anger with the informant (Knight of Cups), the 8 of Pentacles is showing up to signify a longing for purity and perfection as well as a life of service to others. The 8 of Pentacles shows in my natal chart as a Virgo South Node. It also reflects my propensity for working very long hours and not cutting myself much slack. But that could be my Sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn as well.

After Reading with the Persecution Imprint Tarot Spread

It is possible or even likely that you have some clearing to do after this reading. If you can get someone to help with that (click the button below, for instance), that’s great. But if you’d rather go at it yourself, I recommend using EFT Tapping.

The world needs all Lightworkers shining their light through a clear lens right now as Edward Mannix so aptly puts it. I couldn’t agree more!

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love raven liora

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  1. Your past life story is incredible. I can see you being in a monastery .
    I’d like to try this spread but am almost afraid to.

    Is this a spread you’d offer as a service to clients?

    If so, I’m sure it would be quite enlightening.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Tara. Yes, I can read with this spread for client readings and was actually thinking of making this as a special offer so thanks for the confirmation!

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