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Magdalene Priestess Activation Tarot Spread

magdalene priestess activation

The Magdalene Priestess Activation Tarot Spread below was originally published in 2017. I have revised both the Tarot Spread and the thoughts that go along with it. Much water has passed under the bridge in the past five years.

The reason I’m revisiting and republishing this spread now is that I dedicated Scorpio Season to reconnecting with the Magdalene legacy and my own Magdalene calling. To be quite frank, I’m tired of running from this calling and am finally ready to surrender fully. Today’s message goes out to my fellow Magdalenes who are now being activated (or indeed reactivated) as Priestesses of the Age of the Holy Spirit.

The excerpt below is from my post from 2017:

In the early hours of the morning, I had a dream vision. Heaven opened and a rose-tinted portal was formed through the clouds. It was full of dancing angels. My heart nearly exploded at the beauty and feeling of ‘Finally, I get to go HOME!’

As I was running toward the portal to be swept up, I realised that I wasn’t meant to go yet… I was meant to show others that Heaven was real… so I turned around to the people behind me, pointing and shouting excitedly… ‘Can you see it?!’

When I woke up, I was in the mood to celebrate so instead of my regular morning yoga, I had a dance party in the living room. Later in the morning, Spirit told me that I am now embodied and activated as a Magdalene Priestess and can use my Spirit Name.

(Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I’m sharing this excerpt because even when we get a strong calling we don’t always follow up on it. The very next day, I had an accident in the kitchen and cut the top of my little finger off. After that, I managed to stay distracted from my calling for more than five years. Ah yes… free will…)

5 Signs That You Have a Magdalene Calling

  • Devotion to Christ’s message and person
  • A love for roses that are a symbol of the Divine Feminine
  • Synchronicity with the numbers 2, 5 and 13
  • White doves feature in your life
  • You are fascinated with the skull motif or have a death doula calling


The Magdalene Priestess is the esoteric female counterpart to the exoteric male Priest of Christ. When the two unite in the wedding chamber of the heart, the alchemical wedding (the sacrament of Hieros Gamos) can take place. This is what will establish the Age of the Holy Spirit on Earth. And this is what Rome successfully prevented for 2,000 years. But you can’t hold the truth back forever.


Roses have always been connected with Mary Magdalene. The pink rose is the rose of Her Priestesses. In our devotion to Christ, we are allowing for the full expression of both pure spiritual love/agape (white rose) and the passion and sensuality of human love/eros (red rose).


The number five has been associated with the Divine Feminine since ancient times. This is because of the five petals of Venus, the number of petals in the rose and the Pentagram.

In the Gospel story about the two fish and the five loaves of bread, the number two is symbolic of Mary Magdalene (II The High Priestess) who was always present when Christ (V The High Priest) performed major miracles.

I will cover Magdalene (ChristoSophianic) Tarot Numerology and the importance of other numbers relating to her in a separate post.

It is also worth mentioning, for those not already aware that the number five is also associated with the five wounds Yeshua received at the crucifixion.


The White Dove sign at Yeshua’s baptism was the approval of the Divine Feminine/Pistis Sophia/Shekinah to unite with Christ on Earth through the vessel of Yeshua. All who belong to the ChristoSophianic Path will receive this sign in one form or another.


Mary Magdalene is often depicted with a skull. This is a sign that she was present when Yeshua was crucified at Golgotha (The Place of the Skull). It is also a sign that she lived a quiet life after Christ was crucified, in order to protect their children.

Sometimes the sign of the skull is expressed as a memento mori mindset that is typical of old, reincarnated souls who have been the owners of many a skull.

A Message from Mary Magdalene

When you dance, you bring Heaven to Earth… so dance today, beloved!

The World Dancer is Mary the Magdalene aka Holy Wisdom/Pistis Sophia, the embodied and ascended bride of Christ.

Magdalene Priestess Activation Tarot Spread

Magdalene Priestess Activation Tarot Spread
  1. What I need to sacrifice to be activated as a Magdalene Priestess
  2. An aspect of the relationship with the Divine Masculine that needs to be considered
  3. An aspect of the relationship with the Divine Feminine that needs to be considered
  4. Talent that is activated
  5. How to best serve after I have been activated

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love raven liora

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  1. Hello,

    I am a fellow Magdalene energy. I have had visions of astral flight being guided by her (behind me like the Titanic scene of arms outstretched), and have contradicted church teachings beginning at 8 years old and standing up in church and declaring “She is NOT a prostitute!” My bday is 3/14, which is Pi day and 22 divide don’t 7= 3.14. Viesixa piscis number and infinity. She guides me always, and I keep dreaming of the number 153. I’m a spiritual seeker, therapist and channeled spirit—but it is difficult to have this energy and “work” for your calling. What steps did you take to begin your fulfilling of purpose? I want to answer the call and have trouble charging for any readings/sessions. Maybe you could offer some advice? Rising feminine consciousness is coming…and it needs to “trickle in”, because all of us rising at once would cause the world to implode. Thank you for your work

    1. Post

      Hi Jenni, I wanted to reply but felt guided to do a plant spirit journey first (my first), to connect with the spirit of Swedish Whitebeam, a tree that grows in the graveyard next door.

      For some reason, I didn’t know its name until yesterday. It’s funny because it’s Swedish in origin like me and we share the same neighbourhood here in the North of England…

      Anyway, I journeyed and the plant spirit gave me the words trust, warmth, innocence, joy and connection. It showed me the Ehwaz rune (the horse rune) and the drum. This is significant because these symbols are connected with journeying in general so I plucked up the courage to ask her if she would be my plant spirit medicine guide and she said yes.

      She gave me her name, or rather a name that she invited me to use for communicating with her: Malin. She giggled and asked me to look it up. The name Malin is of Scandinavian origin meaning “high tower or woman of Magdela” so it is a nickname for Mary Magdalene.

      I had no idea that there was a connection between the quite common Swedish name Malin and the name of my Goddess whom I revere as an avatar of Holy Sophia. I think Spirit took me on this journey to confirm that we are both guided on this path.

      Don’t doubt that you are worthy to charge for your time!

      Love and Blessings,

  2. I wish I had those kind of dreams. That’s incredible.
    I’ve often wondered about Magdalene although I’ve never studied too much about her.
    Recently I did a reading with Angels Among us oracle deck and I pulled Mary Magdalene.
    when asking who I need to work with and/or learn more about.
    Arguably the most misunderstood figure of all time.
    Once again, you come through with a serendipitous post.
    Maybe I’m one of those souls who needs to fully understand Heaven is real.
    Love and blessings to you.

    1. Post

      She is coming through strongly to all who are open to growing, learning and serving right now so I’m not surprised she showed up for you! Love and blessings in return.

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